Does Amazon Hire Felons? (2022 Facts)

Does Amazon hire felons? Amazon is one of the biggest companies around, with services ranging from online shopping to grocery stores to streaming services. As an employer, Amazon needs to fill various positions, such as fulfillment warehouse employees, truck drivers, and more. But knowing a company needs plenty of employees doesn’t mean you know if you’ll get a job offer.

With such a high demand for positions at Amazon, the hiring process is very competitive. The process usually starts with an online application, followed by a phone screen or video interview. If you make it past those rounds, you’ll likely be invited to an on-site interview.

does amazon hire felons

Does Amazon Hire Felons?

Although Amazon will hire felons, there are always qualifications and stipulations in place. The company looks at the nature of the offense and how long ago it occurred. Additionally, it depends on whether an applicant is hired directly by Amazon or through a staffing agency. 

If contracted through a staffing agency, Amazon may not have a problem employing a felon depending on the agency's qualifications. To increase the chances of being hired directly through Amazon, it is important, to be honest about your past. Honesty allows the company to make an informed decision about whether or not an applicant is qualified for the position. Overall, Amazon is willing to give felons a chance, but there are always conditions in place.

Why Does Amazon Hire Felons?

The Career Choice program is available to eligible employees after they’ve been with Amazon for one year. Employees in the program can choose to receive up to 95% of the tuition and fees for courses related to in-demand occupations, such as nursing, truck driving, and more. While the Career Choice program is only available to those who have already been employed by Amazon for at least a year, the company does have other programs in place to help those with criminal records get hired.

Amazon integrity team and background checks

The Amazon Integrity Team is responsible for conducting background checks on all potential employees. The team looks at each applicant on a case-by-case basis and takes into consideration the type of crime, how long ago it occurred, and whether the applicant has taken steps to reform.

If you’re wondering how to get a job at Amazon with a felony, the best thing you can do is be honest about your past and highlight the steps you’ve taken to reform. You might also want to take advantage of Amazon’s Career Choice program once you’ve been employed by the company for a year.

They may or may not choose you as a prior felon

While there are many reasons a company might choose to hire a felon, one of the most common is that felons are often willing to work for less pay. This is due to the fact that many felons have a hard time finding employment and are desperate for any job they can get.

Another reason companies might choose to hire felons is that they can be a source of cheap labor. This is especially true for companies that use prison labor. Prisoners are paid very little for their work, which means companies can save a lot of money by hiring them.

Finally, some companies believe that giving felons a chance can help reduce recidivism rates. By providing employment opportunities, these companies hope to help felons turn their lives around and stay out of trouble.

does amazon hire felons

How long have you had a criminal record?

Most states say that employers cannot look at records that are more than seven years old. Furthermore, on the application, you will be asked if you have been convicted of a felony in the past 7 years. 

Has Amazon Always Hired Felons?

Amazon has always been clear about its stance on hiring people with a criminal record - they don't discriminate. This means that, yes, Amazon has always hired felons for warehouse jobs. These positions are usually temporary, but if everything goes well, the company will hire the felon for full-time work. This policy is in place because Amazon knows that people can turn their lives around after serving their time, and they want to give them a chance to do just that. So if you have a felony on your record and you're looking for a job, don't count Amazon out - they just might be the perfect fit.

Is Amazon on the Ban the Box List?

The Ban the Box movement has gained momentum in recent years, with an increasing number of employers pledging to give applicants with criminal records a fair chance. The goal of the movement is to reduce employment discrimination against people with felony convictions and to help them re-enter society after serving their time.

Amazon is not currently one of the companies on the Ban the Box list, but that does not mean they discriminate against felons. When asked about your criminal record during the application process, it is best, to be honest. Employees at Amazon respect people who are candid about their past, and they want to give you a chance to transition back to civilian life. Therefore, there is no need to lie about your criminal record at this stage in the process.

Does Amazon Background Check?

Yes, Amazon runs a background check on all employees. The company is so big they have to do this as a safety precaution. Their background checks cover Criminal background searches, reference checks, and drug screening, in many cases. As long as you’re open about any convictions on your job application, Amazon running a background check shouldn’t be a big deal. 

