5+ Best Massage Therapist Interview Questions & Answers

massage therapist interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best massage therapist interview questions and answers to help you in your upcoming interview. Being a massage therapist is a wonderful job. As the name dictates, you are performing an act of therapy for people. Often times we don’t give enough credit to the health benefits massages have for us. They increase blood flow, help with sore muscles, aches, pains and chiropractic issues as well.

Massage Therapist Interview Questions & Answers

1. How should you handle privacy with clients?

Due to the fact that our clients and patients will be changing, we need to give them ample privacy and time to get changed. That means when we ask them to undress and get under our towel, we need to allow enough time for them to do so, knock on the door and ask if they are ready for me to enter and more. Privacy is very important.

2. If a client says they aren’t enjoying your message, what would you do?

In that setting it would be vital that we ask the person what type of massage they were preferring and then correct ourselves. If we are not performing the massage in a way that feels comfortable to them, we need to be able to handle that professionally. That is a large part of the job.

3. How can you better deal with a client's expectations of a massage up front?

It’s important that we ask them what types of ailments they may have and what desired effects they are looking for. What type of massage is also a helpful question but when the patient doesn’t know, we can ask if they would like a harder massage or a softer massage.

4. What should you offer a client after they are finished with their massage?

It is important that they flush their system of all the toxins that we have moved throughout their body during the session. Informing them they should drink lots of water is advised. And offering them water is a great way to end the session.

5. What are ways you can go above and beyond?

Being friendly, being quiet, treating them with respect, learning their name and remembering their ailments so that we can tell them when they come back we can improve treatment towards a common goal they may have.

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