How to Buy Amazon Returns (2022 Profit Guide)

If you are thinking of buying returned items from Amazon, you must be wondering how to buy Amazon returns? There are many ways to do so, but first, you must understand the purpose of buying Amazon returns.

What do you buy when you buy Amazon returns? What happens to Amazon returns once you buy them? How do you know if the seller is reliable? Where can I find reliable information about this business? How can I make the most of this opportunity?

How to buy Amazon returns

Many companies sell returned items on Amazon, which makes them available for resale. These companies use liquidation platforms to sell excess inventory. You can search for products from Amazon on these websites, where you'll find them sold in bulk. The best part about these services is that they allow you to bid on these items and buy them at a low price.

As you can see, buying Amazon returns is a great way to earn extra money. However, there are a few things to keep in mind, if you'd like to make the most of your business.

First, you'll want to be sure you can sustain it. There are also some general principles you need to follow. Following these guidelines can help you maximize your profits while also being profitable.

How to buy amazon returns

Here are some ideas to stay profitable:

When buying Amazon returns, you'll need to look at the description and images of the items you're interested in. Some items are worth more than others, so try to focus on items that have a high value. The remainder of the items are likely to be worth nothing.

When you're buying Amazon returns, remember to be realistic about the freight costs. Make sure you can pay for the shipping, and if you can't choose to pick up the items yourself.

Why would I buy Amazon return pallets?

Amazon sells return pallets of all types. You can resell them to make a lot of profit. But if you don't know how to sell them, you can't make much profit. You need to have a special strategy. You can sell them on liquidation sites. To create an account, you need a reselling certificate. You can sell Amazon return pallets for a profit, but you must have all the information about each item on the pallet.

For starters, you need to understand the purpose of buying return pallets from Amazon. These return pallets contain goods that Amazon does not want. They can be anything from old homewares to sports equipment.

You can also buy clothes that have been returned by customers. Some reputable companies that sell Amazon return pallets include Gem Wholesale and Mart Hill. These two companies are trade wholesalers that provide high-quality Amazon return pallets.

How to buy amazon returns

Flipping return pallets for a profit

Purchasing Amazon return pallets can be a lucrative business for those looking to increase their inventory. Amazon sells these returned items through online marketplaces. You can then refurbish them and resell them.

You can easily make a lot of money by refurbishing and reselling returned merchandise online. Amazon also provides a comprehensive package of resources to help you sell returned goods.

Where do Amazon returns go?

If you are an Amazon user, you've probably wondered where your returns go. This giant e-commerce company sells millions of household products every week, but it also receives thousands of returns every day.

The company has a complicated process for reselling these items, and it's not always as obvious as it sounds.

How to buy amazon returns

When not sent back to Amazon, they go to an auction house

Amazon returns are resold by companies who sell them on the site. The returns are sold to liquidation companies, which are B2B platforms that sell surplus inventory. These companies have websites where customers can search through returned items and buy them directly. This process allows both the sellers and the buyers to make money by reselling the returned merchandise. Some customers may even find the items resold by others, making the process even easier.

Marketplace teamed up with Basel Action Network, an environmental organization that tracks products that can be harmful to the environment. The trackers became a guide for the world's e-commerce returns. Many of the returns took circuitous routes. One Marketplace return, for example, traveled over 950 miles from its source in Quebec to the Canadian province of Ontario. Other items, like an old printer, took a long and circuitous route.

Where are Amazon returns sold?

If you sell on Amazon, you might be wondering: where are Amazon returns sold? The answer is that these items go to a liquidation company. These companies purchase overstocked items and then resell them.

This process is not without its advantages, but it is also quite complicated. These companies make their money by taking in your unsold inventory and selling it on at a fraction of the original price. In this way, you can earn money from your returns while also donating to a charity or helping the environment at the same time.

Amazon liquidation auctions and marketplaces to buy amazon return pallets

There are several places where you can buy Amazon returns. Some liquidation companies specialize in this type of business, such as Bulq. However, other companies may offer a better inventory selection. You can choose from thousands of products at different prices. You can also choose specific categories to sell. Buying from B-Stock is more expensive than buying from a liquidation company that sells Amazon returns because the company acts as a middleman.

Another option is to buy a pallet of returned products on eBay. While the prices of these items are usually lower than the original retail price, they are often sold 'as is', meaning that they have not been inspected. However, if you are a new reseller, BlueLots is an excellent option. The company also sells Amazon returns pallets, and you can profit from them by reselling them at a profit. Be sure to read customer reviews about the company. This will give you a good idea about the quality of their products and services.

How to buy amazon returns

Where to buy overstock merchandise directly or Amazon return pallet's directly

Here's where to buy amazon return pallets at either auction price's or a fixed price.


  • B-Stock holds liquidation auctions in a number of different nations. They do, however, solely offer Amazon items to customers in the United States and Europe.
  • Each pallet's condition will differ depending on the vendor. Individual lots might range in condition from spanking new to salvaged.
  • Customers must apply to each marketplace separately since each firm has its own set of approval standards.
  • Each seller's shipping options and charges will differ. Others compute shipping costs for each individual pallet, while some provide flat-rate or free shipment.


