What is the USPS Pre-Hire List?

The USPS pre-hire list is a stage of the hiring process that occurs after a candidate submits their application and passes the postal examination. During this time period, applicants who appear to be a good fit on paper are invited in for a series of meetings to determine their appropriateness further.

usps pre hire list

Learn what it means to be put on the pre-hiring list and what the hiring process for USPS is beyond this initial approval.

usps pre hire list

What is the USPS pre-hire list?

The initial step in the overall hiring procedure for the United States Postal Service is to complete an application and pass postal examination 473.

The examination – which appears to be significantly more rigorous than most anticipate – eliminates candidates, but those who remain to continue the pre-hire process.

usps pre hire list

Pre-hires, in general, appear to be a smart idea on paper. Their test scores were satisfactory, and their applications/resumes met all USPS employment requirements.

A representative from the employing company will contact you and invite you to participate in a "interview, screening, and personal testing procedure."

Following that, if your meetings went well and your test scores were sufficiently high, you may be invited to attend pre-employment orientation.

Touring the USPS warehouse and operations

This is where you will be given a tour of the area in which you will be working and will even have the opportunity to get your hands dirty a little.

That's correct; you can anticipate working during orientation.

usps pre hire list

Being evaluated

This is because the hiring team is evaluating if you genuinely possess the talents you stated on your resume.

If you stated that you possessed an aptitude for mathematics. Demonstrate those talents during your evaluations. You're capable of lifting 50 pounds? This is your chance to demonstrate that, too. Outstanding client service? Show it.

Avoid listing talents on your application that you do not possess, as USPS, unlike some other employers, will check to see whether you are telling the truth.

However, this stage of the pre-hire process is also for prospective employees.

After experiencing what the job entails, are you still interested? Is it a good fit for you? Will you be willing to show up and give this position you're all?

If so, you can politely reject to advance further in the recruiting process, saving both yourself and the Postal Service considerable time and effort (and financial resources, in the case of the USPS).

usps pre hire list

Pre-hire orientation is the final step for the applicant before Human Resources chooses whether to offer them a job (or not).

Following that, you will be required to wait tight while the hiring team reviews the report they have generated on you and compares it to the reports they have compiled on other applicants.

What does it mean if I'm on the USPS pre-hire list?

If you are notified that you have been placed on the pre-hire list, this merely indicates that you completed your online application and qualified to be placed on an interview list. This is only the first of numerous steps necessary to acquire employment with the Postal Service.

What are the pre-hire and offer phases for USPS?

The USPS Offer Phase is a very positive indicator for prospective employees. This indicates that they believe you would be an excellent fit for their team. During this phase, you will primarily be required to wait while USPS conducts your background check and obtains the results of your drug test.

usps pre hire list

What is the USPS pre-hire process?

Pre-hire evaluations (or pre-employment evaluations) are tests or questionnaires that candidates complete as part of the job application process. Utilizing a valid and expert assessment enables you to decide which applicants are the best suitable for a certain position based on their strengths and preferences.

This is an early stage approval where you'll receive the proper background check and drug testing.

The pre-hire list USPS applicants will have to undergo the following:

  • Drug screening.
  • Background check for criminal activity through the National Agency Check.
  • Fingerprinting through the NACI (FBI and DOJ).

The NACI conducts background checks on applicants' employment history, criminal offenses within the last five years, educational attainment, and references.

How long are you on the USPS pre-hire list?

Due to the Postal Service's meticulous and methodical hiring practices (USPS jobs are highly sought after), the pre-hire process can take weeks, if not months.

Occasionally, it will terminate abruptly at some point if the hiring personnel determine that you are not a suitable fit.

However, if you proceed through each of the process's "next steps," you could be looking at a wait time of up to six months before receiving a job offer.

Much of that time could be spent simply waiting to hear back.

Therefore, if you were looking for a speedy hire, you are more likely to encounter an exception than the rule. Prepare for a wait or respectfully inquire of your hiring professionals if they can provide you with an approximate time period.

Is being on the USPS pre-hire list a sign that you got the job?

If your application is categorized as Pre-hire, it does not necessarily indicate you have been hired. This does not, however, imply that you are qualified to go to the next level of the employment process.

You can anticipate scheduling an interview for the role at this stage.

How long does it take to get hired at USPS?

If you're looking for work quickly, the Postal Service is not the employer for you.

On average, it takes between three and six months to secure job.

If it has been more than six months since you submitted an application, it is probably safe to conclude that your application was refused.

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What is the online virtual entry assessment for the pre-hire list?

The USPS Pre-Hire List is a first step in the Postal Service's lengthy employment process. It is essentially a sign that you are still in the race for the post for which you applied but have not been selected. After applicants successfully complete the online Virtual Entry Assessment through the United States Postal Service, their application status is changed to "Pre-hire list," and the application continues through the recruiting path.

usps pre hire list

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