5+ Best GIS Analyst Interview Questions & Answers

gis interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best GIS/GIS analyst interview questions and answers to help you with your future job interviews. GIS or what is known as Geographic Information Systems Analysts are programmers that use data and cartography to assess geographical areas. Primarily, someone in the GIS space is going to be responsible for developing the mapping applications, tools, and data (often spacial data) required for complete geographic data analysis.

GIS Interview Questions & Answers

Below are the best GIS interview questions I could find based on hiring and being hired in the science and technology industry. As with all of the interview questions, it's important that you practice these at home with a friend. The more you can feel confident about your answers, the better chance you will have of being hired for that position. Ask your friend to throw in a few trick questions and situational interview questions to throw you off.

1. What types of applications might you be able to construct and what types of code languages would you use?

There’s a variety of applications that can be constructed to create a mapping, data visualization, geographic pattern recognition and much more. Generally speaking, we might use tools like Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, MySQL, PostgreSQL and much more to construct our actual applications.

2. What does GIS stand for?

GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems.

3. How do you stay on top of where GIS is going as an industry?

There are two areas of which we should stay on top of, the science and technology industry as a whole. This means, innovations in the geographical data industry as a whole. And then innovations in the general technology industry as a whole, as well. For example, if we can find new technologies which may advance our application development or technologies which can speed up our existing infrastructures, we should absolutely be applying that.

4. What would make a GIS Analyst be unfit for their job?

Someone who isn’t attentive to detail. Because the job requires some math, attention to detail is truly important. There are plenty of ways we can fail.

5. Who else would you work with on your team?

Potentially construction managers, other GIS analysts, geographers and managers that are attempting to apply our work.

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