Amazon Split Payment Methods (2022 Guide)

How do I split payments on Amazon? When we talk about the largest e-commerce platform, Amazon is the name that comes to our mind in the first place. You can buy almost everything from Amazon within a few class clicks. If you want to buy from Amazon, you have to put in your card details there to make the transaction. What if your card doesn’t have enough money to buy from Amazon?

Now, you might be thinking of splitting your payment so that you can use multiple payment sources to buy from Amazon. But, the burning question is, is it really possible to split the payment?

The good news is, yes you can split your payment to buy from Amazon. But, how? This is exactly what we are going to show you in this article.

amazon split payment

Payment Methods Amazon Allows

Before we dive into the main topic, here is little information about which payment methods actually Amazon allows you to use. Amazon allows a variety of payment methods to make purchases from them. You can use any of the following payment methods to buy from Amazon:

  • Visa Debit card, Visa Credit card, Prepaid Visa card.
  • Mastercard and Prepaid Mastercard
  • Amazon Pay.
  • American Express

How to split payments on Amazon

You can not use multiple credit cards or debit cards for splitting payment, this is the restriction Amazon puts on users. But, it doesn’t mean you can not split your payment to buy from Amazon. So, how can you split your payment? You can split your payment between an Amazon gift card and your regular payment method. Let's see how to do this.

amazon split payment

Step 1: Purchase an e-gift card

To split your payment on Amazon, you have to buy amazon eGift cards and this is the best alternative way to split the payment. Here is how to purchase an Amazon eGift card:

  • Visit Amazon and log in to your Amazon account.
  • Now, click on the "Gift Cards" menu from the menu bar. Or, alternatively, type "amazon gift cards" on the amazon search bar and press enter.
  • Select the " eGift Card" item. It is an e-gift and it will allow you to email the gift card.
  • After visiting there, you will see the "Amount" options like $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, and a custom amount option. So, you can choose one of those options or you can type a custom amount. 
  • Then type the recipient's email address. In this case, type your email address. 
  • Then, type your name, and message. And, keep the rest of the options as it is.
  • Now, click on the "Buy Now" button from the right side of the window.
  • Now, Select your saved card and input the necessary details. Then, click on the "Continue" button.
  • Then, review your order and click on the "Place your order and pay" button. It will take you to the card company's payment gateway. So, fill in the necessary information and click on the "Submit" button. Transaction will be processed automatically afterward. Then you will be redirected to the amazon page again and it will show you the confirmation details.

amazon split payment

Step 2: Redeem the Gift card code

Once the eGift checkout process is done, you will receive an email with an Amazon gift card. In the email, you will notice a clickable button redeem the gift card code. So, click on the "Add to Account" or "Apply to Your Account" button. It will take you to the amazon gift card codes redeem page. Now, enter the received amazon gift card code and click on the "Apply to Your Account" button again. After that, the e-gift amount will be added to your gift card balance. Now, you will be able to use it on your future purchases. You can purchase multiple amazon gift cards and redeem the codes in this process.

amazon split payment

Step 3: Add your products to the cart

Now, you can purchase your desired products and pay through multiple payment options like gift cards and credit cards. Here is how to do it:

  • Add your products to the cart which you want to buy.
  • Then go to the cart and click on the "Proceed to checkout" button.
  • Select the delivery address, and then select the delivery option. After that, click on the "Continue" button and the "Select a payment method" page will appear.

Step 4: Select payment method and split a payment

This is where you are allowed to split your payment. So, complete this step carefully. Here is how to do it:

  • From the "Select a payment method" page, select your card which has the split amount. It is mandatory to select a credit or debit card whether you are going to pay through a card or not.
  • From that page, you will also notice an option called "Use your $XXX gift card balance". Make sure the box labeled "Use your $XXX gift card balance" is checked or ticked. Then click on the "Continue" button.
  • After that, the "Review your order" page will appear. So, review your order and click on the "Buy now" button. It will take you to the card company's payment gateway. So, fill in the necessary information and click on the "Submit" button. Transaction will be processed automatically afterward.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the amazon page again and it will show you the confirmation details.

Add Visa gift card balance to your Amazon account

What if you have an old visa gift card lying around and want to add the balance to your Amazon gift card balance? Yes, this is also possible. Let's see how to do it:

  • Go to the "Account & Lists" option from the top bar and select the "Account" option.
  • Your account options will appear. From there, select the "Gift cards" option.
  • Your gift card balance will show there. So, click on the "Reload Your Balance" button.
  • Amazon Reload page will appear. Now, select one of the amount options or type a custom amount that is equivalent to the visa gift card amount and click on the "Buy Now" button.
  • The checkout page will appear. From there, you have to change the payment method. So, click on the "Change" button.
  • Now, select the "Add a debit card" option. Then, enter the card number of the visa gift card, enter the name which is mentioned in the card and enter the expiration date which is written on the card. Then, click on the "Add your card" button.
  • Then, click on the "Use this payment method" button.
  • Then, click on the "Use this address" button
  • And, then, click on the "Place your order" button.
  • Wait for a few minutes, a confirmation email will come to you, and the visa gift card balance will be added to your Amazon gift card balance.

amazon split payment

A piece of advice

Sometimes you might see that your card doesn't have enough funds to buy from Amazon but if you calculate the funds of all your cards you get sufficient funds to buy from amazon. In that case, buy multiple gift cards using your multiple cards to cover the purchase cost of the product you are planning for.

Another point is, If you haven't redeemed any promotional codes or gift card codes before purchasing products, you can apply the code either on the "Select a payment method" page or the "Review your order" page.


You may not be allowed to use your multiple credit cards at a time or you may not have sufficient balance on your main credit card, you still can accumulate balance from several credit cards by purchasing several gift cards.

amazon split payment

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