5+ Best Chiropractor Interview Questions & Answers

chiropractor interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best chiropractor interview questions and answers to help you prepare for your upcoming job interview in the chiropractic space. As a chiropractor, you will be working with patients that have a variety of age groups and genders, helping to align their spine and potentially deal with injuries. Chiropractors play an important role in the health of our spinal system. They can alleviate aches and pains as well as help those who have back problems find some sense of peace with their trauma or issue.

Chiropractor Interview Questions & Answers

1. How do you test patients for trauma?

Testing patients for trauma means going through a variety of stress tests for which we can understand which part of the spine may potentially be at the will of needing to be corrected. We can do this by placing pressure on certain nodules or joints of the spine. As well as by placing some pressure when the patient is making certain standing or sitting positions.

2. What are some of the tools you should use as a chiropractor?

A massage table is really important. More recently massage tools like the high impact massagers have been brought to light. And any tool which may help to correct parts of the spine, such as activator adjustment instruments.

3. How do you deal with patients who have language barriers?

We can attempt to our best to understand the patient's issue even when we don’t understand them verbally. If we can have them point to particular areas, we can try to decipher what exactly it is that is making them feel uncomfortable. From there we can do some stress tests to see what’s amiss.

4. How do you handle patients with pain?

Patients with a lot of pain should be handled very carefully. The last thing we want to do is place an adjustment or correction and then have the client be in more pain. We need to slowly and gradually work our way out of their pain during multiple sessions. Allowing the patient to adjust naturally to the work we are doing with them.

5. What else makes you a good chiropractor?

Being able to listen, take notes, adhere to clients and customers preferences and learn from the client's response to treatment, how we can continue to do a better job.

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