How Does Walmart Fire You? (2022 Complete Guide)

How does Walmart fire you? Walmart offers "at-will" employment contracts, which allow the company to remove employees at any time for any reason as long as the termination is not discriminatory. Walmart also has a points system in effect, under which employees who accumulate more than five points in a six-month period are subject to termination.

how does walmart fire you

Why is it that Walmart can fire me anytime they want?

Walmart hires and manages employees on a 'at-will' basis. This means that Walmart can dismiss and fire employees at nearly any moment, thus terminating the employment contract.

Walmart is not required to provide reasons for terminating employees as long as they comply with applicable law. The exception to this is termination due to employee discrimination.

Walmart, like many other shops, is prohibited from discriminating against employees on the basis of their race, color, creed, religion, natural origin, physical or mental impairment, marital status, or sexual orientation (including pregnancy).

how does walmart fire you

What is the Walmart point system?

Walmart has implemented a system that penalizes employees for using discretion in order to keep their stores running smoothly and staffed by valued personnel.

Employees can be terminated from Walmart under this points-based system if they earn five points in a six-month period, as this displays a lack of work ethic.

Walmart employees can earn points for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Walmart awards one point to employees who call in and do not report to work on time (even if they are calling in sick)
  • Unexpected absences from Walmart might result in a maximum 3-point penalty.

Additionally, Walmart has a Paid Time Off program that can be used in the event of an employee's illness.

Additionally, Walmart allows employees to switch shifts via their employee app, preventing illegitimate absences or calling in sick.

how does walmart fire you

How many points need to be earned before you're terminated?

According to Walmart's employee point system, employees can earn a maximum of five points for various discretions before being obliged to resign.

If an employee has been with Walmart for less than six months, this is reduced to four points prior to termination.

However, if you have worked for Walmart for six months or more, you are granted five points before your employment is terminated.

How many points will I earn for missing work?

You receive one attendance event if you skip more than half of your shift. You will receive one attendance occurrence if you call in. If you do not call and do not show up, you will receive three attendance occurrences.

Employees should use the paid time off system to take time off from work rather than calling-in.

Is it hard to leave a position at Walmart?

While many believe that working at Walmart is "comfortable" and very impossible to lose, the reverse is actually true.

As previously noted, Walmart has a very tight point system in place for its employees to ensure that any undesirable behavior is penalized.

Additionally, because Walmart's customer service is rated lower than that of other shops, this is an issue Walmart is actively attempting to address.

Thus, if an employee breaks any of the company's policies, Walmart managers will not hesitate to credit the employee's profile with points.

Previously, Walmart worked on a maximum of nine points before terminating an employee, but this has been cut to five.

Is it possible for Walmart to fire you without any notice?

Yes, because Walmart employs employees on an "at-will" basis, Walmart is within their rights to terminate employees without cause.

On the other hand, Walmart employees have the same rights and may likewise resign without cause.

How does at-will employment work at Walmart?

Walmart hires its employees on an at-will basis, which essentially means that Walmart may terminate the contract at any time for any reason, as long as the termination is not discriminatory (i.e., based on race, color, creed, religion, natural origin, physical or mental disability, marital status, and sex). Thus, as long as they comply with the law, employees may be fired or their employment contracts ended at nearly any moment without giving a reason.

Does Walmart provide PTO to employees who are being terminated?

Yes, Walmart compensates terminated employees for earned and unused paid time off (PTO) (up to five days). However, the individual must have worked for Walmart for a minimum of one year to qualify for PTO.

Additionally, there may be some minor deviations to this policy due to the fact that each state has its own termination policy; therefore, it is prudent to consult your local legislation.

Payout within 60 days

Yes, Walmart has a robust policy for employee termination. Though state rules may vary significantly, employees who have worked at Walmart for more than a year will be provided with paid time off (PTO) that must be used within 60 days after their termination.

Will Walmart consider hiring me back if I was terminated?

Walmart's willingness to rehire dismissed employees is contingent upon the terms of your departure from the organization.

If you left Walmart on good terms, for reasons such as illness, family obligations, or concerns unrelated to your work ethic, you are likely to be rehired by Walmart.

However, you must wait 90 days before reapplying to your existing Walmart location or a new one.

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Additionally, if the reason for your termination was serious, such as theft, harassment, or assault, Walmart is exceedingly unlikely to hire you back.

If your reasons for leaving were work-related, like as tardiness, poor customer service, or tested causes, you may be required to wait six months to one year before reapplying to Walmart.

Additionally, when you left or were terminated from Walmart, an exit interview should have been conducted with you. Walmart should have advised you at this interview if you are qualified to reapply.

Why is Walmart refusing to rehire me?

If you were fired from Walmart for a major offense, you will be ineligible for rehire.

Walmart and similar shops consider the following issues to be serious: theft, fraud, harassment of other employees or customers, sexual harassment or assault of customers or fellow employees, and workplace violence.

Not only would these concerns preclude you from being rehired by Walmart, but they will almost certainly result in Walmart filing criminal charges against you.

Even in cases of small theft, such as taking food or other comparable items from Walmart, the statute of limitations allows Walmart to bring charges against you up to one year after your termination.

Can I reapply for employment after termination?

If you have been dismissed from Walmart and wish to reapply, there are several procedures you can take.

According to online research, the most effective way to reapply for a job at Walmart is to contact your former boss or store manager.

They will be able to notify you whether their current Walmart is hiring and whether you are eligible for rehire.

How do I know if Walmart is going to fire me?

If you've worked at Walmart for six months or more, you're entitled to eight and a half occurrences. When you reach the age of four and have been employed for less than six months, you are terminated. Once you reach the age of nine and have worked for at least six months, you are terminated.

Can Walmart fire you over the phone?

Yes. After multiple no-call-no-show occurrences, the Walmart team can fire staff over the phone. Albeit, Walmart is not known to fire workers over the phone.

Can Walmart fire you for being too slow?

Technically, yes. If it violates the company principles and company policy, then it's applicable to earn points against this. Walmart's hiring policy is straightforward. Violation of the company's values and accumulation of five points for an unapproved absence results in dismissal.

Employees have said that "you can get fired from Walmart for literally anything." Meaning, petty and serious crimes, absence, no-call-no-show incidents, and more.

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