How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting? (2022 Warning)

How does Walmart track shoplifting? And stealing from Walmart? Walmart is one of the most popular stores in the United States, and with that popularity comes shoplifters. Shoplifting is a major problem for Walmart, costing the company millions of dollars every year. In an effort to combat this problem, Walmart has started tracking shoplifters in some of its stores.

The tracking system, which is being piloted in a few stores, uses cameras and facial recognition software to identify shoplifters.

how does walmart track shoplifting

How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting?

Walmart has been tracking shoplifters for many years now. They do this by using Loss Prevention Associates, security cameras at the entrances and exits, and security scanners at the doors. Walmart also employs cameras at self-checkouts to keep an eye on whether products are being loaded into the bag before they're checked out.

If they suspect someone of stealing, they will confront them and demand to see their receipt. If the person cannot provide a valid receipt, they may be asked to leave the store. If they are caught stealing, they may be arrested and charged with theft.

how does walmart track shoplifting

What Happens if you are caught shoplifting at Walmart?

If you're caught shoplifting at Walmart, you can expect to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Unlike other stores, Walmart is quick to press charges and is unlikely to drop petty theft charges.

This means you could end up with a criminal record, which could make it very difficult to find jobs in the future. If you're convicted of shoplifting, you could face significant fines and even jail time. So, if you're considering shoplifting from Walmart, think twice – it's simply not worth the risk.

Walmart uses Image Recognition to Prevent Shoplifting

Walmart is known for being a giant in the retail world, and they are always looking for new ways to keep their business running smoothly. Recently, they have started using image recognition technology in their self-checkout lanes in an effort to reduce theft. The technology is supplied by the Irish company Everseen, and it works by scanning the items as they are scanned by the customer. If the item is recognized as being on the banned list, then the police are notified.

This new technology has been met with mixed reactions. Some people feel that it is an invasion of privacy, while others feel that it is a necessary step in order to reduce theft. Walmart has said that they will be monitoring the results of the trial before making a decision on whether or not to continue using the technology. So far, the results have been positive, with a decrease in theft rates of around 20%. Whether or not Walmart decides to keep using the technology, it is clear that they are always looking for new ways to fight theft and protect their business.

Is Walmart Calling the Police on Shoplifting Charges?

Many people believe that Walmart doesn't bother calling the police for shoplifting, but this is actually not true. Walmart will absolutely contact the cops if barcode alarms go off or security camera footage shows someone stealing. In most cases, the shoplifter will be arrested and charged with theft.

So, if you're thinking about shoplifting from Walmart, be aware that you could end up in serious legal trouble.

Is it true that if Walmart's cameras capture me shoplifting, can I view the footage?

Walmart is under no obligation to share any footage of your stealing. However, if they do capture you on camera, they may choose to prosecute you. If convicted, you could face jail time and/or a large fine. If you have been accused of shoplifting at Walmart, it is important to speak with an attorney who can advise you of your rights and help protect your future.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many risks associated with shoplifting from Walmart. Not only could you be caught and arrested, but you could also end up with a criminal record. If you're considering shoplifting, we urge you to think twice – it's simply not worth the risk.

how does walmart track shoplifting

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