5+ Best Daycare Worker Interview Questions & Answers

daycare worker interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best daycare worker interview questions and answers to help you on your future job interviews. Daycare workers are an essential part of the modern lifestyle. As more parents are forced to have to go to work, daycare systems become an essential part of the development of our youth as well as an essential part of our economy.

The average daycare worker will make anywhere between $20,000 to $30,000 in salary based on US nationwide averages. The role of the daycare worker is to work with young children to help establish some basic educational practices. The ages of which these children will be in daycares can vary from as little as one year of age to five years of age. After a certain period of time, the child will develop to the age that requires them to attend a school system, like preschool or kindergarten.

Some daycare workers are assisting with the program alongside many other teachers and program directors. In this scenario, you will more like an assistant to the size of the daycare itself. Candidates who will be chosen for this position will portray good leadership skills, good communication skills, good planning skills and present themselves in a professional manner. It is important that daycare workers are trusting sources as they are around vulnerable youth. You will have to go the distance in showing your passion for children and their quality care.

Daycare Worker Interview Questions & Answers

1. What makes you passionate about working with children?

I love working with children because I feel at such a young age, their minds are like sponges. And we need to be careful and insightful about how we treat those children. I’m passionate about our future as a civilization and I believe it all starts from child development and working with youth at this young of an age. I also believe quality care is hard to come by and I want to be able to provide that.

2. How can you help children be more hands-on?

Developing programs and activities on a regular basis can help get kids more hands on. Even if its decorating cookies or doing some type of construction paper project. Putting together plans and executing them in the daycare is helpful for the child's development.

3. What can you inform a parent about to help them with their development of that child or children?

It’s imperative that we help tell parents where we are seeing good development and where some development may need some additional attention. We aren’t telling them how to parent but we are alluding to where we see some work needs to be done. Since we are with the children more than the parent potentially, it's helpful that we provide that analysis for the parent to decide.

4. How do you handle transparency in the daycare?

We can install private camera systems which only the parents can log into using a secure password, to see their child. We can also share private (non-public) password protected photographs of the children each day sharing their joy for the daycare. Of course, we need to be careful about these materials as we don’t want to share children pictures or video publicly for safety purposes.

5. What are some ways we can go above and beyond as service providers?

Having clear lines of communication with parents, being transparent about our activities and ensuring that we spend time with both the parent and child together.

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