How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at IHOP? (2022)

How old do I have to be to work at IHOP? The age requirement varies, but it is generally 16 years old or older. This restaurant chain offers part-time and full-time positions to both experienced and inexperienced candidates.

While entry-level positions are open to anyone, those seeking managerial roles need a few years of experience.

How old do you have to be to work at IHOP? (Minimum hiring age)

Typically, the minimum age requirement is 16-years-old. IHOP, also known as International House of Pancakes, is a restaurant chain that offers breakfast and other casual meals for families. It currently operates more than 1,600 locations in the United States and Canada, as well as several international locations in Guatemala, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

While the company caters primarily to breakfast, the restaurant also offers a range of other menu items for lunch and dinner. The company is seeking talented and dedicated individuals to join its team. To get a job with iHop, you should fill out their online application.

How old do you have to be to work at IHOP

Applying for a position

When applying to an IHOP position, it's important to research the company's mission and goals before submitting your application. The company wants to know that you understand the business and can contribute to its mission. Likewise, candidates with relevant experience will be favored over those with little or no work experience. Moreover, job roles can vary depending on the location and type of work.

In addition to filling out an online application, you can visit your local IHOP location and fill out an application for a position there. The iHop website contains a wealth of information about the company and its values. If you are applying for a position in an IHOP location, it's also a good idea to check out their company website to see if they're hiring people your age.

How old do you have to be to work at IHOP

Can I work at IHOP at 14-years-old?

International House of Pancakes, also known as IHOP, is an American multinational corporation that specializes in breakfast food. In addition to serving breakfast, the company also offers menus for lunch and dinner.

To work at IHOP, the minimum age is typically 16 years old. To apply, you must have a valid driver's license and reliable transportation. To be hired as an employee, you must have the appropriate experience and education to perform the required tasks.

Can I work at IHOP at 15-years-old?

IHOP is an American restaurant chain. Founded in 1958, IHOP offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner to hungry people. It is the nation's largest sporting goods retailer, offering a variety of apparel and gear for the outdoors. Unlike most restaurants, IHOP is a dine-in-only establishment.

If you are 15 years old, you can also apply for other part-time jobs at IHOP with a workers permit.

There are different types of jobs at IHOP, including hostesses, waiters, cooks, and cashiers. Most of these jobs don't require formal education and can be completed by teenagers.

If you're 15 years old and looking to work in a fast-food restaurant, you'll probably be able to find a hostess position. You don't need any education or previous experience to become a hostess at an IHOP.

How old do you have to be to work at IHOP

Can I work at IHOP s at 16-years-old?

Yes. The minimum age is sixteen, although some states may allow lower ages. Applications can be submitted online or at the location. You can search for job openings by city and state on the careers website, or download a PDF application. Applicants must have a valid drivers' license and a reliable vehicle. The application also requires that applicants complete the required fields by hand.

IHOP offers full benefits to its employees. This means competitive pay scales, paid training programs, flexible work schedules, career growth opportunities, and health insurance coverage. In addition, IHOP offers employee discounts on meals and wellness, as well as flexible working hours. Moreover, you can still study part-time while working at IHOP, and you can also work at night or during weekends.

IHOP host/hostess

This job is perfect for a 16-year-old worker. You'll also be responsible for answering the phone, taking phone orders, and packing To-Go items. You must be able to communicate effectively, lift 25 to 50 pounds, and stand for up to eight hours. You may be asked to assist the servers by clearing and resetting tables. It's also important to keep the front entry and dining room neat.

How much does iHop pay?

While IHOP outlets pay their employees on a weekly basis, some have bi-weekly payment cycles. Whether or not you're eligible to earn tips depends on your own preference. All jobs require hard work, efficiency, and leadership skills. IHOP does pay its employees time and a half for overtime, but it doesn't offer paid time off.

The average hourly wage at IHOP is $27.262, with higher-paying positions like General Manager, Assistant Manager, Shift Supervisor, and Cook commanding more than $60,533 a year.

The lowest paying job at IHOP is as a Server/Waiter, which pays about $21,012 per year. IHOP does not accept Apple Pay. It also does not hire drug addicts. Since IHOP opened its restaurants to lunch and dinner items, servers have earned more money than prior.

How much does IHOP pay part-time workers?

City minimum wage laws can cause the pay for part-time employees to vary by location. It's best to ask your local IHOP about their minimum age and minimum wage preferences.

Highest paying job title at IHOP?

The highest-paid job title at iHop is general manager. This position oversees the daily operations of an IHOP unit and performs the duties outlined below. Hourly wages at IHOP range from $4 per hour for head servers to $18 for assistant managers.

District managers earn $73,000 annually and are paid $35 per hour. They earn 10% more than the national average. Their salary range depends on experience and education.

IHOP general manager

The highest-paid job titles at IHOP are general manager, assistant general manager, and shift supervisor. The salary of these positions can vary widely depending on the location, title, and department.

The following salaries are for general manager jobs at IHOP. These salaries are higher than the national average, however, so it is crucial to research the pay scale and qualifications for each position before applying for one. Listed below are the average salaries for these positions at IHOP.

The highest-paying job title at iHop varies depending on the location. Those working at an IHOP location are rewarded with a 50 percent discount on meals, but the benefits are mostly restricted to full-time employees. In addition to the monetary benefit, many IHOP locations also provide discounts for children's meals. Those working full-time are eligible for this discount.

How to get hired at IHOP (for job seekers)

The application process is simple and fast, and you can find positions in a variety of departments within IHOP. You can apply online, or visit a location near you and pick up the application in person. Once you have submitted your application, you will need to submit your resume, as well as personal details.

The IHOP interview process

During the interview process, you will be asked questions aimed at evaluating your positive traits. Avoid mentioning your dislikes; the interviewer wants to hear about the positive things about you. Also, remember that the IHOP manager wants to see that you'll do a good job, not your worst. During the interview, you should emphasize your abilities to work long hours, work well under pressure, and remain punctual.

As an IHOP employee, you'll learn every position, from cooking to washing dishes. The job itself is rewarding, and the company provides good benefits. In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, IHOP employees receive a generous amount of paid time off, retirement plans, and employee assistance programs. In addition to this, the company values diversity and embraces people from all backgrounds. There is a strong sense of community at IHOP.

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