The Home Depot Dress Code (2022 Guide)

What is The Home Depot dress code for employees? Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the US that are widely known for supplying various home and construction products and services. You can easily recognize the in-store employees of Home Depot by their iconic orange aprons.

If you have got a new job or are applying for a position at Home Depot, you might be thinking about what their dress code is. In this article, I will share with you the information about the Home Depot dress code, and I hope this will help you understand more.

home depot dress code

Uniform of Home Depot Employees (Home Depot Dress Code)

The Home Depot does not have any specific uniform set. But, Home Depot mandated employees to wear orange aprons. Aprons are protective garments and help the customers to recognize them easily.

But, there is an exception with the Merchandise Execution team (MET). They wear collared shirts with the Home Depot logo. Their shirt's color is orange or black.

Below we will explain more elaborately what you can wear at Home Depot.

What you can wear at Home Depot

When you work as an employee at Home Depot, you can wear any comfortable and clean dress. The Home Depot permits you to wear pants, dress pants, shirts, jeans, slacks, and hoodies. But, you have to follow the instructions regarding the dress code Home Depot has imposed. Here are the instructions:

  • You can wear shirts and pants of any color.
  • You have to wear aprons provided by the Home Depot. If your aprons become dirty, you can always ask for a new one.
  • You can wear jeans, but they must not have holes. Ripped jeans are also not acceptable. You have to wear appropriate and clean jeans. You can wear jeans of any color.
  • You are allowed to wear piercings that are risk-free. You can not wear any piercings that risk your safety.
  • Your shoes need to be closed-toed. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, and the shoes provide you with good support because you have to walk a lot.
  • As for having dyed hair, many Home Depot stores do not have any issues regarding this as long as the hair is distracting.
  • Store managers need to wear aprons.
  • Home Depot employees can wear shorts. Although shorts must come down to at least the middle of the thigh.

Home Depot encourages its employees to look clean, professional, and well dressed even if there is no specific uniform set.

What you can not wear At Home Depot

Home Depot allows you to wear almost anything, but there are some restrictions on wearing some specific types of clothes. Let's see what those are:

  • It is not permissible to wear clothes with other brands' names. It can confuse or distract customers.
  • You must not wear clothes containing symbols of personal beliefs and political or religious beliefs. Home Depot appreciates such things but is inappropriate at work and goes against the dress code policy.
  • It will violate the dress code. You are not allowed to wear tights. 
  • You can not wear damaged clothes.

Orange Home Depot apron for in-store employees

Whenever you visit Home Depot, you will recognize their employees easily by the orange apron. Not only that, but it also helps the colleagues to acknowledge the colleagues of other shifts.

The orange color stands out well in the background, and that's why whenever a customer needs help, they can identify their staff and ask them for use quickly.

Aprons serve as a protective layer that prevents the clothes underneath the apron from spilling. Aprons also serve as a utility layer that allows the employees to carry their necessary items.

Rules on wearing aprons

There are specific rules on wearing aprons that you must follow as a Home Depot employee.

  • home depot dress code

    Home Depot is the only place you must wear an apron.

  • Home Depot does not allow any employee to wear their apron outside the store area. This is a strict rule employees must have to follow. Aprons of employees always remain within the store area and do not go outside even for washing. Home Depot imposed this ruling so that outsiders can not act as employees and can not mess with the merchandise and customers. This prevents outsiders from sporting as an employee and messing with the customers and the inventory.
  • The store manager is the only one allowed to distribute the aprons to employees and collect the aprons when the shift is over. They are solely responsible for distributing, collecting, keeping, and replacing the aprons. So, whenever your apron is damaged, you must order a new one from your store manager.

Is wearing a hat allowed at Home Depot?

There is nothing wrong with wearing a hat at Home Depot as long as the hat carries the Home Depot brand.

If any employee requires a hat, he can buy it directly from Home Depot and licensed vendors.

home depot dress code

So, the point is, hats that carry other brands' names or logos, you can not wear. And hats must have the Home Depot name or logo.

What should someone wear at an interview and orientation?

This is a common question people frequently ask. First, let's see what you should wear at an interview at Home Depot. As a job seeker, you ensure that your clothes are tidy enough and appropriate. For example, if you seek a position for a hardware retailer, casual business dress is highly recommended. On the other hand, if you desire a job for a managerial position, you should opt for professional attire.

Now, Let's see what you should wear at an orientation at Home Depot. Orientation is an introduction program for new employees, so wear modest and sensible clothes. When you attend an orientation at Home Depot, you should wear business casual attire as a new employee.

If you get selected for working on shop floors, you can ask your Home Depot manager for recommendations regarding the dress so that you're fully prepared for your job.


Home Depot is the company people talk about first when it comes to home improvement products and services. Home Depot is a company that people always love to work for. Whatever you wear at Home Depot stores, your dress shouldn't violate the Home Depot dress code policy. Employees of Home Depot are required to follow the dress code strictly.

home depot dress code

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