Does Lowe's Hire Felons? (2022 Facts)

Does Lowe's hire felons? Lowe's is a home improvement and appliance store that offers a wide variety of products and services for the home. Lowe's offers a variety of services such as installation, repair, and replacement. Lowe's also provides financing options for customers who qualify.

Lowe's has been in business since 1946 and has grown to be one of the largest home improvement stores in the United States. Lowe's operates over 1,700 stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Lowe's is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Lowe's is a great place to start your career. When you're seeking work and don't know where to begin, consider applying for a position with Lowe's. In this blog post we will take a look at, does Lowe’s hires felons? 

does lowes hire felons

Does Lowe's hire felons?

As one of the top organizations in the home improvement industry, Lowe's is bound by certain guidelines. One of these is that the company does not automatically reject ex-felons as candidates. This means that a felon can be hired for a position within the company, though there are some terms and conditions that apply. For example, the company policy is that felons must disclose their criminal histories during the hiring process.

In addition, Lowe's will conduct a background check to determine if the applicant is eligible for employment. However, Lowe's is committed to providing opportunities for all qualified candidates, regardless of their criminal histories. As such, the company will consider each applicant on a case-by-case basis.

does lowes hire felons

Has Lowe’s hired felons in the past?

Many individuals with felony convictions have found success in securing employment at Lowe's. While each hiring manager has different standards and the company does not openly advertise that they are willing to hire felons, many applicants have had success in the past. The best way to determine if you will be hired is to apply and speak with the hiring manager directly. Do not let a past conviction stop you from applying for a position at Lowe's - many felons have been successfully hired in the past.

Is it true that Lowe's hires people with misdemeanors?

Every person's criminal record is different, so it's difficult to say for sure whether or not Lowe's would hire someone with a misdemeanor. However, it appears as though the company is willing to give applicants with misdemeanors a chance. In fact, a quick search of Lowe's website reveals that the company has multiple programs in place to help people with criminal records get hired.

For example, the Lowe's Ex-Offender Program offers ex-offenders paid job training and job placement assistance. The program also provides support services like housing assistance and financial counseling. So, while there's no guarantee that Lowe's will hire someone with a misdemeanor, it seems that the company is open to giving applicants with criminal records a fair chance.

Is Lowe’s on the Ban the Box list?

The Ban the Box campaign is an important initiative that aims to give felons a fair chance at getting hired. The Fair Chance Business Pledge is another important program that companies can sign to pledge to not discriminate in their hiring process.

Unfortunately, Lowe's is not a part of either of these programs. This means that they may be less likely to hire felons than companies who are part of these programs. This is disappointing news for former felons who are trying to turn their lives around and get a job. Hopefully, Lowe's will reconsider their stance on this issue and join these important initiatives in the future.

What are some entry-level jobs?

Being a stocker at Lowe's entails receiving shipments, unloading them, and stocking them onto the appropriate shelves.

Stockers need to be able to lift 50 pounds or more, be able to stand for extended periods of time, and most importantly, be trustworthy to ensure they do not steal the goods they are stocking.

Being a cashier at Lowe's is the final experience most customers will have with the store, so Lowe's prefers personable employees who are able to quickly provide a great experience. Communication and math skills are utilized often as a cashier, along with providing excellent customer service by being polite and friendly. There are also head cashiers who are in charge of training new cashiers and making sure the check-out area is running smoothly.

Does Lowe’s do background checks?

During the hiring process, Lowe’s requires applicants to undergo a background check. This is to ensure that the company is hiring responsible and trustworthy employees. According to our research, Lowe’s does use third-party background check services. These services compile an applicant’s criminal history, employment history, and credit history. The information from these background checks can help Lowe’s decide whether or not to hire an applicant. Overall, Lowe’s does seem to take measures to ensure that they are hiring responsible employees.

Does Lowe's Drug Test?

Lowe's is one of the many companies that drug test their potential employees. The company requires that all applicants take a drug test before they are hired. Lowe's conducts the drug test in order to ensure that the applicant is not using illegal substances. The company also believes that drug testing helps to create a safe and productive work environment.

In addition to the pre-employment drug test, Lowe's may also require employees to take periodic drug tests throughout their employment. These tests help to ensure that employees are not using drugs while on the job. Drug use can lead to decreased productivity, accidents, and injuries. As a result, Lowe's takes measures to ensure that its workforce is drug-free.

What is Ban the Box?

Ban the box is a national movement that prohibits companies from inquiring about a job applicant's criminal background on the first application form. Ban-the-box legislation and regulations, championed by advocates for persons with criminal histories, attempt to erase the stigma associated with prior crimes and give all job candidates a fair shot.

The ban the box movement began in Hawaii in 1998 when a law was established preventing companies from asking job candidates about their criminal records. Since then, the campaign has grown in popularity, with supporters claiming that it is now more vital than ever, owing to tighter sentencing laws and more reliance on background checks since 9/11.

Even if highly competent, an estimated 77 million Americans with arrests or convictions may have difficulties obtaining work. According to research, employment has a substantial role in preventing recidivism. Ban the box supporters argue that these regulations are not just excellent for job applicants with criminal records, but also good for the economy since they assist individuals to find work.

Many industry organizations, on the other hand, have denounced the ban-the-box campaign, claiming that it exposes businesses to possible criminal activity. Critics also claim that it raises the risk of lawsuits and sanctions, as well as making the recruiting process substantially more difficult.

Despite the criticism, the campaign is gaining traction, with 36 states and more than 150 towns and counties throughout the US adopting ban-the-box legislation. The restrictions apply to public sector jobs in the majority of these jurisdictions; however, 13 states have made it illegal for private companies to ask about criminal records on job applications.

Several private-sector businesses, such as Starbucks, Facebook, Walmart, and Target, have implemented ban-the-box policies prior to being required to do so.

What are Fair Chance Laws?

Although the terms "fair chance" and "ban the box" are sometimes interchanged, they apply to distinct components of the employment process. Ban the Box is a movement that was started specifically to do rid of the check box on job applications that asks if an applicant has any past convictions.

Many fair chance laws go beyond banning the box; they also include recommended practices established in the 2012 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) advice on the use of criminal background checks in employment, like the following:

  • Deferring background checks and any records-related inquiries until after the conditional offer has been accepted.
  • The use of the phrase "background check necessary" in job advertisements is prohibited.
  • During employment interviews, queries on the criminal background should be avoided.
  • Limiting an employer's evaluation and application of criminal convictions.
  • While these regulations differ from state to state and city to city, in general, they provide persons with criminal histories a greater chance of finding work. They go beyond deleting questions about criminal convictions from job applications to deferring background checks until later in the recruiting process, ensuring that potential employers prioritize skills and qualities.


Overall, it seems that Lowe's is willing to hire felons if they are qualified for the position. The company does not have a policy against hiring felons, but they do require applicants to undergo a background check. Lowe's also requires all applicants to take a pre-employment drug test. Therefore, it is important for felons to be honest about their criminal history and to make sure that they are drug-free before applying for a job at Lowe's.

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