5+ Best Barista Interview Questions & Answers

We’ve compiled the absolute best barista interview questions and answers to help you with your upcoming interview. Being a barista is a fantastic job, it gives you social exposure, client services exposure and sanitary exposure as well. Working with coffee is a great way to build relationships with customers, provide them with a moment of happiness in their day and cultivate an environment where people want to be.

Barista Interview Questions & Answers

Below is the best barista interview questions I could find based on hiring baristas as well as being hired at once. As with all of the interview questions, it's important that you practice these at home with a friend. The more you can feel confident about your answers, the better chance you will have of being hired for that position. Ask your friend to throw in a few trick questions and situational interview questions to throw you off.

1. What are coffee beans?

Coffee beans are actually the seeds from a coffee tree. The beans come out quite green and unripened until they are roasted. Once roasted, that is what makes the coffee beans turn into coffee that we can grind and use to make coffee with.

2. What is Kona coffee?

Kona coffee is a specific type of coffee that is grown in Hawaii. Often times people mistake Kona coffee with any variety of coffee that has been grown in Hawaii. This is incorrect. The coffee variety needs to be Kona and it needs to be cultivated in the Hawaiian islands.

3. What is a macchiato?

A macchiato is a type of latte drink where the espresso is poured into the glass or cup first and then the milk is poured on top of that. It creates a 50/50 layering effect of milk and coffee.

4. What is espresso?

Espresso is a highly pressed form of coffee. Espresso is what often goes into latte drinks. It is considered to be heavily caffeinated and dark or bitter in taste.

5. What is an americano?

An Americano is a type of drink that is made from espresso and warm water. It is a certain number of espresso shots and then hot water up until the mug or glass is full. Americanos are usually for people who prefer the taste of espresso but want it cut down slightly.

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