Does Lowe's Drug Test? (Employees and Applicants) [2022]

Does Lowes drug test employees and job applicants? Lowe's is a market leader in the hardware industry in the United States, assisting customers in improving their homes and businesses. Lowe's has more than 300,000 employees across the United States.

does lowes drug test

About Lowe's

Lowe's Companies, Inc., frequently abbreviated as Lowe's, is an American home improvement retailer. The corporation, headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, maintains a chain of retail locations throughout the United States and Canada. Lowe's and its affiliated firms operated 2,197 home improvement and hardware locations in North America as of February 2021.

Lowe's is the second-biggest hardware retailer in the United States (it was once the largest until 1989, when The Home Depot surpassed it), trailing only The Home Depot and ahead of Menards.

Additionally, it is the world's second-largest hardware shop, trailing only The Home Depot but ahead of European competitors Leroy Merlin, B&Q, and OBI.

Does Lowe's drug test?

Yes. Lowe's conducts drug tests on new hires and in the case of an accident on the job. Additionally, Lowe's maintains the right to require workers to submit to random drug testing in accordance with their employment contract. At Lowe's, the most often used type of drug test is a mouth swab.

What is Lowe's policy on drug testing?

To ensure the safety of its employees and customers, Lowe's maintains a comprehensive drug testing policy that extends to all levels of employees, including part-time employees.

Lowe's supervisors and managers are taught to monitor, report, and resolve drug-related incidents in order to enforce this policy.

If an employee is found to be in possession of or under the influence of narcotics while on the job at Lowe's, they will be terminated immediately.

How does Lowe's perform drug tests?

The most often used type of drug test at Lowe's is a mouth swab test (saliva drug test), which is typically administered to prospective workers. Lowe's uses a mouth swab test to determine if you have used any illegal drugs in the last week.

Lowe's employs a tamper-resistant mouth swab drug test that may be done under observation.

Lowe's will cover the cost of the test, which is done on-site, ensuring that findings are returned swiftly.

Lowe's may use urine drug testing in some cases, such as workplace accidents or random drug testing since it is more accurate. Urine drug testing is conducted at a registered third-party location.

What drugs does Lowe's screen for?

Lowe's may screen workers and future employees for a variety of illegal drugs by administering a five-panel drug test. Lowe's may ask employees who have been injured on the job to submit to more than a five-panel drug test.

It is critical to advise Lowe's if you are using prescription medications or have been prescribed medicine by a physician, since this may affect the outcome of your drug test.

Lowe's will very certainly want documentation of legal prescription medicine in order for you to pass your drug test.

Does Lowe's test for MMJ or Marijuana?

Even in jurisdictions where marijuana is legal, you must have no traces of the chemical in your system to pass a Lowe's drug test.

While several businesses have elected to remove marijuana from their list of prohibited drugs following its legalization in other countries, Lowe's has not yet modified its drug test.

When does Lowe's conduct drug screenings?

Lowe's frequently conducts drug tests on new hires, workers engaged in work-related accidents or incidents, and employees suspected of taking illicit substances on a random basis.

Lowe's will do a drug test as part of the employment process, in addition to conducting an aptitude exam, conducting a background check, and conducting two or more interviews.

Lowe's will often require a drug test at the initial interview, however it may occur during the second interview.

Lowe's reserves the right, as indicated in their employment contracts, to conduct random drug tests on employees suspected of drug usage in order to prevent unsafe behavior on the job.

Lowe's may be compelled to pay workers compensation for employees harmed in an accident, which is why they will want you to submit to a drug test to prove the mishap was not caused by your behavior.

Additionally, if a Lowe's employee is involved in an accident, they may be forced to pass a drug test in order to re-enter the workforce.

Does Lowe's perform random drug tests?

While Lowe's maintains the ability to conduct random drug tests on its employees, online workers report that this authority is frequently not used.

Additionally, Lowe's does not need employees to undergo a drug test in order to be promoted.

Who is subject to drug testing at Lowe's?

Lowe's performs drug testing at all levels of employment to ensure the safety of its employees. This includes seasonal and part-time employees, as well as supervisors and other higher-level employees at Lowe's.

Due to the fact that certain Lowe's employees use heavy machinery such as forklifts, trucks, and instruments such as saws, it is critical that they are not impaired by drugs or other substances that might be dangerous to themselves or others.

Lowe's employment is contingent upon the successful completion of a drug test, which is why it is needed on all levels of employees.

If a drug test is failed, will Lowe's offer someone a position?

If you are requested to submit to a drug test during a Lowe's interview, you are unlikely to be granted the employment if you fail the test.

Along with passing the drug test, Lowe's needs applicants to complete an aptitude exam, a background check, and multiple interviews before being hired.

Passing the drug test is a requirement of employment at Lowe's to guarantee the safety of customers and employees.

Lowe's will almost certainly contact you by phone to notify you of the results of your drug test and to determine whether you qualify for the next step of the application process.

does lowes drug test

How long does a drug test take to come back?

Due to Lowe's decision to conduct drug tests through mouth swab, the findings will be accessible relatively soon, as opposed to third-party vendor laboratories, which can take up to three days.

Can I reapply to a position if I failed my drug test?

If you failed a drug test as a potential employee, Lowe's asks you to wait 90 days before reapplying.

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Common FAQ's

Questions from job seekers and Lowe's employees.

What type of drug test does Lowe's use?

The most often used type of drug test at Lowe's is a mouth swab test, which is typically administered to prospective workers. Lowe's uses a mouth swab test to determine if you have used any illegal drugs in the last week. Mouth swab tests do not test for prescription drugs.

Does Lowe's drug test at orientation?

Yes, they do internal drug tests, but only if the promotion occurs within a year of the previously reported drug test. You'll receive a first drug test at your interview and if it resulted in a negative test, you'll be allowed to complete orientation. This is considered a pre-employment drug test.

How long does it take for a drug test to come back from Lowe's?

Your drug test results are required by law to be returned within 48 to 72 hours.

Does Lowe's randomly drug test employees?

Yes. Each day, they conduct random urine drug testing on staff. Employees may also be tested if suspicion emerges, based on presented information, or in the event of a major accident.

does lowes drug test

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