Does Costco Drug Test? (Employees and Applicants) [2022]

Does Costco drug test employees and job applicants? Costco has a reputation for being a fantastic place to work because of their competitive compensation, which might pique an employee's interest in working for the business.

However, many prospective workers may worry if Costco mandates drug testing throughout the pre-employment interview process and in the workplace.

does costco drug test

Does Costco drug test employees and job applicants?

Costco conducts pre-employment and orientation drug tests. Additionally, a negative drug test is a requirement for employment consideration. Costco is committed to maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free workplace to provide a safe shopping and working environment.

does costco drug test

What types of drug tests does Costco perform?

Costco frequently tests employees using a mouth swab drug test (sometimes referred to as a saliva test), which takes between five and ten minutes. This is part of the standard Costco drug testing procedure.

Drugs may be identified up to an hour after use and stay detectable for up to 48 hours following use using a swab test, allowing Costco to thoroughly screen their personnel.

Typically, Costco will suggest that prospective workers submit to a mouth swab drug test during the interview process.

The on-the-spot approach used during the Costco interview reduces the possibility of fraudulent conduct with the drug test.

What substances does Costco drug test for?

As is the case with the majority of pre-employment drug testing, Costco will screen for marijuana, amphetamines, opiates, and phencyclidine.

Additionally, Costco may conduct tests for drugs not listed above.

What does Costco drug test for?

Costco will conduct drug and alcohol testing on its staff.

After signing a permission form, a Costco employee will be transferred or sent to an off-site facility for a professional drug test.

Once completed, the findings will be sent to Costco for examination and to avoid manipulation.

Costco will select the next steps for the employee or potential employee based on the results of the drug test.

How often does Costco drug test?

Costco maintains the right to conduct random drug tests on all workers in accordance with the terms of their contract on their drug-free policy.

Costco may also conduct random inspections of its facilities for drug or alcohol paraphernalia, including lockers and personal effects.

Costco frequently conducts drug tests to check an employee's eligibility for a position at Costco during the interview process, in response to suspicious behavior at work, following an accident at work, or before returning to work.

To be able to work at Costco, employees must pass a drug test.

Does Costco do random drug tests on all employees?

All applicants and employees of Costco must submit to and agree to a drug test as a condition of employment.

This is so that Costco can guarantee that all staff adheres to the company's drug-free policy.

After Costco workers submit to a drug test during an interview, they will not be retested unless the company deems it essential due to an unforeseen circumstance, such as an accident.

Can I get terminated for failing a drug test at Costco?

Yes, Costco has the right to terminate your employment if you fail a drug test, as this violates their zero-tolerance policy.

Costco employees who fail drug testing will face disciplinary action and termination.

Costco workers who fail a drug test are eligible for rehire only after successfully completing a series of examinations specified by Costco, which may involve counseling, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Employees of Costco who are drug tested for alcohol and have a blood alcohol content of.02 to.399 will not be declared positive, but will be dismissed for the day.

The employee will be sent home from Costco and will be required to fill the work absence with personal time.

Costco may face severe sanctions, jeopardizing job security for repeat violators.

Is it possible to fail a drug test at Costco for legal substances, such as MMJ?

If you fail a Costco drug test as a result of medication recommended by your physician, you will be fine as long as you notify Costco.

However, if you use permitted substances such as marijuana, Costco may refuse to hire you since they do not consider your use of the substance to be a genuine medical reason.

Even if marijuana is legal in your state, you may be rejected employment at Costco since it remains unlawful on a federal level.

Can I refuse a drug test at Costco?

While you have the freedom to refuse a drug test at Costco, they are legally entitled to refuse to hire you. Employees at Costco are required to pass a drug test.

Applicants at Costco who refuse to submit to the required drug test will almost certainly be disqualified and will be barred from reapplying for one year.

Costco employees who refuse to submit to a drug test following a work-related incident, such as an accident, can be terminated.

Common FAQ's

Questions from job seekers and Costco employees.

What is Costco's official drug policy?

Costco Wholesale ("Costco" or the "Company"), in accordance with all applicable statutory requirements and its commitment to a drug- and alcohol-free workplace, has adopted a policy requiring prospective and current employees at any Costco location to be free of the presence and adverse effects of unauthorized substances. Costco has a strict no-drug policy.

Does Costco use urine tests?

No, mouth swab drug tests are more common. The mouth swab test is a non-invasive test. A urine test is not used.

Does Costco drug test on the first interview?

All positions at Costco require an initial drug test in order to receive employment. Though, job applicants will not be tested in order to interview with the company. They're typically given at the second interview, once they agree to hire you.

Does Costco pay weekly or biweekly?

Is the Costco drug test a mandatory drug test?

Employees who have signed a contract for ongoing employment and have undergone drug testing will be allowed to return to work only after passing a mandated drug test. For the following couple of years, the firm retains the right to test you at any moment.

Does Costco drug test stockers?

Yes, Costco drug tests stockers, too.

does costco drug test

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