Transamerica Employee Benefits (2022 Information)

What are the Transamerica employee benefits? Transamerica is one of the most comprehensive insurance and financial services companies in the United States. The company provides a wide range of products and services, including life insurance, annuities, retirement plans, investments, etc. Transamerica has been in business for over 100 years and has a strong reputation for providing quality products and services to its customers.

transamerica employee benefits

Transamerica is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States, and has offices across the country. The company employs over 25,000 people and serves millions of customers. Transamerica has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is accredited by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Below are some of the benefits for workers of Transamerica.

Health Insurance

As a Transamerica employee, you have access to various health insurance options that can help you and your family stay healthy and protected. They offer a wide range of plans, including PPOs, HMOs, and health savings accounts (HSAs), to find the right coverage for your needs. You can also take advantage of our many wellness programs, which offer free or discounted health screenings, immunizations, etc.

Life Insurance

If you're a Transamerica employee, you may be eligible for life insurance coverage through your employer. Employees can choose from various life insurance policies, including term life insurance and whole life insurance. Coverage amounts and premiums will vary depending on the type of policy.

There are several different types of life insurance available to Transamerica employees. Universal life insurance and whole life insurance are two of the most common types. Term life insurance is also available for coverage for a specific period, such as 5, 10, or 20 years. Transamerica's employee life insurance program can provide you and your family with financial security in the event of your death.

Employee 401K

Transamerica is one of the leading providers of employee 401K plans. It has a long history of helping employees save for their retirement, and programs are designed to be both affordable and effective. The goal is to help employees save as much as possible for their retirement and offer a variety of features that make our plans some of the best in the industry.

Some of the features that make Transamerica employee 401K plans so attractive include:

A wide range of investment options: With Transamerica, employees have access to many investment options, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more. This gives employees the ability to tailor their portfolios to their own unique needs and goals.

Affordable fees: Transamerica plans have some of the lowest prices in the industry, which means that more of employees' money goes towards their retirement savings.

A commitment to customer service: Transamerica is committed to providing excellent customer service to our clients. We want to ensure that employees have all the information and resources they need to make the most of their retirement savings.

If you're looking for an employee 401K plan that offers a wide range of features and benefits, the company matches 100% of employee contributions up to 3% of their salary.

Dental Insurance

Transamerica employees are eligible for dental insurance through the company. This insurance can help cover the cost of dental care, including preventive care, routine checkups, and necessary treatments.

You'll get 100% coverage for preventive care, therapeutic services, and endodontic services. Plus, you'll have 80% coverage for high-cost restoration and reconstructive surgeries.

When considering Transamerica dental insurance, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it's essential to understand your coverage. What services are covered, and what is the maximum amount that the insurance will pay per year? Also, be sure to check if there are any waiting periods for coverage of certain services.

Paid Time Off

As a Transamerica employee, you are entitled to 15 days of paid time off per year, including sickness, fitness time, vacation, and other purposes. This PTO can be used at your discretion, and you do not need to provide your supervisor with advance notice or justification for taking time off.

Parental Leave

Employees of Transamerica may be eligible for parental leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Parental leave may be taken for the birth or adoption of a child or to care for a sick child.

Transamerica also offers a paid parental leave program for new parents. The program provides up to 10 days of paid leave at 100% pay. To be eligible, employees must have worked for Transamerica for at least one year and have at least 1,000 hours of service in the 12 months before leaving.

transamerica employee benefits

Flexible Work Hours

Transamerica understands that employees have different needs when it comes to work-life balance. To help meet these needs, they offer various flexible work options, including the ability to telecommute, flex time, and compressed workweeks.

They also offer other programs to help employees balance their work and personal lives, such as on-site child care, elder care resources, and tuition reimbursement. By offering these programs, they hope to create an environment where employees can succeed professionally and personally.


Overall, Transamerica offers a wide range of employee benefits to help employees save for retirement, stay healthy, and balance their work and personal lives. These benefits make Transamerica an attractive employer for many job seekers.

If you're looking for an employer that offers a wide variety of benefits, Transamerica may be the right fit for you.

transamerica employee benefits

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