How to Get W2 Form from Walmart (Current & Previous Employee)

Here's how to get your W2 from Walmart. As of 2022, Walmart associates will be able to view W-2 forms by logging onto their employee account on OneWalmart. If employees forget their login credentials, Walmart Field Support can assist them. Beginning January 31st, employees can get W2 forms online; if they are not received by February 28th, they should contact the Walmart payroll department for assistance.

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Where can I get my Walmart W2 form?

To begin, any former or current Walmart employee should contact Walmart's payroll services department to obtain a copy of their W-2.

After contacting Walmart payroll services, colleagues should be able to assist you in recovering your misplaced W-2 form, assuming it is physically available.

However, if the document is not available, they must make a formal request on your behalf.

Additionally, former associates who retain access to their OneWalmart account sign-in information can submit an online request for a W-2.

Additionally, click on the following URLs to download your W-2 from OneWalmart:

  • Former employee: Walmart associates wanting W-2 forms or who have queries about W-2 forms should click here.
  • Current employee: Walmart Associates who are requesting W-2s or have W-2-related questions can do so here.

walmart w2

How do I get my W2 from Walmart?

If you require your W-2 form immediately and are unable to access the link in the preceding section, you may wish to contact the payroll department at your local Walmart store directly.

Additionally, you can ask Walmart to mail you a copy of your W-2 form. However, this strategy is likely to take the longest and may have severe tax consequences.

After conducting an online search, I discovered that some former employees accessed current year W-2s using My Tax Form.

Additionally, you must enter employer code 10108 and verify your identification in order to view Walmart's W-2 forms.

After verifying your identity, the site charges a fee for access to current or previous W-2s.

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Does Walmart send out W2 forms?

To expedite the W-2 form processing, employees can access their W-2 paperwork via the secure OneWalmart portal.

If you forget your login details, you can use the username and password to access Walmart portals, including your daily clock in.

If you continue to experience difficulties logging into the site, contact Walmart Field Support at 479-273-4357 for assistance.

When does Walmart send out W2 tax forms?

Between January 31st and February 28th, the IRS requires all companies, including Walmart, to provide employees with W-2 forms.

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What is the Walmart EIN number?

A W-2 EIN is a number assigned by the IRS to identify a business. The EIN number for Walmart, Inc. is 71-0415188.

Having said that, you must provide this number when filing your taxes to verify who paid your pay.

Where is Walmart EIN number located?

If you're looking for the EIN on your W-2 form, the easiest place to look is in Box B. It's a nine-digit number (71-0415188).

Additionally, if you do not have access to your W-2, there are various alternative ways to obtain your EIN, including:

  • Inquire with your Walmart store's payroll or human resources department.
  • If you worked at Walmart last year, your W-2 form or previous year's tax return may contain this information.

What is the online access portal for Walmart employees?

Whether you're a current Walmart associate or a prior associate, all information can be obtained through the OneWalmart website. This includes pay stubs, tax information, W2 and W9 forms, and more.

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What should I do if Walmart cannot give me my W2?

If you do not receive a W-2 from your employer, you should contact them immediately for assistance, since failing to do so may result in you filing taxes late and incurring significant penalties.

Having said that if your employer does not provide you with a W-2 form, you have three options:

  • Employers should be notified in writing when you request the W-2 form.
  • Inquire of your human resources (HR) representative for the W-2 form.
  • Request an extension of time to file your tax return by submitting Form 4852 to the IRS.

What if Walmart didn't withheld the proper amount of tax?

Most employers ensure that tax withheld is the correct amount per paycheck. If your employer failed to withhold the proper amount of federal tax, contact your employer to ensure that the proper amount is withheld in the future. When you file your return, you'll owe the sums withheld by your employer as unpaid taxes over the year.

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What is Walmart's employer code?

Walmart's employer identification number is 10108.

Does Walmart distribute W2 and income tax information during tax season?

Yes. Walmart should distribute all tax forms to former and current employees for that fiscal year. If you're a prior employee and didn't receive your W2, ensure that Walmart has an up to date mailing address for you.

What will I need to login to the online access portal?

You'll need your Walmart Identification Number, your Social Security Number, and the website address of the Walmart employee portal:

walmart w2

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