You can talk to the hiring manager about anything that comes up, and they will most likely still offer you a job. However, if you lie, they’ll most likely deny you a position within the company. Although it may seem like a hassle, Amazon's policy of running background checks on all employees is ultimately for the safety of the company and its workers.

Is Amazon Hiring Felons With Burglary Convictions?

Many people with felony convictions find it difficult to get hired for jobs. However, there are some companies that are willing to give felons a chance. One such company is Amazon. Amazon has been known to hire felons for positions in their warehouses.

While felons may not be able to get promoted to the delivery drivers or other positions right away, they can prove themselves to be trustworthy employees over time.

Therefore, if you have a felony on your record and are looking for a job, you may want to consider applying to Amazon.

Average Salary for Felons at Amazon

Although Amazon has been criticized for its working conditions, the company does offer a good deal to employees with criminal records. Everyone starts at $15 an hour, which is more than most companies offer. For felons trying to transition back to civilian life, this can be a great opportunity. 

The job may not be easy, but it can provide a decent income and a chance to get back on your feet. Of course, Amazon isn’t the only company that hires felons. There are a number of other businesses that recognize the value of giving ex-cons a second chance. So if you’re looking for a job, don’t discount yourself just because of your criminal record.

What is Ban the Box?

Ban the box is a national movement that prohibits companies from inquiring about a job applicant's criminal background on the first application form. Ban-the-box legislation and regulations, championed by advocates for persons with criminal histories, attempt to erase the stigma associated with prior crimes and give all job candidates a fair shot.

The ban the box movement began in Hawaii in 1998 when a law was established preventing companies from asking job candidates about their criminal records. Since then, the campaign has grown in popularity, with supporters claiming that it is now more vital than ever, owing to tighter sentencing laws and more reliance on background checks since 9/11.

Even if highly competent, an estimated 77 million Americans with arrests or convictions may have difficulties obtaining work. According to research, employment has a substantial role in preventing recidivism. Ban the box supporters argue that these regulations are not just excellent for job applicants with criminal records, but also good for the economy since they assist individuals to find work.

Many industry organizations, on the other hand, have denounced the ban-the-box campaign, claiming that it exposes businesses to possible criminal activity. Critics also claim that it raises the risk of lawsuits and sanctions, as well as making the recruiting process substantially more difficult.

Despite the criticism, the campaign is gaining traction, with 36 states and more than 150 towns and counties throughout the US adopting ban-the-box legislation. The restrictions apply to public sector jobs in the majority of these jurisdictions; however, 13 states have made it illegal for private companies to ask about criminal records on job applications.

Several private-sector businesses, such as Starbucks, Facebook, Walmart, and Target, have implemented ban-the-box policies prior to being required to do so.

What are Fair Chance Laws?

Although the terms "fair chance" and "ban the box" are sometimes interchanged, they apply to distinct components of the employment process. Ban the Box is a movement that was started specifically to do rid of the check box on job applications that asks if an applicant has any past convictions.

Many fair chance laws go beyond banning the box; they also include recommended practices established in the 2012 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) advice on the use of criminal background checks in employment, like the following:

  • Deferring background checks and any records-related inquiries until after the conditional offer has been accepted.
  • The use of the phrase "background check necessary" in job advertisements is prohibited.
  • During employment interviews, queries on the criminal background should be avoided.
  • Limiting an employer's evaluation and application of criminal convictions.
  • While these regulations differ from state to state and city to city, in general, they provide persons with criminal histories a greater chance of finding work. They go beyond deleting questions about criminal convictions from job applications to deferring background checks until later in the recruiting process, ensuring that potential employers prioritize skills and qualities.


In conclusion, Amazon is a great company to work for if you have a felony on your record. The company is willing to give felons a chance, and they offer competitive salaries and benefits. If you’re looking for a job, don’t discount yourself just because of your criminal record.

There are a number of companies that are willing to give ex-cons a second chance. So if you’re looking for a job, don’t discount yourself just because of your criminal record.

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