105 Ways to Say Great Job to a Colleague or Team (2022)

Want to say great job? Positive feedback is one approach to contribute to the improvement of your company's culture. Along with fostering positive attitudes among employees, praise may assist coworkers in recognizing their abilities. Whether you are a boss or an employee, your favorable comments can help others.

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Why is it critical to express gratitude at work?

Praise is critical in work for the following reasons:

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Raising staff morale

When you express gratitude at work, you contribute to the development of a pleasant work environment. This type of optimism can assist others in feeling better about themselves and boosting their morale. This will almost always result in increased staff retention, which will contribute to a more successful and pleasurable workplace.

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Enhance your sense of belonging

Praise from coworkers might assist them feel as like they are contributing to the workplace's success. This can help foster more diversity and foster a more inviting environment for all employees. When a new employee begins, make a point of praising their efforts. This can help them adjust to their new job and build the confidence they need to continue doing successfully for your firm.

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Boost motivation and productivity

When your coworkers realize that they are performing well, they may become more motivated to continue their obligations. Additionally, positive feedback may boost employee loyalty, which means that employees are more inclined to do what is best for their team and the organization as a whole. This can aid in the development of a more productive and motivated team.

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Improve your connections

By telling your team members "excellent job," you might assist them develop a positive attitude about working with you. By appreciating their accomplishments, they may reciprocate, so strengthening your working relationship. Simply speaking nice things demonstrates to your team members that you recognize and respect their efforts as colleagues.

Assist teammates in recognizing their strengths

Positive comments can assist your coworkers in recognizing their talents and abilities. This feedback might assist them in continuing to accomplish the task they excel at. Additionally, it might motivate them to continue honing certain abilities and branching out.

Ways to say "Great job!"

While simply stating "excellent work" is a lovely sort of feedback, it's beneficial to have more ways to commend your team members. Here are 85 unique methods to commend your coworkers' efforts:

great job

  • "Excellent work!"
  • "You did an outstanding job on the assignment."
  • "We appreciate your assistance."
  • "Wow, that is really remarkable work."
  • "I commend you on a job well done."
  • "Excellent work!"
  • "You are an excellent student."
  • "You're really skilled at what you do."
  • "I'm not sure how we'd manage without you."
  • "I am really proud of your work."
  • "Here, you actually make a difference."
  • "Your work is extraordinary."
  • "Your efforts will have a long-lasting impact on our clients."
  • "This is fantastic. Permit me to discuss your work with our senior executives."
  • "Your advancement is extremely inspirational."
  • "I adore this."
  • "How did you do this in such a short period of time?"
  • "Excellent suggestion. That is not how I would have thought about it!"
  • "You must demonstrate this to our management."
  • "You have developed tremendously as a professional."
  • "Excellent work!"
  • "This is excellent job."
  • "May I include this information into our training materials?"
  • "Would you mind presenting this to our team?"
  • "You're doing everything correctly."
  • "I'm overjoyed to have you as a member of my team."
  • "You are such a joy to deal with on a daily basis."
  • "I had a great time perusing your work."
  • "I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next."
  • "Your efforts are recognized."
  • "I appreciate you inspiring me with your incredible work."
  • "I'm honored to have you as a coworker."
  • "You are a vital member of our team."
  • "How did you come up with this? Incredible!"
  • "I'd want to hear more about how you came to this conclusion."
  • "This demonstrates that you are prepared for more here."
  • "Your work fills me with pride."
  • "I knew you possessed it."
  • "See, I knew you were capable!"
  • "I never once questioned you."
  • "Your degree of expertise is just extraordinary."
  • "Wow, you are quite talented!"
  • "Take a look at their abilities!"
  • "This is ridiculously good."
  • "I can attest to the fact that your practice was well worth it."
  • "You are destined for greatness."
  • "What an incredible success!"
  • "This is how excellence appears."
  • "I'm sure this means a great deal to you."
  • "Excellent work."
  • "Today, you were incredible."
  • "This is the sort of thing I enjoy seeing."
  • "If you do this consistently, we will achieve our objectives."
  • "You are deserving of a raise!"
  • "Your additional effort makes me ecstatic."
  • "This is really lovely."
  • "It is obvious that you are meticulous."
  • "I value your work."
  • "Let us pursue your suggestion."
  • "A fascinating perspective. Inform me further!"
  • "You have an amazing work ethic."
  • "You serve as a role model for our new recruits."
  • "I aspire to be as talented as you someday."
  • "You handled that situation with the poise of a genuine professional."
  • "Your perspective is critical to the success of our endeavor."
  • "You consistently produce the greatest outcomes."
  • "This is pure workmanship at its finest."
  • "Fantastic!"
  • "You are making a significant contribution to our field."
  • "Your standards help us improve as a team."
  • "I'm using this as an illustration of a fantastic project."
  • "You may one day head this firm."
  • "Your work is very considerate and well-executed."
  • "While this was a lot, you definitely made the most of it."
  • "I can tell you care about your job."
  • "I am in awe of your work ethic."
  • "This is one of the reasons I enjoy dealing with you."
  • "You're such a visionary."
  • "How innovative!"
  • "Considerate reasoning. I'm delighted I sought your assistance."
  • "You are always the finest source of information."
  • "Your input is invaluable to our team."
  • "This is going to be a 'wow' moment for our clients."
  • "I will never forget this."
  • "You simply keep improving at this."

Ways to say "Great job team!"

Here are ways to say great job team or good job team:

  • "This team makes this job fun every single day."
  • "Good going team, I'm very proud of you."
  • "You all did a fine job at this."
  • "This team seems to be learning fast, moving fast, and doing great work."
  • "Everyone is on the right track, this is wonderful."
  • "This work is quite an improvement over what's currently in place."
  • "Good thinking, team!"
  • "Nice going, team!"
  • "Good job team!"
  • "That's not half-bad team, each of you did great."
  • "This was first-class work all the way, team!"
  • "Appreciate each of you working hard today."
  • "Each of you kicked it into gear today, I appreciate you!"
  • "Nice work, team!"
  • "Good work today, all!"
  • "I'm proud of the way that each of you worked today!"
  • "This is definitely the right way to do it, great job all!"
  • "Truly marvelous work, team!"

Common FAQ's

Questions from job seekers, employees, and those looking to say great job!

What does great job mean?

According to Merriam-Webster, "to do something very well."

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