5+ Best Delivery Driver Interview Questions & Answers

delivery driver interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best delivery driver interview questions and answers to help you secure a job for your upcoming interview. Delivery drivers are in high demand right now, thanks to technology. Tools like Uber Eats, Instacart, and much more are paving the way for delivery drivers and pickers to be compensated in great ways. This is a great opportunity for someone in college or maybe a recent college graduate who would like to get a side job as they advance their career opportunities.

Delivery Driver Interview Questions & Answers

1. What would you do if you got into a car accident?

It’s important to alert my manager and have another driver come pick up any deliveries that might be active so that we can service the customer. Next, we should contact the proper authorities so that we can assess damages and work with insurance companies to resolve the matter.

2. What happens if you are late to a delivery?

The first thing I should do is contact our customer and leave them a voicemail letting them know we are running behind. Customer service is always the highest priority.

3. How should you treat customers during a delivery?

With the utmost of respect. We want to be friendly, greet them with a smile, but also treat them as though we are happy that we have arrived.

4. What should you consider about privacy?

We are entering or going near someones home, so we need to be mindful of that. If they have security cameras, gates, or feel more comfortable having us wait outside, we need to abide by those things. Everyone has the right to privacy.

5. How can you go above and beyond in your position?

We can communicate clearly with our customers, be friendly to them, thank them for their business, wish that they return to do business with us again and much more. Being as friendly as possible will go significantly long way.

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