5+ Best Bookkeeper Interview Questions & Answers

We’ve compiled the absolute best bookkeeper interview questions and answers to help you secure a position as a bookkeeper. The bookkeeper is someone who works within the accounting department. As companies grow and the needs of the business change, so too does the balance sheet. These balance sheets can be quite large in size and need a significant amount of time required to manage them. That is where a bookkeeper comes in. They help to ensure the auditing of the balance sheet is happening on a regular basis.

Bookkeeper Interview Questions & Answers

1. If you pay an employee, what is that considered?

That is considered an expense on the company, which is a debit on the balance sheet. Of course, there are other expenses related to having the employee on staff, like their benefits program and much more.

2. What is employment tax?

Employment tax is the tax that we pay to have someone on staff. This is usually filed on a federal and state level on behalf of the company that the person is employed with.

3. How often should you file federal taxes?

Federal taxes should be filed twice per year if you want to be extremely accurate. Though most people file them once per year, though this means you will pay a penalty and that is a way that we can save some additional costs on the business itself.

4. What is a debit and credit?

A debit is when we are deducting from our available balance and a credit is when we are adding to our available balance. So for example, a debit is when we owe money or paid money. And a credit is when we are given money or earn money.

5. What software would you use for bookkeeping?

Microsoft Excel is the best tool for advanced bookkeeping. It allows us to have complicated data formula’s and significant amounts of rows and columns for our general bookkeeping that other software cannot do.

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