Does Home Depot Pay Weekly? (2022 Guide)

Does Home Depot pay weekly? Home Depot pays its employees biweekly, with payroll beginning on Monday and finishing on Sunday of the second week. All levels of personnel are paid on the same schedule, and payment is distributed on the following Friday.

does home depot pay weekly

When does Home Depot pay employees?

The Friday following the two-week pay period, Home Depot pays its employees.

Each pay period begins on a Monday and concludes on the second Sunday, at which point employees get paid on the following Friday.

How much does Home Depot pay its employees per hour?

A cashier at Home Depot earns an average hourly income of $12, while a sales associate earns between $13 and $14.

Additionally, Home Depot, along with a number of other businesses, recently committed to increasing employee hourly wages.

Take note that the higher up the chain of command a person is, the more per hour they can anticipate earning.

For instance, a department supervisor earns approximately $18 per hour.

does home depot pay weekly

How much does a Home Depot Sales Associate earn?

On average, a retail sales associate at Home Depot earns approximately $28,149 per year, depending on location and experience.

This value is around 29% less than the national average annual income.

How much PTO does a Home Depot employee receive?

Each year, Home Depot normally provides between 0 and 10 paid days off.

Employees indicate, however, that those with more expertise and tenure with the organization can earn up to twenty paid days off every year.

Although employees report varying amounts of paid time off, the average appears to be one week for every year of service, increasing to three weeks after five years.

does home depot pay weekly

Does Home Depot pay for holiday work?

On Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, all Home Depot locations are closed; however, local locations may vary on other holidays.

For the other holidays on which Home Depot is open, it appears as though the majority of shops do not compensate their employees for working on these days.

What is the highest paying job at Home Depot?

The highest-paying roles at Home Depot are often located at the company's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Typically, these positions are centered on marketing, data science, and software engineering.

The highest-paid position at Home Depot is Regional Director of Human Resources, which pays $162,000 a year.

Notably, the store manager is the highest-ranking employee at Home Depot, and so is likely the highest-paid.

A store manager at Home Depot can earn approximately $75,189 per year, which is 68 percent more than the national average.

What is the lowest paying job at Home Depot?

The lowest-paid position at Home Depot is that of a Sales Cashier, which pays $17,000 a year.

Does Home Depot pay for overtime?

Yes. Recently, Home Depot has introduced overtime and policy changes to their Human Resources. Paying hourly colleagues double for overtime hours completed. Benefits for dependent care are increased and co-pays are waived.

"We've asked all associates in store support roles who are capable of working remotely to do so while still supporting our frontline associates" said Home Depot.

Does Home Depot pay double overtime?

Generally, no. Overtime pay has been increased to double overtime pay, temporarily. As a response to a recent labor shortage. Though, historically, Home Depot has never paid double overtime.

Are Home Depot employees compensated on a commission basis?

Employees at Home Depot are not compensated in any way for their sales.

Employees do, however, receive bonuses based on their store success records via "Homer Badges" and other award programs.

How much is the employee discount at Home Depot?

Employees of Home Depot do not receive any type of in-store employee discount.

Rather than that, users receive additional benefits such as discounts from other organizations and gift and cash awards for achieving "milestones" through the collection of Homer Badges.

How much does Home Depot pay part-time employees and workers?

At Home Depot, part-time employees earn the same hourly rate as full-time employees in comparable roles.

Part-time employees, on the other hand, are limited to 29 hours per week and often receive between 15 and 20 hours.

In comparison, full-time employees are required to work a minimum of 30 hours per week, and both part-time and full-time employees receive benefits, albeit the packages vary.

Notably, part-time employees are eligible for sick leave, some paid vacation, and are provided with vision and dental insurance, among other perks.

If you're interested in learning more about working at Home Depot, you can also check out our linked guides on the company's vacation, break, and call-out policies.

Does Home Depot hold first paycheck?

No. Home Depot does not hold the first paycheck. Although, those who have just joined Home Depot during an irregular pay period can experience having to wait longer in order to receive their first paycheck from Home Depot.

How long does it take to get your first paycheck from Home Depot?

Generally, it can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks before you get your first paycheck.

Here's what to know about Home Depot paying weekly

Home Depot pays its employees biweekly, beginning on a Monday and ending on the second Sunday of the month. The following Friday, employees are paid.

Employees at Home Depot earn between $12 and $13 per hour. Sales workers can earn up to $28,000 per year, and Home Depot offers paid time off to its employees.

Additionally, part-time employees receive the same compensation as full-time employees but are restricted to 29 hours per week.

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