Can't Find A Job After College? 4 Steps To Success

All through your life in school and college, you hear many "dos and don'ts" from almost everyone you meet. From your parents, neighbors, relatives, to your teachers, you hear so many lectures on how to build a career, what path would be suitable for you.

But after college, you end up with no job in your hands. Although you follow everyone's footsteps, you get lost somewhere. You have no clue what went wrong and where you went wrong. You don't understand how to find that dream job. You feel lost in this vast ocean.

In the beginning, everyone goes through this phase in their life. It is common to find it hard to get that perfect job you are looking for, right after your graduation. In fact, even experienced professionals find it hard to find a better job than the one they are in. So, finding a job is not only a problem for a candidate who is fresh out of college but it is a universal difficulty that everyone has.

So if you see your friend gloating about his new job and his paycheck during a weekend get together, don’t feel bad about it. You’re not the only one in that ship.

Why are so many students fresh out of college unemployed?

The main culprit behind unemployment could be automation. Not only college graduates, but even experienced professionals are also finding it hard to get a job due to the high level of automation in the market.

Those who already are a part of the company, are shaky thinking that their work will be automated soon.

Another reason for the high rate of unemployment is the high number of graduates graduating every year. Most of the graduates opt for a certain field of study that is hot in the market. And when they graduate, a lot of them are in line for the same job. This has increased the competition level in the market. Those of you who are lagging behind in the line have no way of getting past all the toppers.

In order to get past these top scoring students and get that dream job, you have to do something different; something out of the box that makes you stand out.

In this article, we will tell you what exactly you can do that will make you stand out in the crowd and get you that dream job you have been working hard for all these years.

Check Out These Four Steps to Successfully Land That Job

The first job matters a lot to everyone. It is the most important future career-defining component. The path that you take early on in your career is the one you will follow until you retire. To get that perfect first job, there are certain things you have to do first.

Here are a couple of things you can do to maximize your chance of succeeding in landing that perfect job. All you have to do is follow these steps and the job you love will be yours.

Make Your Network Stronger

Maybe a good friend of yours got a job in a big company. Don't lose touch with him!

Generally, newly graduated students will have few to zero influential people in their network. This is not going to help you in a career. Spreading out your network a little bit can help you put your resume into many places.

Pro fact: A study that was led by Lou Adler suggests that 85% of critical jobs are filled via networking.

Growing network is very easy. All you have to do is talk to people and get to know them. Keep in touch with your old academic advisors and professors. They can be your stepping stone to that big company you are dreaming about.

Why don't you attend some conference or workshops during the vacation? This will not only give you an opportunity to learn new skills but also the potential place to make new contacts. You can get in touch with them once you have graduated.

Another best way to get that job you love is by talking about it to your friends and family. You must ensure that they know you are hunting for a job right now. So that when they find a potential job opening, they will inform you about it immediately.

The bottom line is you have to grow your network. Get out and talk to new people. You have to take relevant steps to meet new people to grow your network. This will not only help you grow your network for potential job landing but also help you make new friends. If you don't take these steps, you may lose on a lot of things in your life.

You can learn a great deal on how to build your network in this article. Our article will aptly explain to you why you have to grow your network and how it is the fastest way of landing the dream job.

Here are a couple of ways to meet new people.

A local meetup can do wonders when it comes to networking. There will be many local meetups that are related to the job you are searching for. Go to these meetups to find people with the same interests as yours. Talking to them can give you amazing ideas on how to search for that right job. They can also give you their experience on the job. This will help you understand the challenges and good points about the job you are looking for. If there is an opening in their company, they can refer you., Facebook, LinkedIn are few of the best places to search for such events happening near you.

Another amazing way of growing your network is by word-of-mouth. In this method, all you have to do is ask the people you know currently that if there is anyone they know who can help you. In this way, you can find if they have someone who can be valuable to you. Once you have their number, you can approach them and tell them that you are job hunting and you need some help searching for the right job.

