110 Unique How Well Do You Know Me Questions (2022)

How well do you know me? It's a fun game played between friends. One partner asks questions to the other partner. How well do you know me questions commonly get asked between romantic partners. It's a way for them to get to know each other better. And to test their knowledge of each other.

To play the game, sit with your partner. Collect the questions below. And ask each other your favorites. One player will ask a question to the other player. And if they are incorrect, then the person who asked should present the true answer.

Questions like these act as conversation starters. They assist groups of people or two people in getting to know each other. And some questions provide two people with a more in-depth knowledge of their personal life. And the ways they grew up. Have fun playing this question game!

The best list of "How well do you know me questions"

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How well do you know me questions for couples

Below are questions to ask between couples. Test how well you know your significant other.

What's my favorite TV Show?

Who is my best friend?

What's my favorite ice cream flavor?

Who is my celebrity crush?

How much time do I spend on social media?

What's my dream job?

Did I play any instruments growing up?

If I could live anywhere, where would I live?

Would I rather eat ice cream or cookies for dessert?

What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me?

Who is my favorite superhero?

What's my favorite color?

What's my biggest pet peeve?

Who is my favorite family member?

Who is my oldest friend?

Am I cat person or a dog person?

What's my favorite subject in school?

What position do I sleep in?

What sport did I play in high school?

How many siblings do I have?

What's my favorite movie?

How do I feel about your parents?

What is my favorite meal of the day?

What's my favorite restaurant?

Did I play any sports in college?

What's my zodiac sign?

Aspiration questions

What do I want to do with my career?

Where is my life going?

What's my favorite part of my day?

If I could have any job at any company, where would I go?

What food would I eat for the rest of my life?

What was the best experience of my life?

Where do I see myself in 5-years?

What's my dream car?

Who is my role model?

What types of people do I try to surround myself with?

Personality questions

Do I prefer to go out or stay home on a Saturday night?

Am I the oldest child in my family?

How many pets did I have growing up?

When we're together, what's one thing I love doing?

What are my political views?

What's one of my biggest quirks?

What is the worst trouble I ever got into?

How many kids do I want?

Who is my favorite author?

Did I go to summer camp as a kid?

Food questions

What food do I dislike the most?

What's my favorite vegetable to eat?

Am I a vegetarian?

What's my favorite meat to eat?

What do I have for breakfast during the week?

What do I have for breakfast during the weekends?

Do I like to cook meals?

What's my favorite dessert?

What type of food is my favorite?

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Questions for a best friend or friends

Questions to ask the best friend. All questions for couples are also great questions to ask the best friend or close friend.

How many people am I friends with?

What's something you know about me that no one else does?

What type of clothing do I wear?

Would I rather go out or stay at home?

What are the three things you know about me?

What's the best gift I ever received?

Who was the person I was last in a relationship with?

Name the person I was most in love with.

What's my favorite outfit to wear?

What is my least favorite color?

Do I care more about having money or having passion in my life?

Am I more of a "goal-driven" person or a relaxed person?

What do my parents say about me?

What was my last post on social media?

Which girl at school am I most like?

Am I more of a gossip or a "best friend" type of person?

What's my least favorite activity to do?

What's my least favorite school subject?

What's my favorite sports team?

What's my favorite band?

How many family members do I have?

How many countries have I traveled to?

What's my favorite game to play during game night?

What is my favorite thing to do during a hot summer day?

What would I do with a million dollars?

What's my favorite food to eat in the summer?

What's my fondest childhood memory?

Do I prefer coffee or tea?

Who is my current celebrity crush?

Who is a pickier eater, you or me?

What's my favorite season?

What's my favorite song from my favorite band?

What is my mom's maiden name?

Do I like spicy food or mild food?

Who is my favorite teacher?

What's my favorite smell?

My favorite sandwich is what kind?

Is my family religious?

Where did I go to elementary school?

School questions

What's my least favorite thing about school?

Who do I despise the most at school?

What teacher do I admire the most?

Where am I during the 6th period at school?

Who is in my gym class?

Do I have any gay friends at school?

Do I have any siblings at school?

If I wasn't in school, where would I go during the day?

Who was my last partner at school?

Family questions

Do I have any half siblings?

What's my favorite part about being in my family?

How many pets does my family have?

Do I have any nephews?

Do I have any nieces?

Where am I in the order of my family?

Do I have any gay siblings?

What does my family value?

What's one family tradition we have?

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Travel questions

What was my favorite concert?

Do I like to travel by bus or by airplane?

Which countries have I traveled to the most?

What country do I want to travel to?

Would I rather do to the mountains or go to the beach?

Do I want to travel overseas anytime soon?

Have I been to any sporting events overseas?

Have I done anything illegal in another country?

Where was the last place I traveled to?

Preference questions

Would I rather go on vacation or stay home for the weekend?

What's one thing my parents know about my preferences?

What job would I prefer to have right now?

What TV show would I prefer to watch as a child?

Name someone I would love to be in a relationship with right now.

Who was the name of my best friend in high school?

When did I choose to pursue my career?

What's the best part of my day?

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