Does Walmart Take Apple Pay? (2022 Guide)

Does Walmart take Apple Pay? Unfortunately, as of 2022, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay at any retail locations. Walmart takes MasterCard, Visa, checks, PayPal, American Express, and cash. Alternatively, customers may use their iPhones to pay for things at the registers and self-checkout lanes using Walmart Pay.

does walmart take apple pay

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept Apple pay.

When will Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

Walmart has disclosed that they don't intend to accept Apple Pay anytime soon.

Can I Purchase Walmart Items Online Using Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, no. Online purchases are not eligible for Apple Pay. Online purchases accept the following payment types:

  • Credit or debit card.
  • Walmart gift cards.
  • PayPal.
  • Affirm.

How to Pay at Walmart With an iPhone Using Walmart Pay

Download the Walmart Pay app to your iPhone, create a free account, then link your debit/credit card to the Walmart Pay app.

To utilize the Walmart Pay app, present your purchases at the register or self-checkout aisle and scan the QR code that appears once the final total gets calculated.

After scanning the QR code, you'll be sent immediately to the app, where you can pay with your debit/credit card!

With Apple Pay, the transaction will get completed instantaneously, and as an added benefit, you'll receive your digital receipt from within the app.

While Walmart Pay is not as frictionless as Apple Pay, it allows users to pay online without carrying a wallet. The Walmart Pay app enables contactless payments at the register.

does walmart take apple pay

Why Is Walmart Refusing to Accept Apple Pay?

Before the launch of Walmart Pay, the corporation had another reason to refuse to accept Apple Pay. Due to their ties to a corporation known as Merchant Customer Exchange, or MCX.

The corporation (MCX) accepts only payment methods that utilize QR codes known as CurrentC. Like Google Pay and Samsung Pay, Walmart does not employ MXC since it is a direct rival of Apple Pay.

Additionally, Walmart's refusal to embrace Apple Pay is because they cannot collect any data from customers when they complete a purchase.

This information is highly significant since it enables Walmart to provide personalized recommendations and notifications to consumers who use the Walmart Pay app.

does walmart take apple pay

Is Apple Pay Coming to Walmart?

According to a Walmart spokeswoman, the retailer currently has no plans to adopt Apple Pay. Because Walmart Pay gets integrated into the Walmart app you already have on your iPhone; there is no reason to use Apple Pay and the accompanying costs.

does walmart take apple pay

Which Retailers Accept Apple Pay?

Although Apple Pay is not available at Walmart, there are hundreds of other places where you may pay for groceries and other things with your iPhone.

7-Eleven and CVS, for example, now accept Apple Pay at their checkouts. They first opposed the app but recently caved in. Additional merchants that accept Apple Pay include the following:

  • Albertsons
  • Food Maxx 
  • Costco 
  • Publix
  • Safeway
  • Safeway
  • Shop N Save
  • Exceptional Value
  • IKEA
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Whole Foods
  • Win Dixie

And, because many individuals buy only online these days, you may pay for your purchases in various methods at all businesses. However, many retailers accept Apple Pay online. Among them are the following:

  • Best Buy
  • Etsy 
  • Fandango
  • Lyft
  • Panera
  • Sephora
  • Disney
  • Dunkin' Donuts
  • Starbucks
  • Uber

However, if you are at Walmart and want immediate payment, you might instead use:

  • Check
  • American Express 
  • Cash 
  • Chase 
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • EBT
  • PayPal
  • Money order
  • Walmart gift cards

Is There An Apple Pay Alternative to Pay at Walmart Stores?

Surprisingly, there is a method for using your Apple Pay app at Walmart. You can truly utilize your Apple Pay app with the ibotta app and extension. To utilize ibotta effectively, you only need to:

Install the ibotta app and browser extension on your phone.

Then, select the Apple Pay option, either paying using the ibotta app in-store or the extension on your computer at home.

Ibotta is a corporation that offers cash-back incentives on up to 2% purchases. However, it is only valid on a limited number of goods and in a limited number of retailers. Additionally, you must locate the goods and offers on your phone before shopping.

However, when you use it, you can use your Apple Pay to get cash-back (by saving 2%) quickly, and all you have to do is show the cashier the QR code.

Affirm Financing is Available.

In addition to those alternatives, you may want to utilize Affirm while purchasing online at Walmart. Affirm, like other credit payment options, is an installment financing solution.

With this finance app, you may obtain immediate financing if you qualify and repay your debt over three, six, or twelve months.

The Affirm loan option is comparable to layaway, and many things are interest-free. However, items not eligible for that choice may have an annual rate (APR) of 10% to 30%. Your credit score determines the APR.

Install the Walmart Mobile App

If you don't already have the Walmart app, follow these instructions to download it and begin paying using your iPhone at Walmart checkouts.

Navigate to the Apple App Store on your iPhone and type Walmart Pay into the search field.

Choose the Walmart Pay App from the available options and begin the download process.

Launch it and navigate the Services section once the software gets downloaded.

Navigate to "Walmart Pay." Then "Create a Walmart Pay account."

Follow the on-screen directions to register the card or cards you wish to use to make purchases at Walmart.

To pay for your purchases at the checkout, all you have to do is scan the QR code.

Why Is Apple Pay So Convenient?

When you pay using Apple Pay, you never have to worry about someone obtaining your PIN, as there is none. Additionally, your phone lacks a chip or card reader that thieves can take when checking out.

Additionally, you may utilize Face ID or Touch ID to increase the level of security. Face ID uses three distinct types of sensors to scan your face.

Another advantage of Apple Pay is that you are not required to save your receipt. Apple Pay takes care of this for you. Each transaction is kept securely on your phone. And can be viewed only through the use of your preferred security method, such as:

  • A password.
  • Face ID.
  • Fingerprint ID.

Another Advantage Of Apple Pay

Even better than Apple Pay on your iPhone, the Apple Card is a fee-free credit card. Additionally, you receive the lowest annual percentage rate (APR) available, allowing you to save money while shopping. Another perk of the Apple Card is the daily cash-back reward on purchases.

With each purchase, you will receive an immediate refund. Additionally, if you use your Apple Card in conjunction with Apple Pay, you will get 2% cash-back. Thus, regardless of the situation, you are already saving money by using the card, and you save an extra 2% by using Apple Pay.

To understand more about payments at Walmart, you can also read my guide to Walmart's cash-back restrictions. Additionally, you may check whether other businesses accept Apple Pay, such as Kroger, Walgreens, Dollar General, Costco, and CVS.

Bonuses and Rewards for Savings

However, some merchants provide a daily cash incentive as well. For instance, the Apple Store automatically pays you 3% back on all purchases. When you incorporate the ibotta app into a transaction, you will save 4% and receive immediate cash-back from Apple, regardless of where you are purchasing.

Thus, if you use the card, Apple Pay, and ibotta to purchase an iPhone, you will instantly receive 7% cash-back. Walmart may not be on the list currently, but you never know when they will join.

does walmart take apple pay

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