How Long is Target Orientation? (2022 Guide)

How long is Target orientation for new employees? We all know that Target is one of the largest retail chain shops in the US. Target is well known for selling clothing, electronics, groceries, and other essential items. As they are the largest retail chain shop, they have more than 368,000 employees, which is a considerable number. Now, if you have been called for orientation, you might be thinking about how long Target orientation is. In this article, I will explain how much time Target orientation will generally take.

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How long is target orientation? (How many hours)

Generally, the Target orientation should be around 3 hours long. Now, this is not an absolute number. This can differ depending on the group size and the oriented individuals.

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Orientation is not a hard thing to do. It is pretty basic stuff. You have to know the people you are going to train with. During the orientation, you have to do some activities. You have to read and sign some official documents. You have to watch videos related to the program and then you have to give a store tour.

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As for the length of the training period will take two weeks or 30 to 40 hours to complete. 

Do you get paid for target orientation?

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Yes, you will get paid if you attend orientation at Target. But, there is a condition, you have to have proper forms of ID at Target orientation. IDs like a green card, social security card, and driver's license have to get presented at Target orientation.

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Does an orientation mean that you are hired?

This is a common question of most of the people who attended the orientation or got a message to participate in the orientation. Orientation doesn't mean you get hired. It means you can get hired and you can get chosen randomly. If you are chosen, an HR team (human resources) member will contact you within a few weeks. If you haven't received any news regarding your job confirmation yet, you should contact HR about the job status.

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Do you start work right after orientation?

The Target orientation may occur before you start your job, or it may take place after the beginning of your job. Before you attend the Target orientation, take time to prepare yourself and organize your necessary things to start the job.

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What should I wear at Target orientation?

If you have gotten selected for Target orientation, you should gather some information about what you should wear at Target orientation. Because during the orientation session, you will meet your future colleagues and individuals of management, and a proper dress-up will put positive thoughts in their minds.

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So, a suit will be an excellent choice for the Target orientation. It will show others your professionalism.

There are other dress options that you can choose for the Target orientation.

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  • Dress shirts or collared shirts.
  • Slacks.
  • Dress pants.
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Target dress code

If you choose Target dress code, make sure you maintain the dress code as much as possible and try to avoid dresses that Target prohibits.

And, one last thing, make sure your dresses are cleaned, pressed, damaged free, and professional.

What is the target employee uniform?

Target does not give any uniforms, but they have a dress code that employees must follow. Here is brief information regarding Target's dress code:

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  • Target Employees are obliged to wear an entirely red shirt or t-shirt. Employees aren't allowed to wear immodest shirts and have designs, logos, and rips. You are also entitled to wear full red polo shirts.
  • Target will enable employees to wear khaki pants. You are allowed to wear pants of any solid color. But designs, logos, and rips aren't allowed on the pants. Employees can wear jeans as per the new rule. But black jeans, ripped jeans, design jeans, jeans with holes are not allowed.
  • You are allowed to wear hoodies, and hoodies must have to be in red and without any design, logo, or prints. Other colors are prohibited.
  • At Target, you can wear sneakers, closed-toed shoes, and boots. But, you aren't allowed to wear flip-flops, sandals, heels, open-heel, and open-toe shoes. Crocs are not permitted if they have open-toes and open-heels.
  • The hat is not allowed if you work inside the store. But, hats are permitted for car attendants.
  • You can wear piercings like ear piercings if it has no health risk. But, if it is risky for your health, you have to avoid piercings.
  • As for wearing nail polish, you can wear it if you work at a cashier or guest services post.
  • Beards are allowed to have. But, if you work in the food section or handle foods, you have to wear a hairnet.

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Final thoughts

Target is a company to work with as an employee. If you have been contacted for the orientation, make sure that you are well prepared for that. Keep necessary documents like a green card, driving license, etc., with you to get paid for the orientation. Apart from that, dress well for the orientation and message that you are ready for the action. Follow the dress code guidelines properly to impress them from the beginning.

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Common questions from job seekers and target employees.

How long does it take to start work after the orientation?

It mainly depends on the person in charge of writing the schedule. They have to schedule you one week before your next shift.

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How does the Target interview process start?

At first, applicants have to visit Target locations in person. Then they have to fill out the firing form. Then they will be called for an interview in the process. After orientation, you'll receive a training schedule that includes your first two weeks of work.

Does Target pay weekly?

Target pays biweekly.

Does the Target drug test take place at orientation?

Yes, drug tests will take place for all applicants at orientation. If the test result confirms the presence of drugs, immediate termination will take place.

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