5+ Best Creative Director Interview Questions & Answers

creative director interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best creative director interview questions and answers to help you in your upcoming job interview. Creative directors serve an important role, they are the ones who help guide the overall creative direction of any total company design or branded assets. This could mean that as a creative director working within an agency, for example, you will be apart of helping to ensure all of the execution that’s happening from the visual designers is within the scope of the brand they are executing for. As well as being of the highest quality so that it can represent the agency well.

The creative director is a leadership role but also a creative role. You may have more guidance based on individual contributions. As well as industry exposure for which you are consistently bringing to the table for your designers. But generally speaking, your forward-thinking vision and ability to predict how certain products, services, and brands may be interpreted by the general public or other businesses, will be of highest value.

Creative Director Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is the role of a creative director?

The role of the creative director is to have a high-level leadership over the creative process, the creative execution and the creative outcomes to our agency, team or company.

2. How can you help new designers?

I can help new designers by showing them ways for which design can be used in measurable ways. Show them statistics, experiences and instances where design choices succeeded and failed. And play an integral part of their development as a designer.

3. What is the process of reviewing a portfolio?

A portfolio should be reviewed under the guise that you are looking or aiming to measure their work against something. Meaning, are we looking to see how well they know User Experience? Or something else? We need to know this before looking at someones creative work and asking them questions about why they chose particular paths.

4. How should design be measured?

Design should be measured against its potential business outcome. Sometimes that outcome is more eyeballs on a particular advertising campaign. Other times is about improving our customer happiness. We need to know the metric in order to move it forward and measure it against our design execution.

5. What are some ways you can go above and beyond in your role as a creative director?

Going above and beyond as a creative director means having frequent communication about design, talking with leadership about design process, talking with our customers about our design process, having thought leadership sessions and engagements that go beyond our company. And much more.

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