Brake Pad Replacement Cost at Walmart (2022)

What is the average brake pad replacement cost at Walmart? If you need to replace your car's brake pads, this article will provide you with information on what the average Walmart price is. It will also tell you how much it costs to have the brakes serviced by a professional.

The process to replace brake pads is a complex one that requires a variety of equipment. Knowing the types of pads is critical when determining the average cost.

There are many different types of pads available, but conventional and semi-metallic pads usually cost more than ceramic or semi-metallic.

Brake pad replacement cost at walmart

Price of brake pads at Walmart

The price of brake pads at Walmart depends on the type and quality of the pad. You can expect to pay about $20 to $40 for a single set of brake pads. You can find cheaper sets by combining them in packages of four or eight. These packages are a great deal when you need to replace your brakes often. However, if you're not sure which type of brake pad you need, check the price of brake pads at various places.

If you're looking to save money on your next set of brake pads, consider a Walmart Auto Care Center. Not only do they offer other auto care services, but they also sell brake pads. The prices of these services may surprise you, though. You might be surprised to find that brake pads at Walmart are cheaper than you might think! After all, these auto repair shops offer other services that you can't get at other places.

A good quality set of brake pads will last for 50 to 80 thousand miles. If they're worn down, you should get a new set every 50,000-80,000 km. However, this doesn't mean you can simply buy a new set every other week. The best way to ensure a long-lasting set of brake pads is to keep track of the maintenance schedule of your car, and make sure to check them out at Walmart.

Brake pad replacement cost at walmart

Places to get brakes serviced by a professional

While Walmart has an auto care center, you may wonder where you can get brake service from a professional. This is where you can get parts and brakes for your vehicle, as well as get it checked out if it has a flat tire or a puncture. Before you go to Walmart, it is important to know what you can do yourself to avoid costly issues. First, know the warning signs of brake failure so that you can avoid getting your brakes fixed by a professional.

Using a third-party mechanic rather than Walmart auto care centers

You may also consider going to a third-party mechanic. These mechanics may be able to provide brake service for you, but you'll have to pay a higher price than what you would pay at a local mechanic shop. Even if you do find a Walmart mechanic, consider going somewhere else. There are many other places to get your brakes serviced by a professional and save a lot of money over a dealership.

The main advantage of going to a Walmart mechanic is that you can get a cheaper price than you would at a dealership. However, you may have to make an appointment.

Cost of replacing brake pads at Firestone

Depending on the size of the repair, the cost of replacing brake pads at Firestone can range from $350 to $470. These prices include labor and the replacement of new brake pads. Firestone also resurfaces your rotors, which can be expensive on their own. Nevertheless, the price of the replacement can add up to hundreds of dollars a year, if you drive a lot. Regardless of the price, make sure to find a Firestone that offers warranties on their brake services.

Firestone vs. Walmart auto center for brake rotors and pads

If you're worried about how much a Firestone brake job will cost, you can opt for a free brake inspection. Firestone technicians complete nearly a million brake jobs each year, which means your car will be in great hands. Firestone technicians use high-quality parts and offer various levels of service. Whether you need a complete brake job or a simple inspection, Firestone's qualified technicians will do the job professionally and will provide you with an affordable price.

You should replace your brake pads as soon as you notice any of these signs. It's important to note that the lifespan of brake pads depends on the type of car you drive and your driving habits. If you drive on rough terrain, you'll need to replace them more often than drivers who drive on the smoothest roads. Additionally, riders will accelerate the wear and tear of brake pads. To avoid unnecessary expenses, you should check out Firestone brake coupons.

Cost at Midas

When it comes to a budget-friendly brake repair, the Midas brand is among the most popular. Its prices are around $203, and the company's warranty is limited to a lifetime. The guarantee will cover any defects in material or workmanship, as well as proper installation. The cost of brake pad replacement at Midas may vary depending on the brand and the warranty. However, Midas is a well-known auto repair chain with over 2,500 locations throughout the country. Aside from brakes, the company offers other services, including tires, shock absorbers, and batteries.

Midas vs. Walmart auto service center for brake rotors and pads

The company charges about $200-$219 for front axle brake pad replacement and $300-$400 for a complete caliper and rotor replacement. The price does not include labor, but it does cover parts and the cost of brake fluid. The average cost of brake pad replacement at Midas can run from $150 to $300 per axle, depending on the type of pads used. Organic brake pads are the least expensive option, though they can be pricey.

Disc rotors wear out unevenly. Ideally, new brake pads would fit flush against the disc rotor. To ensure the proper fit, a Midas brake specialist will machine the disc rotors. This will ensure a smooth and efficient braking experience. Disc rotors are the most expensive part of your brake system, so it's important to have your disc rotor replaced by a professional.

Cost at Jiffy Lube

If your brake pads are on their last legs and your car is making grinding noises, it may be time to replace them. Jiffy Lube is a convenient place to take your car for a quick brake pad replacement. This convenient service will restore your car's brake system to manufacturer specifications without charging you an arm and a leg. And what's even better? You don't even have to spend money on labor.

Jiffy Lube vs. Walmart auto care center for brake caliper replacement

A Jiffy Lube location offers two brake services. The basic package includes brake pad replacement and rotor replacement, while the signature package adds a brake fluid exchange and cleaning. Jiffy Lube also offers a Nationwide Limited Warranty on the services they perform. The warranty starts on the day your brake pads are replaced and lasts for 12 months or 12,000 miles. Additionally, Jiffy Lube will rotate your tires for free.

A reputable fast lube location, Jiffy Lube provides a quote over the phone. It is cheaper than a dealership or an independent mechanic, but its labor is not as reliable as an independent mechanic's. In addition, Jiffy Lube technicians will give you a thorough diagnosis of your car's brake system, including an assessment of the brake components. The technicians will make recommendations based on the car's manufacturer's recommendations and the condition of its components.

Cost at Christian Brothers Automotive

If you're wondering how much a brake pad replacement at Christian Brothers Automotive costs, you're not alone. There are more than 230 locations nationwide and varying costs for different types of brake repair. The company is known for providing high-quality service, honest pricing, and a comfortable waiting area. Some locations even offer free Wi-Fi and coffee. Read consumer testimonials to determine whether this shop is right for you.

Christian Brothers vs. Walmart auto care center for getting your brake pads replaced

Depending on the type of rotor that needs to be replaced, brake pads can cost anywhere from $100 to $380. A brake service at Christian Brothers Automotive includes a free courtesy inspection and a three-year/36,000-mile warranty. To make the experience even better, they offer a shuttle service. A Christian Brothers Automotive mechanic can also replace a brake rotor without any additional fees. For the best results, get the brake pad and rotor replacement service from a reputable company.

If you're unsure about the cost of a brake pad replacement, take your car to a professional who can evaluate the situation and recommend the best solution. Depending on the level of brake pad wear, the process can be as little as one hour or as long as two hours. The cost of brake pad replacement at Christian Brothers Automotive can vary but typically is between $150 and $200. The company's nationwide network has more than 217 locations and plans to add up to 20 more locations.

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