5+ Best Housekeeper Interview Questions & Answers

We’ve compiled the absolute best housekeeper interview questions to help you with your upcoming job interviews. Housekeepers, maids and sometimes home assistants are those who help out with the operations of a home. There are many tasks that a home needs to have done on a regular basis to stay in operational order. Especially when the two heads of a household are full-time workers and there are children or family present. This is a fantastic job for those who appreciate home economics.

Housekeeper Interview Questions & Answers

1. What products would you use to clean the home?

I prefer green cleaning products. But it depends on the homeowner and if there are pets or children present. We would normally recommend biodegradable and child safe chemicals as that is what’s going to be best for the home. We can even make our own cleaning products using vinegar.

2. How would you ensure the safety of the home?

Home safety should be a top priority. That means whenever the homeowner is not present, ensuring all doors are locked and that all alarm systems are turned on. Anyone who enters the home needs to be accounted for by the homeowner as well.

3. What are some tools you use to go above and beyond?

Checking the laundry, checking the kitchen and ensuring that there’s food or clean sheets to go on the bedding. Taking a large analysis at what we do most often inside the home, writing that down, accounting for it, and then ensuring it is part of my routine is going to help us go above and beyond.

4. How well do you interact with children?

I love children. I’m more than happy to drop off children at sports games or to a friends house if that is helpful.

5. How are you with pets?

I love pets. I would look after the pet as if they were my own. Meaning, ensuring that they have food, fresh water, are let outside on a regular basis and much more. I’m open to any and all pets.

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