How to Quit Walmart Professionally (2022 Guide)

To quit Walmart, just talk with your manager and inform them of your intention to leave; if you choose not to speak with your direct boss, the Assistant Store Manager is still a viable alternative.

Walmart mandates a two-week notice period, so make sure you communicate with your manager at least two weeks ahead of time.

Failure to give notice may reflect poorly on you since it will cause scheduling issues for the store; as a result, they may refuse to provide a reference (or even provide a negative or bad reference) if you need one in the future.

Failure to give notice will also make it unlikely that you will get rehired in the future.

Who Should I Approach About Leaving Walmart?

If you need to leave Walmart, the easiest method is to speak with your manager at least two weeks in advance.

You can send an email to follow up on the conversation with the date of your last day at work. You should also notify People Lead/Personnel that you are terminating your employment.

Is a Two-Week Notice Required by Walmart?

It's a good idea to offer two weeks' notice at Walmart and any other employment so that you can figure out your timetable.

The two-week notice also allows the management to adjust schedules and fill any gaps that your departure will leave.

This notice will reduce interruption for managers and coworkers while also making a positive impression.

It may not be essential to offer two weeks' notice if you were recruited lately. Your supervisors might be able to find other people to fill the role.

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How Do I Give Walmart Notice?

Putting your notice to Walmart in writing is the proper method. You can write a letter or send an email to your boss or supervisor.

If you're handing up a letter, tell them you're giving your notice verbally as well.

Make careful to provide the precise date of your final day of employment in all of your communications.

When quitting a job, it's preferable to offer two weeks' notice so that managers can rearrange shifts.

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Should I Quit Walmart Over the Phone?

You may cancel your Walmart employment by calling the company, but it's good to follow up with a letter or email.

When You Leave Walmart, What Happens to Your PTO?

When you leave your position at Walmart, you'll need to tie up all of the loose ends from your time there.

Sorting out your unused paid time off will be one of the things you'll have to accomplish (PTO).

If you've worked as an hourly associate at Walmart for more than a year, you'll be eligible for a payment of your collected and unused PTO, for up to five days.

Except in some jurisdictions where the law requires it, hourly employees who have worked at Walmart for less than a year will not get paid accumulated and unused PTO.

Is it Possible to Leave Without Providing Notice?

While it may be necessary for you to leave your work at Walmart right away, you should still try to explain the issue to your boss.

Companies seldom sue employees who leave without notice, but it does create a terrible image, which might work against you in the future if you wish to return or need a reference.

Will Walmart Rehire You if You leave?

Former Walmart employees get rehired, but only after a six-month hiatus.

Employees who departed on a No Call/No Show basis, on the other hand, are less likely to be rehired unless they can explain their situation to the management and offer a valid justification.

How To Leave A Walmart Job With A Written Resignation Letter

Another option is to submit a formal resignation letter to your boss.

It doesn't have to be lneghty; all it says is that you'll be departing and when your last day will be.

Use the following basic template to draft your resignation letter:

Hi there (line manager),

This letter is my resignation notice; I am delighted to offer two weeks' notice. Therefore my final day will be on (the date two weeks from the day you give them the letter).

Thank you for giving me this chance.

Regards (your full name)

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How To Quit Your Walmart Job Via Telephone

To quit your employment at Walmart over the phone, call the store and ask to talk with one of the following people:

  • Your direct supervisor.
  • The Store Manager's Assistant.
  • The Human Resources Department.

Your direct manager or assistant store manager are the ideal persons to contact, however they may both be on the shop floor when you phone, so confirming your desire to depart with HR will ensure that this information is passed on to your management.

Simply let them know you're leaving, thank them for the opportunity, and express your willingness to serve your two-week notice.

How to Get Your Walmart W2 Form

walmart w2

W2 forms are legally required to be available by the 31st of January each year after you've left.

The 1st of February is when Walmart usually sends them out.

To ensure that you receive your W2 form, call the Walmart store where you previously worked and verify that they have your accurate address on file.

If you haven't received your W2 form within a few weeks of February 1st, contact them; some establishments keep copies on hand for employees to pick up at the customer service counter.

If Walmart does not have your right address on file and your W2 has already been mailed, you can locate your W2 form online by completing the procedures below:

  • Go to to get started.
  • 10108 is the Walmart employee code.
  • To validate your identity, follow the instructions.
  • After that, you'll be able to see your W2.

You can pay a charge if you need to see your W2 forms from earlier years.

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How to Obtain Your Last Pay Stub

Your last pay stub will usually be mailed to you by Walmart.

If they don't do that, you should be able to pick up your pay stub at the customer service counter in the shop.

If the customer service desk does not have it, call the store and ask to talk with the human resources department, who will be able to arrange for it to get delivered to you.

Tips for Quitting Walmart

Here are the top tips when quitting Walmart:

  • Only quit when you have a new job. Don't provide notice until you've secured your new job.
  • Don't write the wrong message. Write a formal, professional, resignation letter. Avoid writing a letter that shows how unhappy you were with your job.
  • Quit your job professionally. Even if you don't feel you'll ever see these people again. It's best to leave your job professionally.
  • Provide proper notice. Give two weeks notice or about two weeks for the job to fully transfer to another employee.

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