  • BlueLots (only available in the United States) sells some of the most well-known companies in the country, including Amazon. Unlike other liquidation firms, they do not mark up their goods, instead charging merchants directly for their profit.
  • Customers do not required to create an account to explore their clearance. Customers must, however, register on the website in order to see the whole selection.
  • BlueLots also has a tight guideline for sellers, who must sign a contract stating that they have the legal right to sell their pallets.
  • FedEx, UPS, and USPS are among their shipping alternatives. The shipping cost is determined by the size and weight of each pallet, and it is delivered by third-party freight carriers. The cost of delivering a pallet is generally between $300 and $400.

888 Lots

  • 888 Lots has over 100,000 brand new goods in over 30 categories, including Amazon return pallets. Customers can negotiate rates with individual merchants, although they usually work with predetermined prices.
  • For clients in the United States, 888 Lots requires a current resale certificate. They demand a legal business registration from non-US consumers.
  • Small, individual Amazon pallets as well as massive bulk pallets are available. There is no minimum order requirement as long as consumers purchase the entire pallet or SKU amount. Customers are also not limited in how much they may pay.
  • 888 Lots exclusively sells brand new Amazon pallets with their Amazon sales rank, product photos, item descriptions, condition, ASIN, and Amazon reviews rank included. They also include the expected profit margins for each item.
  • For lots, they charge a fixed rate of $12.99 per box for shipping. The cost of shipping other pallets is determined by their size and weight. They also provide clients with the option of choosing their own shipping method.


  • BULQ is a liquidation center situated in the United States that works directly with merchants and sellers, including Amazon.
  • They advertise fresh product three times every day, and prices vary based on the vendor. Some are pre-determined, while others are based on a 48-hour auction.
  • To browse BULQ's sale department, you don't need to register. They do, however, demand registration in order to make transactions. All of their clients must likewise have resale certificates.
  • On their pallets or lots, they do not accept refunds or exchanges.
  • They demand a $30 fixed delivery price for cases. Pallet freight shipping charges are calculated depending on weight, size, and distance from their warehouse to the customer's location.
  • They only ship to addresses in the United States.

  • sells Amazon and other firms' clearance lots by truckload, pallet, and box. They mostly offer clothes, electronics, houseware, industrial, automotive, and computer items in a variety of situations.
  • They are sold at auction, and the bidding normally starts at $100. However, there are a few pallets that may be purchased right away.
  • To submit a bid or make a purchase, buyers must first register on
  • For non-US customers and transactions exceeding $5,000, a wire transfer payment is needed.


  • Amazon and other branded pallets are auctioned directly from BoxFox's sellers.
  • Users may register for free and download the BoxFox app to keep track of live auctions.
  • BoxFox exclusively sells Amazon overstock, not returns, since they only offer brand new products. They assign assessment values to each item, but purchasers are free to bid above or below their assigned price.
  • Each lot has an asking price, and any offer that is more than the asking price will be accepted automatically.
  • For all of their on-sale goods, they give product images, ratings, market valuations, and other information.
  • Customers will be charged for shipping as well as a 7% fee on each transaction.
  • Because inventory is sent directly from Amazon and other sellers, BoxFox is unable to give shipping prices at the time of bidding. They do, however, provide a way for clients to compute their own delivery charges.

How much do Amazon return pallets cost?

How much do Amazon return pallets cost? That's the question on every seller's lips. Return pallets are a great way to make money by selling unseen merchandise. You'll find that return pallets contain items that are either retail-ready or are in need of some repairs. You can earn a substantial amount of cash by selling these items at a steep discount. To learn how much an Amazon return pallet costs, read on.

Buying in bulk reduces your price

You can buy return pallets from Amazon in bulk. You can buy as many as 26 pallets at a time, based on your needs. The bulk-buying discount you receive will depend on the size of your order. Remember, Amazon return pallets are sold by truckloads, so you must buy them in bulk to get the best deals. You can purchase as few as one pallet to start, or buy up to a truckload, which contains over 26 pallets.

If you have a store with a large amount of storage space and brand awareness, an Amazon return pallet may be a good choice. While the cost of the return pallet will vary based on the category of merchandise and the seller, it's worth your while to maximize your profit. Whether you're a beginner or experienced seller, make sure to plan a reselling strategy before purchasing the first pallets.

Is buying Amazon return pallets worth it?

There are many benefits of buying Amazon return pallets for resale. Amazon returns are used to fill your retail space with a variety of products. You can also sell them as parts for other products. Resale businesses are becoming more popular. Amazon returns are ideal for resale businesses. You can make a good profit by reselling Amazon returns. The return policies of Amazon are flexible, so you can choose whatever you want to sell.

Focus on high value items and undervalued liquidated merchandise

First, you should focus on selling items of high retail value. These items are in great demand in the market and are included on Amazon's list of "Bestsellers". You can also profit by reselling these items on eBay. Try to buy as close to the source as possible. However, you must understand that the shipping rates of Amazon return pallets may not be the same as the ones for other sellers.

Another great benefit of buying Amazon return pallets is the low price. You can purchase return pallets in great condition from liquidators. There are numerous liquidation companies in the UK that offer high-quality stock at a very low price.

This makes buying Amazon return pallets a great way to get top-quality stock for a low price. If you don't have access to these liquidation companies, you can also buy these return pallets directly from Amazon.

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