Apply Directly To Growth-Stage Companies

The most frustrating thing when we are looking out for a job is when the company asks for relevant experience. We are just out of college, how can we have experience in any work at all? Yes, it can be really frustrating, but that's the reality of the job industry. This is another reason why most of the graduates are unemployed after college or they settle down for something less than what they graduated for.

However, don't let your frustrations cloud your head. Because there are some companies that look especially for new graduates. They love to hire entry-level people. These companies are fast-growing, new companies such as startups. These are still in the growth stage and they require new graduates so that they can be paid less.

Although the pay is low, you can really take advantage of the newly started companies. You can grow along with the company by learning new things, meeting other newly hired people.

You can learn more about how you can take advantage of working at startups there.

You must understand that trying to get a job in fast-growing companies can be really tough. They generally prefer to hire someone from within their company. They train their people and promote them. This is a part of building their company culture and expanding their operations.

But in a startup, you greatly increase the chance you’ll be selected in the interview. Because, oftentimes, they want to hire many people at the same time for the same role. So, interviewing with 10 other people for six open positions is far better than interviewing with 10 other people for one open position. The choice is pretty clear.

So start applying to startups to improve your skills along with getting the relevant experience you need to get that job you really like.

Level-up Your Interview Skills

The interview is where you showcase how profitable you can be to the company. That is where your potential employers are going to judge you. In the interview, the hiring manager is going to be talking to you for the first time and they have never seen your work. How are you going to prove you are a good candidate for the job position?

Whatever you say and whatever is there on your resume is all they have to judge how good you are going to be in the office. So, don't let them down during the interview.

The power of impressing the hiring manager lies in your interview skills. The things you say during the interview process has the power to get you hired for the highest-paying jobs at the top levels.

Having a strong resume can help you too. One small mistake during the interview, and you will be out of the run for that job you are so desperately seeking out for.

Not being prepared for the interview has been one of the reasons so many graduates don't get a job. Don't be one among them.

Build great interview skills now so that you can take your career where you want it to go.

Firstly, learn what questions are asked during the interviews and find out the best answers to those questions that are going to impress the interviewers. This way, you will stand a chance of having a massive advantage every time you change positions and earn far more in your career.

Consider Relocating

Many times, a candidate may be losing the opportunity of getting the best job in the industry because of the location. You may have studied in the best school or college, you may have picked the best major or field of study, but you still can't find that perfect job because the job you are looking for is not in your town.

In that case, the best thing you can do is relocate to a location where you can find the job in your own field of study.

You are young and just graduated. You may not know much of the outside world, but it is best to step outside your comfort zone and check out the rest of the world. Who knows, you may like it out there. Go to a new location and explore new things.

And even if you do get a job in your locality, and if you stay with that company for more than twenty years, your salary is going to stay low. So, the best thing to do is relocating.

Here are some steps you can take to relocate.

First, decide on the industry you are going to work in. Then, check out the cities where these industries are prominently located.

Once you have the locations, select the one that is close in proximity to friends and family. Check out the cost of living, climate, or anything else you care about! You must really like to live in that place. Then, prepare your resume really well. Start applying for jobs in this new city or state.

You must learn to repeat and adjust. Job searching is not the same everywhere you go. You have to test a few things and make adjustments.

For example, if you don't get a reply when you send a cold message on LinkedIn, you have to fine-tune your script.

If you go for many interviews, but you never get a call back from any of them, that means, you have to fine-tune your interview skills. You have to figure out where you are making mistakes and where you are lacking.

Most importantly, don't lose hope. Things don’t happen overnight. You need to apply for a lot of jobs and keep your effort going.

So, keep improving your skills, grow your network, fine-tune your resume. These and the above tips are sure to land you the job you have always been dreaming about.

Is It Hard To Find A Job After College

It can be difficult in todays atmosphere to find a job after college. That's simply because there's more competition for the same jobs that are available. Your best choice is to start applying for jobs as early as possible, even before you've completed your education. That will help you get a head start on the process and ensure that the few months it might take you in order to land a position are expedited as much as possible.

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