5+ Best Copywriter Interview Questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best copywriter interview questions and answers to help you with your upcoming job interview. In the modern technology world that we live in, content is staying king. That means, for copywriters, there are plenty of opportunities out there. Both on a freelance level as well as full-time level. Companies are very willing to hire copywriters to help them with sales materials, marketing materials, website development and much more.

Copywriter Interview Questions & Answers

1. How would you help a team launching a new about page?

If our product and engineering team is developing a new about page, a way that I can help them is by reviewing any of the written content that they want to put on the page. This means, working with our writers or putting together some writing which accurately represents our company/brand. And then going through the copywriting and copyediting process to ensure the quality of the content is intact.

2. What is AP style?

AP style is a formatting preference that is used by most major news outlets and magazines. It is a standardization for copywriting and copyediting.

3. What is the act of copywriting?

The act of copywriting is going through large pieces of editorial work and help align the writing and communication. Generally speaking, punctuation is part of this process as well but also the assistance of clarity to the text.

4. How would you work with a writing team?

Copywriters should be working with all of the writers who are apart of the company. A writer might be trying to put pen to paper so to speak, getting the story written out. It's up to me to help turn that piece of writing from a draft into a final piece of work.

5. What are some ways you go above and beyond?

Applying myself to the larger initiatives of the company helps my role go above and beyond. If someone in the sales team is working on sales collateral, I should take the initiative to get with them and help them polish their work.

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