5+ Best Director Of Engineering Interview Questions & Answers

director of engineering interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best director of engineering interview questions and answers to help you in your upcoming job interview. Being a director of engineering is a leadership role, you will be in control of either a single large group of engineers or potentially many smaller teams of engineers. All of which will be executing against a product development roadmap that has been defined on a quarterly and annual basis.

Your role as the director of engineering will be to work with your product leaders, work with marketing departments, sales departments and your executive leadership team to coordinate, plan, execute and release software. Most of the times this software is within the agile methodology. Meaning that you are being asked to continuously deliver software versus having a singular software execution over all long period of time.

Director Of Engineering Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is agile methodology?

Agile methodology, in contrast to waterfall, is when software is being continuously developed and released on a regular basis. This means that we are looking at shorter timeframes for which we develop features and software and shorter timeframes for which we release those features to our customers. There are many benefits to this way of working. Primarily, the customer feels the benefit because they are given more features and stronger software on a regular basis.

2. What is sprint planning?

Sprint planning is a session for which leaders and team members coordinate how long and for what pieces software will be built. Once there’s an agreed upon piece of work for the software, next comes the sprint planning. This will help us determine who will work on what and when it will be delivered.

3. What is version control and how do engineers use it?

Version control, like Git, is a tool that helps engineers work on the same codebase and share their work in progress and/or their completed work which can be bridged together with the stable version of software.

4. What is a product roadmap?

A product roadmap is when product leaders are determining what should be worked on in a given quarter or annual basis. The roadmap can contain all sorts of objectives. Ideally, there’s a well balanced method to which items the team is working on within the roadmap.

5. How can you go above and beyond in your role?

Heavy amounts of communication, helping executive leaders better understand engineer challenges when they arise. And being able to get inside the codebase with the rest of my team and help to unblock them in situations where they feel stuck.

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