5+ Best Food Server Interview Questions & Answers

We’ve compiled the absolute best food server interview questions and answers to help you get hired in the hospitality industry. Being a food server has a few main benefits. Firstly, you get to learn the hospitality business, which can be a great opportunity for you later in life (either starting your own restaurant or potentially becoming a manager). Secondly, you get the opportunity to earn a considerable amount of money on an hourly basis thanks to tipping. Those who are able to handle server positions with the highest quality often times prevail quite considerably in terms of compensation on an hourly basis (anywhere from $25 - $50 per hour).

Food Server Interview Questions & Answers

Below are the best food server interview questions I could find based on hiring and being hired in the hospitality business. As with all of the interview questions, it's important that you practice these at home with a friend. The more you can feel confident about your answers, the better chance you will have of being hired for that position. Ask your friend to throw in a few trick questions and situational interview questions to throw you off.

1. How do you handle the rush hours?

It is important to be prepared in advance for any rush hour events. Being prepared with all clean silverware, menu’s and clean tables can absolutely help to get customers into a seat quickly and start the process of their customer experience off on the right foot.

2. How can you ensure you are going to be left a good tip?

Service should be communicative, friendly, not overbearing and helpful. If I can help a customer decide on what’s best for them to eat or maybe provide them some insights on cocktails, I am doing my job. I would never get upset at a customer if they are having a hard time choosing which meal to order or which drink to order. I should also not badger the table, meaning I should wait until the conversation has slowed at the table before I approach it.

3. How do you prepare for hygienic and sanitary environments?

Always wash your hands after using the restroom, when under the weather I should never attend work and whenever handling food it should be with clean utensils or with gloves.

4. What do you do if a customer is unhappy with their food?

Being apologetic and trying to understand their situation is the best place to be here. Asking them if we can replace their food or improve their experience is first and foremost.

5. What do you do if a customer is unhappy with their service?

Asking them how we can better improve the experience is first and foremost. Then asking a manager to come out and apologize to the customers as well. Giving them something for their lack of service may help, like a free drink.

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