5+ Best Account Manager Interview Questions & Answers

account manager interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best account manager interview questions and answers to help you with future interviews. Account managers are constantly in high demand. As an account manager, you have the ability to work within a wide variety of industries. You can work in the creative services industry, advertising, marketing, and most environments you can think of that might be in the digital space.

Account managers serve a very important role in communication, execution, planning, and follow-through for client or customer needs. Primarily, the follow-through is the most important part. Because as other team members may have to move onto focusing on other clients, you are tied specifically to one client. That is the reason why the title is called account manager versus accounts manager.

Account manager interview questions & answers

1. What is the primary role of an account manager?

The role of the account manager is to service primary clients needs. All the way from the strategic, planning, execution and communication stages of interacting with a client that relates to our primary service or product.

2. How often should you communicate with a client?

Frequent communication is good. As a guideline I like to have bi-weekly’s and quarterly discussions with our client. These discussions will all have different styles of communication and questioning in them to gather the most information we can to do a the best possible job we can.

3. What should you do if your client is unhappy?

If a client is unhappy we need to understand what exactly is causing their unhappiness. Speaking with them, learning what we can do better and fixing it quickly is truly the way to go.

4. How can you make your client even happier than they are today?

Small things go a really long way. For example, going above and beyond by sending clients quarterly gifts like bottles of wine or books is a great way to build wonderful professional relationships and continue to make our clients happy.

5. What other team members would be apart of your team?

It may vary depending on the industry but generally speaking we would have a manager, a creative director, someone from our leadership team and potentially another account manager. This mixture of the team will vary depending on what type of product or service we are offering to that customer. But primarily, we’ll set up a small team for the client that can execute their needs efficiently.

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