5+ Best Journalist Interview Questions & Answers

We’ve compiled the absolute best journalist interview questions and answers to help you get hired in the journalism industry. Being a journalist is a changing role these days, meaning, you might not be writing for a newspaper anymore. But generally speaking, there’s still plenty of jobs to be done within journalism. The industry as a whole has taken some impact from social media, which is able to report on the news much quicker. Because of this, news has essentially become a commodity. It is important that before you enter into the job market for journalism that you understand what you are up against and position yourself as more valuable than what is already available to consumers via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social channels.

Journalist Interview Questions & Answers

Below is the best journalist or reporter interview questions I could find based on hiring and being hired in the advertising, arts, news and media industry. As with all of the interview questions, it's important that you practice these at home with a friend. The more you can feel confident about your answers, the better chance you will have of being hired for that position. Ask your friend to throw in a few trick questions and situational interview questions to throw you off.

1. What is investigative journalism?

Investigative journalism is the act of performing ongoing and long investigations into a specific subject matter. Not too dissimilar to what might be a private investigator. But in this instance, what is found and what is being investigated upon is usually placed into a news story versus a potential arrest or conviction.

2. Which newspaper does Jeff Bezos own?

Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, own The Washington Post.

3. Why is social media not a news source?

Social media is not a news source because it is often not verified. Fact checking is a core part of journalism, and social media does not provide that. Though, for breaking news, where situations are ongoing and the information is quite thin, social media is somewhat perfect for this.

4. Why are newspapers no longer being printed?

As the internet has taken over consumers lives in the US, primarily due to access to it and the speeds of which we can get information, newspapers are too far behind in terms of the news. The news is being written and published in real-time versus a one day delay which is what traditional news reporting used to look like on printed newspapers.

5. How can you create engaging content when it's not immediately deliverable to the consumer?

Engaging content can be produced simply by going deeper into subject areas than what everyone else is doing. For example, we can create great content that people will read in newspapers if we give them a reason to do so. That reason is usually information they are seeking and the knowledge that we’re doing deeper into the subject matter than what they can get online.

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