5+ Best Cashier Interview Questions & Answers

cashier interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best cashier interview questions and answers to help you with your future job interview. Cashiers, while attempting to be replaced by self-service machines, are still in high demand. Customers have custom requests, want that personal service and usually need assistance with their checkouts. This encourages the fact that human cashiers still exist across the country. Strong candidates will have the ability to multi-task, will be extremely friendly and are supportive of the brand's overall image.

Cashier Interview Questions & Answers

1. What happens if a customer wants to use a check?

We absolutely take checks, we should inform the customer of all of our policies as it relates to using checks. Then if needed, assess the line behind the customer as checks usually take longer to process. If there’s a line, we should direct those customers elsewhere.

2. How do you help customers get checked out faster?

Ensuring that everyone stays organized and that each customer is best prepared to start getting checked out. If we see a line building we should be directing those customers to another line where it is not as busy. Or asking another cashier who isn’t busy to come to pick out customers from the line.

3. What happens if you don’t know the price of an item?

We should follow our guidelines for getting price checks. This usually includes calling someone on the floor or referencing our internal database if we have it on the terminals.

4. What happens if you need to use the restroom?

Asking another cashier to cover the register and then to shut down the register when there’s no one in line is the best protocol. Although, we will follow the main guidelines for the store's policies on using the restroom and having restroom breaks.

5. How can you make customers happy?

Smiling often, being friendly, asking them if they found everything alright and striking up a small conversation. Let's make it a fun experience to get checked out.

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