Does Dollar General Drug Test? (Employees and Applicants) [2022]

Does Dollar General drug test employees and job applicants? Dollar General has a strict no-drug policy that applies to both narcotic medications and alcohol, as stated in their employee handbook. When applying for a position at Dollar General, potential workers may be forced to submit to a drug test, with a negative result excluding them from consideration.

does dollar general drug test

About Dollar General

Dollar General Corporation is a network of convenience shops in the United States with its headquarters in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Dollar General will operate 18,000 locations in the continental United States by October 2021. And thanks its 143,000 United States workers for its success (most of which are not drug tested).

The firm originated in 1939 in Scottsville, Kentucky, as a family-owned business called J.L. Turner & Son, which was founded by James Luther Turner and Cal Turner. Dollar General Corporation was renamed Dollar General Corporation in 1955, and the business went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 1968. Dollar General was recognized by Fortune 500 in 1999 and ranked #112 in 2020. Dollar General has developed into one of the most lucrative retailers in rural America, with revenue approaching $27 billion in 2019.

Which Dollar General employees are randomly tested for drugs?

Generally, Dollar General does not test applicants for higher positions such as key holder or management for drugs.

Dollar General may, however, need a drug test as part of your application for a variety of reasons, including if you have past drug convictions.

If you do not pass the mandatory drug test within the given time period, you may be ineligible to reapply for work at Dollar General for an entire year.

Does Dollar General perform reasonable suspicion testing?

Yes. These tests are conducted according to federal and state law. They would occur after a company incident. Dollar General normally doesn't conduct drug tests on its employees. Unless it's a pre-employment drug test that's performed for managerial workers or those with a convicted history of drug or alcohol abuse.

What does the Dollar General drug test entail?

A urine sample is often required for a Dollar General drug test. This will be done at Dollar General's request in a medical clinic, hospital, or doctor's office.

To the Dollar General drug test, you must carry a form of government-issued identification.

To guard against tampering or fraud, keep all of your personal belongings in a designated locker.

How long does it take to get your drug test back?

The Dollar General drug test results may take between 24 hours and a week to complete. To ensure that the findings are not tampered with or altered, they will be forwarded directly to Dollar General.

does dollar general drug test

If the findings of the test are negative, you will typically go to the next step of the hiring process.

If you test positive, you may be disqualified from the interview process or face repercussions if you are currently employed with Dollar General.

What types of drugs does Dollar General test for?

Dollar General screens employees for a range of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, PCP, and methamphetamine. They have a strict drug and alcohol policy that they expect employees to follow.

Additionally, the Dollar General drug test may include alcohol in some cases.

Is drug testing required to receive employment at Dollar General?

Yes, Dollar General requires all employees to undergo a drug test as part of their zero-tolerance drug policy.

Dollar General deems a positive drug test to be reasonable grounds for dismissal since it violates state legislation regarding unlawful substance misuse.

What else does a prospective employee need to do other than pass the drug test?

Additionally, as part of the pre-employment process, Dollar General will complete a thorough background check and assessment exam.

does dollar general drug test

This background check may include an examination of the applicant's criminal record, driving record, credit report, and evidence of education.

Dollar General may contract with third-party businesses to do the background check, such as GIS or HireRight.

Additionally, Dollar General may do background checks going back seven to 10 years.

Does Dollar General drug test for MMJ and legal substances?

Even if recreational use of marijuana is authorized in your jurisdiction, this does not ensure that Dollar General will hire you if you fail.

Marijuana, for example, can stay in your system for up to two weeks; therefore, if you are required to take a Dollar General drug test within this time frame, you should refrain from drugs.

Does Dollar General conduct random drug tests?

Dollar General reserves the right, in accordance with its zero-tolerance policy, to perform random drug testing on all employees.

Numerous former employees, on the other hand, have said that Dollar General does not perform random drug testing until strong evidence of drug misuse is present.

Rather than that, as part of the application process, Dollar General will perform drug tests on prospective workers to ensure they are suitable for the position.

Are drug tests and drug screenings performed at all Dollar General stores?

Dollar General stores may or may not perform random drug testing. According to statistics, drug testing is more widespread in Texas, Florida, Kentucky, and Ohio companies.

Dollar General will require employees to sign a document as part of their employment contract authorizing Dollar General to conduct random drug testing at their request.

While Dollar General may theoretically be capable of performing random drug tests, it doesn't appear to be a common practice in practice.

If you work at Dollar General, you may also be interested in learning about the company's employee discount policy, dress code, and termination and departure rules.

Common FAQ's

Common questions from job seekers and employees of Dollar General.

Does Dollar General drug test in Tennessee?

While the Tennessee-based company continues to conduct standard background checks on the majority of new hires, the budget retail chain has largely abandoned previous drug testing procedures, screening the majority of entry-level employees for marijuana, opioids, and other controlled and illegal substances.

Which jobs does Dollar General drug test for?

Primarily managerial level applicants. Dollar General often provides a hiring package to managerial-level job seekers when the organization accepts their application and the person passes the screening process.

How are dollar general drug tests done?

Usually, the tests are urine tests or mouth swab tests.

What's required in order to receive employment at Dollar General?

To obtain work at Dollar General, you must successfully complete the online application process, submit to drug testing (if necessary), and pass a background check. The drug test is performed during the Dollar General hiring process, not afterward. These are considered pre-employment drug tests.

does dollar general drug test

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