What is Offer Phase EXT at USPS? (2022)

What does offer phase EXT mean at USPS? At USPS, the offer phase is the final step in the interview process. At this point, the job applicant should expect to receive a job offer on behalf of the postal service and begin their job orientation.

offer phase ext usps

What are the USPS steps for getting hired?

Here is how Offer Phase Ext fits into the whole hiring process at The United States Postal Service.


  • Complete the application and await confirmation that your abilities and experience match their requirements.
  • If it appears as though you are a match, you will be invited to sit for Postal Exam 473. To qualify, you must earn a minimum score of 70.
  • If your score is satisfactory, you may be invited to a group or individual interview. Indeed, you may be summoned to one and then the other.
  • Additionally, you are on the pre-hire list at this stage.

offer phase ext usps

Throughout this process, employees are compiling a file/report for review. A background check will be conducted. And fingerprinting that coincides with federal law.

If you continue to be a good fit, USPS may extend a conditional offer of employment at this time. You will then be summoned to take a drug test and have your fingerprints taken.

You are now in the Offer EXT phase.

If you pass all of your tests and screenings, an orientation letter will be sent to you.

offer phase ext usps

Additionally, you can view our posts on the USPS pre-hire list, if USPS is a federal employment, and the USPS orientation to learn more about USPS.

Is it possible that I'll get the job while listed as status "Offer Phase EXT?"

Yes. It's possible that the post office will not record your updated status in the USPS careers website and careers portal.

How long does the USPS offer phase EXT take?

It can take anywhere from 1 to 12 weeks.

What if I have the offer phase EXT status and have no interview?

Technically, there is no postal service interview. They will provide you with one, but it is really a formality.

They conduct a background check for felonies and administer a drug test, but are otherwise required by law to recruit almost anyone who meets the lifting and carrying criteria.

What are the other online statuses for USPS?

The other statuses include:

  • Pre-screening.
  • Pre-hire list.
  • Selection and extension of job offer.

Check the USPS 545 Selection and Extension of Job Offer data table for more information on the USPS job application statuses.

Where can I check if USPS offer phase EXT status has changed?

To see if your online status changed, us the "My Applications" link within the "Job Opportunities" section of your candidate profile on the USPS applications tab and website.

Is it possible for CCA's to have "Offer Phase EXT?"

Yes. CCA's or City Carrier Assistant's can also have the employment status of "Offer Phase EXT" on their profile.

usps pre hire list

What is the USPS pre-hire list?

The initial step in the overall hiring procedure for the United States Postal Service is to complete an application and pass postal examination 473.

The examination – which appears to be significantly more rigorous than most anticipate – eliminates candidates, but those who remain to continue the pre-hire process.

usps pre hire list

Pre-hires, in general, appear to be a smart idea on paper. Their test scores were satisfactory, and their applications/resumes met all USPS employment requirements.

A representative from the employing company will contact you and invite you to participate in a "interview, screening, and personal testing procedure."

Following that, if your meetings went well and your test scores were sufficiently high, you may be invited to attend pre-employment orientation.

What should I do if my status stays "Offer Phase EXT?"

If you have an EXT email from the offer phase, respond to it with your query or phone the person specified on the email. Waiting two months is optional if you are in the EXT (external) offer phase. If you do not receive a response to your emails or phone calls, visit the district office where you were interviewed for the job in person to have your questions addressed.

Unfortunately, some USPS interviewers do not respond to emails, phone calls, or voicemail.

What if I received a conditional job offer but no emails for background checks?

If you received a job offer and no emails to conduct your background check, try to communicate with someone via the USPS corporate portal.

You should have received the background check and pre-screening steps. And afterward, a confirmation of when your orientation date will be.

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