Lowe's Orientation - How to Prepare, What to Know

Here's everything to know about Lowe's orientation. Employee orientation at Lowe's is conducted using a computer-based training package that includes introductory movies.

Additionally, employees must present paperwork establishing their identity and right to work. After completing orientation, the staff is allowed to begin training in-store.

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What should I wear to Lowe's orientation?

Ideally, you should wear cargo or khaki trousers with a collared shirt, such as a polo or button-down shirt, to a Lowe's orientation day.

For Lowe's orientation day, sneakers (or trainers) or boots are recommended.

If neither of these is available to you, there are several more options. For instance, a t-shirt can be worn with jeans or shorts. Preferably, wear khaki pants rather than jeans.

However, you should avoid wearing hats that do not bear the Lowe's emblem. Additionally, your clothing should be free of logos or phrases.

If you have more questions regarding what to wear to orientation, consult Lowe's dress code.

How long does the Lowe's home improvement orientation last?

Employee orientation at Lowe's lasts no more than two days. Lowe's orientation duration, on the other hand, can be determined by the HR department's preferences.

For instance, employee orientation could take place over a single eight-hour day or over two days.

In either case, it is recommended that you bring food and refreshments, as the day will include numerous films and a significant amount of paperwork.

Are recruits paid for their orientation?

Yes, Lowe's orientation day is a training session, and Lowe's reimburses all employee training expenses. Additionally, Lowe's offers additional vocational training through Lowe's University.

What should I bring to Lowe's orientation?

Lowe's will often supply you with a list of documents and information that you'll need on orientation day.

For instance, ensure that you bring the following items to your Lowe's employee orientation:

  • Your identification card
  • Your automobile driver's license
  • Your certificate of birth (should you not have your social security card)
  • Your state identification card (if you do not have a driver's license).
  • Your payment information (for your first paycheck)

It can be helpful to bring an energy drink or bring coffee for the morning. You'll want to be awake and aware for your first orientation.

Is there a probation period at Lowe's home improvement?

Yes, Lowe's requires new workers to serve a 90-day probationary period. Employees may receive a raise following the 90-day probationary term.

For instance, full-time employees will begin receiving employee benefits following their probationary period.

After six months, employees receive holiday compensation and the possibility to apply for the department manager position, allowing for career advancement.

When does an employee start after orientation at Lowe's home improvement?

Following orientation at Lowe's, which may take one or two days, you will have an additional training day.

For instance, the additional training equips you with the actual skills needed to begin working.

As a result, the training day should not be more than two weeks after orientation. Following this compensated training day, you are free to begin your new position.

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What happens during the Lowe's orientation?

At Lowe's orientation, you will be given a store tour to familiarize yourself with the location of all departments, as well as fire exits and alarms.

Then, you'll receive a two- to the eight-hour online training session.

Lowe's training is based on a frontline-first philosophy, which means that Lowe's equips its employees with the information necessary to work on the sales floor.

Additionally, training extends long into the first few months of employment to assist employees and avoid inundating them with knowledge during their first few days.

Does Lowe's hold your initial paycheck?

Lowe's pays its employees every two weeks. Depending on your start date, you will get your first payment within two to four weeks of joining Lowe's.

However, if you join within a week of payday, you may not be paid until the next one, as processing your payment details takes time.

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Do you start working right after orientation?

Technically, no; your first day is orientation, which occurs prior to your beginning employment with the organization. Typically, you'll receive your schedule during this time, which is two weeks in advance on paper, and you'll begin the Saturday after your orientation, with a complete week of the area and computer training.

What happens on the first day of Lowe's orientation?

You'll go over the following:

  • Lowe's company history.
  • Company policy on PTO and sick days (or sick leave).
  • Human Resources checks.
  • Setting up direct deposits.
  • Providing you with login credentials to the system.
  • Going over your job responsibilities.
  • Computer training.

How long are work orientations in general?

Employee orientation sessions can range anywhere from three hours to three weeks, according to what we've heard. If you're anything like us, you're undoubtedly wondering how some organizations manage to get by with a half-day employee orientation session while others require new hires to engage in a marathon employee orientation session prior to starting work.

Does Lowe's drug test at orientation?

No. Generally, Lowe's drug tests employees before orientation. This is considered a pre-employment screening. Your orientation is considered "simple training," and a very welcoming situation. Prior Lowe's home improvement employees say that orientation is, "all a breeze."

lowes orientation

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