5+ Best Travel Agent Interview Questions & Answers

travel agent interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best travel agent interview questions and answers for your upcoming job interview. Travel agents, to most peoples surprise, still exist. While websites like Kayak and Hotels.com have made travel agents feel like a thing of the past. Many people still prefer to work with travel agents when booking an all-inclusive retreat, which may include the activity’s they attend and more.

Travel Agent Interview Questions & Answers

1. How would you help someone figure out where they want to spend the holiday?

It’s important to break down what they want to experience and why. For example, is it a honeymoon? If so do they want to go somewhere warm? Are they looking to be around a lot of people or no people at all? We have to start with these investigative questions to get a better idea of where they might like to go. Even questions like, how long do they want to spend traveling to get there.

2. What is an all inclusive resort?

An all-inclusive resort is a destination which combines food and beverages into the total bill of the stay. This is helpful for many people who don’t want to be concerned with the billing for the trip.

3. What would you tell someone traveling to Mexico?

They should be cautious of the water and that depending on their destination, they shouldn’t leave the resort. It could be dangerous and/or potentially hazardous to their health.

4. Would you tell someone about bugs in a destination?

It is important that we are absolutely transparent about any and all information that we know about with regards to a destination. For example, the botfly is something we need to tell those traveling towards South America.

5. How can you provide the best customer experience?

Putting together as many clear plans as possible is one way we can go above and beyond. Being as friendly as possible is another way we can provide great customer experiences. Generally speaking, taking care of all the work, is a great way to replace digital tools, as well.

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