How Does Walmart Pickup Work? (2022 Guide)

With Walmart Pickup, consumers may place orders (minimum spend $35) online or via the Walmart App and select a pick-up time (8 a.m. – 8 p.m.) at their preferred local Walmart store. Then, you drive to your assigned Walmart, park in the curbside pick-up location, and someone will load your car for you.

how does walmart pickup work

What is Walmart pick-up?

Walmart curbside pick-up is a quick method to grab your supplies without having to browse the shop or wait in long checkout lines.

Walmart Pickup is available through the Walmart App and the Walmart website. Once you've chosen the items you want to purchase, click "Pick-up" during the online checkout process and locate a store near you.

It's critical to remember that not all Walmart locations and not all goods can be added to your pick-up order. You'll want to review your order and selections before proceeding to the checkout.

how does walmart pickup work

Why use Walmart pick-up?

Now that we've reviewed the fundamentals of Walmart Pickup, let's discuss the many alternatives available through Walmart.

You may add things to your basket and select pick-up at checkout when logged in. From there, you may choose a pick-up time and one of two pick-up alternatives.

When it comes to Walmart Pickup, there are two options: in-store and curbside.

  • Store Pick-up: You may place an order online or through the app for store pick-up. Once your order is complete, you will receive an email notification and proceed to the shop of your choice. Typically, they will have a same-day label when purchased online.
  • Curbside Pick-up: This feature is most frequently utilized in combination with the Walmart Grocery app and enables you to place an order online. Once your purchase is complete, you will drive to a designated parking location where staff will deliver and place your meal inside your car.

how does walmart pickup work

Additionally, you may view the video below, which talks you through the process of ordering groceries with Walmart Pickup.

Both of these features add to the convenience of shopping at Walmart, and they're also a fantastic alternative for folks with mobility issues who are unable to stand or walk for extended periods.

Suppose you're seeking further information regarding Walmart's pick-up choices. In that case, they address many of the most frequently asked topics on their website.

What can you order through Walmart grocery pick-up?

One of the most often asked questions about Walmart Pickup is ordering. Depending on the order method you choose, you may get restricted in what you may pick up and when.

how does walmart pickup work

If you choose store pick-up for your order, you may pick up nearly anything in the store as long as it is in stock. The website and app will inform you whether an item is in stock and when it will be available for pick-up.

At practically every Walmart store in the United States, curbside pick-up is mainly for groceries. Due to recent modifications, specific locations are now accepting more goods for curbside collection.

how does walmart pickup work

How do you use Walmart curbside pick-up?

Picking up your purchase is a simple process. At the majority of sites, your pick-up window will be between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

It would help if you verified that the desired time window is available before buying. Every day of the week, Walmart provides pick-up.

  • Order online or through the Walmart app.
  • Choose a pick-up location and a pick-up window.
  • Wait for an email notification when your order is complete.
  • To obtain a parking number, visit the business through the app online.
  • Reserve your parking space and wait for your order.

It's just that simple to pick up an order from your neighborhood Walmart. Additionally, they provide contactless delivery.

If you have age-restricted products, have your identification ready to show the staff; do this through your car window.

What's the cost of Walmart curbside pick-up?

One of the best features of Walmart Pickup is that it is entirely free. There are no hidden fees, no increases in the pricing of items, no membership requirements, and you are not even required to tip the personnel who deliver the items to your vehicle.

Almost all Walmart shops will require a minimum purchase of roughly $30 to access the service.

Beyond the threshold, there are no restrictions on the number of goods or the total cost. Additionally, there are no restrictions on how frequently you may utilize the Walmart Pick-up service.

How can you maximize the benefits of Walmart pick-up?

Always keep an eye out for the next available window. Occasionally, placing your order the day before is preferable to ensure that your pick-up time fits your schedule.

Using the app instead of the website is ideal for folks who are constantly on the move. It's considerably easier to check in for your pick-up using the app than it is via the phone's browser.

At times, the item you're looking for may be out of stock. Ensure that you select options that will assist the shopper in completing your transaction.

If you are a picky eater for meat or fruit, you might want to keep that for your shopping. Because you are not selecting it, you may be dissatisfied with what you receive.

These are just a few helpful hints for making shopping as pleasurable as possible. It might be prudent to study what your local Walmart offers.

Not all stores will have the same hours or product selection. This is accomplished by clicking on the item you wish to purchase and activating the Pick-Up option in the sidebar.

FAQs about Walmart curbside pick-up.

Questions about Walmart curbside pick-up. And online grocery shopping.

Is Walmart's grocery pickup?

Yes, for orders above $35. (Orders under $35 are subject to a $5.99 handling fee.) Additionally, Walmart does not mark up its in-store prices. You'll receive the exact pricing as if you'd entered the store. For the most significant discounts, visit Walmart's coupon page.

Notably, products under Walmart's Pickup Today area of its website (likewise designated as pick-up today) do not require shipping and are thus free to pick up, regardless of the overall price. You must, however, be prepared to pick up the item that day.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement for Walmart curbside pick-up?

There is no minimum purchase requirement for Walmart curbside pick-up. Orders under $35, however, will be charged a $5.99 fee.

Is Walmart curbside pickup contactless?

Yes. If you are carrying age-restricted products, you may provide your identification via a closed window. To avoid contact roll up your windows and pop your trunk.

Do you tip Walmart staff who deliver groceries to your curbside?

No. Employees of Walmart are not permitted to receive tips. You may, however, tip your delivery driver, as a third-party provider in your area handles deliveries.

What are the hours of Walmart curbside pick-up?

Most supermarkets provide curbside collection seven days a week, beginning as early as 7 a.m. and ending as late as 8 p.m.

What if I am late for my Walmart curbside pick-up?

You may pick up your curbside order seven days after the stated pick-up time. If you fail to pick up your purchase within seven days, it will get canceled, and you will receive a refund.

Is Walmart still offering grocery pick-up at the curb?

Yes! While Walmart has extended its curbside pick-up program, buyers may still order groceries online for curbside pick-up through the Walmart website. Additionally, you may mix groceries and other things into a single order. Discover how to utilize Walmart's grocery pick-up and delivery services.

Tips for using Walmart pick-up

To make loading your purchase into your car as straightforward as possible while using Walmart's drive-up pick-up service, keep the following guidelines in mind.

1. Shop directly from the app: The Walmart app allows you to choose products and arrange curbside pick-up. The process is nearly identical to purchasing on a desktop computer, but with the added benefit of being mobile-friendly.

2. Do not anticipate immediate pick-up: Your order may take up to four hours to process when it gets placed (but you may have to wait longer if pick-up slots are already full). Orders ordered after 4 p.m. will be available the following day for collection. If time is of the essence, look for products labeled "Free pick-up today."

3. Check-in by mobile device: To expedite curbside service, utilize the Walmart app to check in before entering the store. Before you enter the store, checking-in notifies the store's pick-up workers of your impending arrival. Your order will be waiting for you when you arrive.

4. Don't be concerned about pricing changes: If the price changes between the time you place your purchase and the time of pick-up, don't worry! The current market price will determine the ultimate amount you pay at the packaging time. Walmart will respect the lower price if it is available.

5. Review your Walmart pick-up substitutions: If the item you're looking for isn't available, Walmart will suggest alternatives. You may view them by selecting "Edit" from the "Substitutions" menu. If you disagree with the selections made by Walmart, you may cancel your order.

6. Find an alternative pick-up person: You can specify an alternate pick-up person if you will not be picking up the order yourself. You may still choose to pick up the order yourself.

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