5+ Best Physical Therapist Interview Questions & Answers

We’ve compiled the absolute best physical therapist interview questions to help you in upcoming interviews. Physical Therapists are becoming in high demand. This is because more of our elderly are requiring or going through knee replacements or hip replacements. In addition to that, sports injuries are also a big driver for the use of physical therapists. The core role of the physical therapist is to help with core exercises, core movements, training, strength training, and training after injury. Which are all slightly different from one another. Candidates who are going to get hired in this position are often those who have a passion for people, who are patient and are knowledgeable about the human body.

Physical Therapist Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is the role of a physical therapist?

The physical therapist is there to help design a plan and execute a plan against the customer's injury or ailment. For example, if they are here because they recently went through back surgery, I am going to design a plan that helps them regain the strength of their core over a period of time and get them back into a position they were in prior to the surgery.

2. How would you help someone who is elderly?

lderly customers should be treated with a longer time horizon. Meaning, we need to prepare for them to have more time to heal and be more patient with their process. We can’t rush it. We also need to take into consideration their core strength and try to calibrate our healing around that.

3. How would you help someone who has a sports injury?

If someone came in with a sports injury we need to be working with them to understand what their position and sport of choice are. We can attempt to design a program around that. And also help them get back into a healthy place to where they can play that sport once more.

4. What are some things you should avoid?

Pushing customers too quickly. The healing process in physical therapy should be slow and steady. We need to be thinking about the customer's needs and attempting to transition their healing process in a gradual way. If we push them too quickly we could risk additional injury.

5. How can you go above and beyond in your role?

Being personable, spending time thinking about our customers physical therapy strategy, spending time calibrating our customer's physical therapy plan, and generally remembering the stage and stories of our customers so that we can develop a really strong connection with them.

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