5+ Best Executive Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

executive assistant interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best executive assistant interview questions and answers to help you on future job interviews. Working as an executive assistant is a great opportunity to get involved with the leadership of a company to learn about the many facets that make up the entire or global business. As an executive assistant, you will have exposure to nearly every department within the company. And while your tasks might seem small, they are providing an absolutely beneficial service to the executive that you are helping.

Executive Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

Below are the best executive assistant interview questions I could find based on hiring for the executive assistant position. As with all of the interview questions, it's important that you practice these at home with a friend. The more you can feel confident about your answers, the better chance you will have of being hired for that position. Ask your friend to throw in a few trick questions and situational interview questions to throw you off.

1. How should you start your week as an executive assistant?

Every week should start by looking at the calendar of upcoming events. That way we can better understand what needs to happen that week and how we can better prepare for it.

2. What are some things you should remember as an executive assistant?

The simple necessities are really important to remember. For example, remember what type of coffee the executive drinks are helpful. If that is from Starbucks, that trip to and from the Starbucks can eat into a lot of the time in the day. Doing that in advance for the executive really helps to save time.

3. How do you make planning easier?

Planning should be done together with the executive on a regular basis. Either weekly or bi-weekly, setting up what exactly needs to happen that week, taking plenty of notes and putting together actionable plans.

4. Are you responsible for some the personal life of the executive you are working with?

Yes, there is some bleed of working with the executive's personal life. It doesn’t mean going to their home and cleaning it. But for example, ordering flowers for a loved one could be a task that I am asked to complete.

5. What are some ways an executive assistant can fail?

Not having clear communication, not being organized and not being a friendly person to be around.

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