Amazon Employee Termination Policy (In 2022)

What is the Amazon employee termination policy? And how do employees get terminated? Employees may get dismissed for as little as 6 points under Amazon's termination policy, aligning with their scoring system. Employees can receive points and get fired for infractions such as taking time off without permission, being chronically late to shifts, clocking off too late or too early, and other similar behaviors.

amazon employee termination policy

Is it possible to get hired again after being fired by Amazon?

After a certain amount of time, a prior employee can reapply for a position at Amazon. They may be permitted to reapply for a job at the corporate level.

However, this policy will depend on the reason for the employee's dismissal.

According to current Amazon workers, the amount of time an ex-employee gets permitted to reapply varies based on their prior role and which Amazon division they worked in.

For example, one Amazon employee indicated that sacked employees must wait one year before reapplying, although another person stated that the minimum time is 90 days.

As a result, it's realistic to assume that Amazon's rehiring policy will differ based on the reason for their termination, the region they worked in, and their position within the firm.

amazon employee termination policy

How many Amazon points will get you fired?

Employees at Amazon are written up using a point system, which, according to prior Amazon employees, may result in a person getting fired if they receive up to 6 points.

While 6 points are the benchmark for terminating Amazon employees, some Amazon division managers may be more forgiving since some Amazon employees have been known to receive as much as 13 points yet still get employed.

As a result, Amazon may terminate an employee's employment based on the transgression for which they were written up, such as being chronically late to work or using unrequested time. In contrast, minor infractions may get disregarded even if they give an employee more points.

amazon employee termination policy

What can I do to stay at Amazon instead of getting fired?

Instead of getting fired, you can do one of the following:

  • Take an Amazon company severance package to walk away from the business.
  • Go on a performance improvement plan, part of "Amazon Pivot" and put yourself on a probation period.

What causes Amazon employees to get terminated?

Amazon has a set of rigorous standards that all of its workers must follow, and breaking any of these rules can result in an Amazon employee getting fired.

The following are some examples of Amazon employee misconduct that can lead to termination:

  • Wearing cosmetics (lipstick, heavy makeup, etc.)
  • Bringing gum to work and chewing it during a shift is not a good idea.
  • During a shift, drinking water.
  • Excessive orders that have gotten packaged incorrectly.
  • Slow and steady is the way to go.
  • Arriving at work unwell.
  • Increased UPT time.
  • Excessive talking (warehouse workers).
  • Wearing the incorrect attire.
  • Arriving late to work.

While some of the infractions above are less serious than others, breaking these regulations will raise the odds of getting dismissed.

As a result, potential employees should think about these employment terms before accepting a position at Amazon to ensure that they can satisfy the work criteria.

amazon employee termination policy

Do Amazon's terminated employees get severance pay?

When Amazon employees get dismissed, they have the option of taking a $5,000 severance package.

Former employees who take the severance compensation, on the other hand, will be barred from applying for jobs at Amazon in the future.

Staff employees who plan to reapply to Amazon in the future should avoid taking the severance package since they will be immediately ineligible to work for Amazon in the future.

Employees who want to look for employment elsewhere should take the severance money if they don't want to lose their job.

Can I appeal my termination at Amazon? What is Amazon's appeal process?

After being dismissed, Termination Appeal Associates are given the opportunity to appeal, which is recommended because you have nothing to lose by appealing, especially if you have a strong case.

You can have your appeal considered by a panel of your peers, such as fellow T1 associates and PAs, or by a single higher up. In some cases, having your case heard by a higher-up rather than a panel may result in a better conclusion. However, this is dependent on your facilities.

amazon employee termination policy

What is the Amazon appeal panel?

It's critical to retain vital documents on hand in case they come in handy throughout the appeals process. Email and A to Z app screenshots with information (such as time and date) are excellent sources of proof to back up your claims.

Demonstrating that the punishment, i.e., termination, was not implemented fairly and consistently is important in the appeal process.

You might be able to win the appeal if you can show that other employees committed the same infractions but did not get dismissed.

Can I claim termination without cause?

Sometimes HR or their systems make errors. You may, for example, receive negative UPT on a day when you didn't intend to be working. It is possible to get fired for no apparent reason.

In such cases, it is a good idea to contact ERC. They will assist you in resolving your problem. HR will also repay any UPT hours that got incorrectly deducted.

Contact an employment rights attorney if you feel you've received wrongful termination.

amazon employee termination policy

What is involuntary termination at Amazon?

Involuntary termination occurs when an employee is fired owing to the employer's actions or decisions rather than the employee's. It was not caused by the employee's conduct, and they were still eager and able to work.

Can I collect unemployment if I got fired without cause from Amazon?

While state policies can change the outcome, you will get to collect unemployment when you're fired from Amazon without cause.

What happens after you get fired from Amazon?

Your health insurance will cover you until the end of the month you get dismissed. For example, if you got fired on January 15th, your insurance would cover you until January 31st.

If you leave your employment at Amazon, you won't access the A to Z app.

You must wait at least 90 days after being fired before reapplying. When you return to Amazon, you'll have to start again as if you're a new employee.

amazon employee termination policy

Is there a way to avoid getting fired at Amazon?

When an Amazon employee commits a disciplinary offense, they don't always get fired right away.

Instead, their boss will suggest that they attend the Pivot course, a two-month training program designed to improve an employee's work ethic.

If employees opt to attend the Pivot course, they will be placed on probation until the procedure is completed, following which they will resume their regular duties.

Employees who need a job at Amazon should complete their training to resume their usual work schedule.

On the other hand, staff workers who can find work elsewhere can be better positioned to take the severance compensation.

Is Amazon a company that hires and fires employees?

Certain Amazon managers have been known to hire employees to terminate them to reach their quota for the expected number of people they will lose each year.

Employees who are not well-qualified for their position are typically not hired by Amazon to get dismissed for poor performance.

If potential employees are afraid of getting employed, they should withdraw their application at Amazon or contact their boss and convey their concerns.


According to the company's termination policy, employees who receive a minimum of 6 points after being written up can get dismissed from their job at Amazon. Employees might get dismissed for various reasons, including being habitually late or using unplanned vacation time.

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Employees who get dismissed from Amazon are frequently given the option of receiving a $5,000 severance payment or enrolling in a two-month training to enhance their work ethics.

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