Does Walmart Drug Test? (Employees and Applicants) [2022]

Does Walmart drug test employees and job seekers? Walmart is the world's largest big-box retailer. Walmart operates in 27 countries and has more than 4,700 sites with 11,443 shops. Walmart has evolved into a one-stop shopping destination, offering everything from groceries and entertainment to sporting goods, apparel, and crafts. Additionally, the Bentonville, Arkansas-based corporation owns controlling holdings in 56 nations that operate under 56 separate identities.

does walmart drug test

Sam's Club, a chain of membership-only retail warehouses with over 600 locations, is owned by the brick-and-mortar behemoth. Walmart is now the world's largest private employer, employing over 2.2 million people worldwide, including roughly 1.5 million in the United States.

Walmart does not require applicants to submit to pre-employment drug testing. However, if you are given a position and are scheduled to be hired, you may be forced to submit to a drug test. Employees on the job may be subjected to random drug testing as a condition of continued employment if there is grounds to think they are under the influence of illegal substances.

Who will be subjected to testing and why?

A drug test is used to determine the presence or absence of illegal substances and prescription medication usage. Federal law does not prohibit or restrict drug testing at a private business unless it violates other legal rules, such as an employee's or applicant's right to privacy, dignity, and reputation.

Employee refusal to submit to a drug test offers grounds for judging them equal to a positive test case. It may provide as grounds for the employer to reprimand the employee.

Employers in safety-sensitive businesses such as transportation, aviation, and the Department of Defense are required by federal law to conduct testing. Walmart may conduct a drug test on an employee for a variety of reasons, including pre-employment, random drug testing, follow-up testing, and post-incident testing.

If you are nervous about your upcoming drug test, you may want to run through a series of home drug tests to help you relax before your Employer Drug Test. Ensure that you select the best urine drug test kits available.

Is Walmart testing for drugs and substances?

A urine test is the most common type of drug test administered at Walmart. Drugs and their metabolites remain detectable in the urine for a substantially longer period of time, significantly extending the detection window. Urine testing is a non-invasive, simple, and cost-effective method of drug testing. Urine is the only specimen permitted for testing safety-sensitive personnel under federal law.

To identify drugs and their metabolites, a preliminary immunoassay or Elisa test is done on the collected urine. If a false positive is detected, the sample is analyzed using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). Alcohol and a variety of other illicit substances may be tested, including amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, and phencyclidine (PCP).

does walmart drug test

Does Walmart do drug tests for marijuana?

In the United States, a total of 36 states have approved medicinal marijuana. 18 states in the United States have already legalized recreational marijuana, complicating occupational drug testing for MMJ. Companies are increasingly modifying their drug screening systems to remove medical marijuana from the list of illegal drugs detected.

A federal district court in Arizona recently found Walmart liable for dismissing an employee who recommended medical marijuana. In Whitmire v. Walmart, the court determined that Walmart failed to prove that the employee was impaired at work due to MMJ use. Amazon is the latest corporation to legalize and decriminalize MMJ for positions not controlled by the DOT (Department of Transportation) this year in June, as a result of shifting MMJ regulations.

Companies have opted out of MMJ workplace drug testing due to the competitive labor market, particularly in light of the epidemic. Numerous businesses are going to extremes by eliminating pre-employment testing entirely in order to fill open positions owing to staffing shortages.

What other types of testing does Walmart perform?

Learn about the other potential ways that Walmart drug tests.

Pre-employment testing

You may be needed to submit to a drug test before to beginning your orientation, depending on the position for which you are seeking.

However, some current and former Walmart employees have said that Walmart would conduct relatively few drug testing during interviews or orientation.

Additionally, occupations at Walmart that need a higher level of competence or the ability to handle heavy machineries, such as those in the deli with knives, pharmacy, auto center, or guns department, are more likely to demand a drug test prior to hire.

If you are asked to submit to a pre-employment drug test, you will be informed following your interview. Drug testing will not occur during the interview itself but may occur the following day.

Post-accident testing

Workplace accidents may occur, and if you are involved in one, you will almost certainly be submitted to a drug test, even if you were not at fault.

This is done in order to determine the reason of all workplace accidents and to maintain the workplace safe for all employees.

Random testing

Walmart occasionally performs random drug tests on its staff. This is to ensure a workplace is a safe place for all employees. Random exams are often, well, random, and are conducted at the discretion of local management. Random tests are not disclosed to employees in advance.

Suspicion testing

If your manager or supervisor suspects you of taking drugs on the job, they may compel the firm to conduct a drug test on you.

This is entirely within their rights as an employer and may occur at any moment if your behavior indicates you may be impaired.

Common FAQ's

Questions from job seekers and employees.

What type of drug testing does Walmart perform?

Walmart now conducts all drug tests using a urine test. This is a straightforward procedure in which the employee is provided with a cup to collect their pee.

This is done in the bathroom, and you are not permitted to bring anything else into the bathroom during the exam.

A sample must meet certain criteria in order to be considered viable. If it is believed that you tampered with your test in any way, it will be deemed positive.

How long does a Walmart drug test take?

You will have twenty-four hours from the moment you are contacted to submit to a drug test. The initial sample collection procedure is quick and painless.

Once the material is submitted to the lab, the results are typically returned within one or two days.

What is the policy if you fail a Walmart drug test?

If you do not appear for a drug test or if the test results are positive, you will not be offered the position for which you interviewed. If you are an existing employee and you test positive for a prohibited substance, your job may be terminated.

Does Walmart pee test or mouth swab?

Walmart hires employees after conducting two interviews, administering a drug test, and doing a background check. Typically, both interviews occur on the same day. The drug test results are often returned within one to two days, while the background check may take an additional two days.

Does Walmart drug test on the first interview?

No. Only after your first interview. If your interview goes well and it is found that you are a good fit, you will get an offer of employment and be requested to complete other pre-employment tests, such as a background check and drug testing, if applicable.

does walmart drug test

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