Starbucks Shift Hours (2022 Time Sheets)

What are the Starbucks shift hours? Shift hours are the number of hours that an employee works in one time period, such as a day or a week. Shift hours vary depending on the industry and type of company, with some workers having longer shifts than others. If you are planning to start working in a shift-based job, it's important to understand how to shift hours are calculated so that you know when you will be expected to arrive at work and how many hours you can expect from your employer each month.

While there is no single standard for calculating shift hours, most companies follow either a 12-hour or eight-hour schedule. Most employees who work at night will have shorter shifts that last around eight or nine hours and may rotate between days and nights every few weeks. Workers in day shifts will typically work for eight to 12 hours and may rotate their shift schedule every few weeks or months.

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Starbucks Shift Hours

Starbucks has announced that it will be changing its shift hours for 2022. The new hours will be 4 to 8 hours, depending on staffing needs at each location. Shifts will be scheduled by the Shift Supervisor, Store Manager, or Assistant Manager and will be very flexible, taking your preferences and needs into account.

As well, the exact timings of the shifts will vary according to the opening and closing times for each location. This change is designed to give employees more control over their work/life balance and to make Starbucks a more attractive employer. With the new shift hours, employees will be able to better manage their time outside of work and have a greater work/life balance. This is a positive change for Starbucks and its employees and is sure to attract even more great people to work for the company.

What Hours Do Starbucks Employees Work?

When applying at Starbucks, hours and availability will be one of the topics discussed at your job interview. The schedules are set and posted by the Store Manager, Assistant Manager or Shift Supervisor three weeks in advance, and is based on the staffing needs for that location and your availability.

Unless the Starbucks location you work at is a very busy or understaffed store, you should generally have a lot of flexibility in the number of hours you work each week as well as which shifts you will be assigned.

For example, if you are a student who can only work during daylight hours, requesting to only work morning shifts would likely not be an issue. The same goes for someone who is looking to pick up extra hours – if the store is not too busy, working additional shifts or picking up shifts from other employees should not be a problem either. All in all, as long as you are able to communicate your availability to your superiors, you should have little trouble finding a schedule that works for you at Starbucks.

At Starbucks, part-time employment is considered to be 25 hours a week or less, and full-time employment is defined as 30-40 hours per week.

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What Is The Typical Starbucks Shift?

Like the number of hours you work every week, shift lengths at Starbucks can vary from one location to another, and also depend on staffing needs and your availability.

Typical Starbucks shifts can be anywhere from four to eight hours (however, workers are required to work at least 3 hours per shift). Additionally, shifts can be scheduled any time from half an hour before opening to half an hour after closing. Shifts are scheduled by the Shift Supervisor, Store Manager, or Assistant Manager, based on the number of employees available at different times, employees’ preferences, and the needs of the business.

While longer shifts may seem daunting at first, they can actually be quite enjoyable – you’ll have more time to bond with your co-workers and get to know your regulars. Plus, you’ll likely qualify for more benefits as a full-time employee. So if you’re looking for a challenging but rewarding job, Starbucks may be the perfect place for you.

What Is The Shortest Shift At Starbucks?

At Starbucks, the shortest shift that most employees will work lasts around four hours, which is the standard scheduling length for any given shift. However, some employees may be scheduled for long shifts of up to nine hours or more depending on the needs of their particular store. In addition, Shift Supervisors and managers may occasionally work overtime hours up to 12 hours if a store is short-staffed or if there are ongoing issues in need of resolution at the store level.

Overall, those who work at Starbucks can expect to put in a full day's work regardless of how long their particular shift is. Whether it's three hours or nine, the job requires dedication and hard work in order to provide our customers with the world-class experience they've come to expect from us. So whether you're starting your shift at 6 am or wrapping up a late-night closing shift at 10 pm, you can always count on being a part of something special when you work at Starbucks.

What Are Mid-Day Shift Hours At Starbucks?

At most Starbucks stores, the midday shifts typically fall between 11 am and 5 pm, though this can vary depending on a number of different factors. For example, if a store has a large number of employees available to work throughout the day, they may be able to offer more varied shifts during the midday period. Additionally, whether or not the location gets particularly busy during these hours will also influence how many midday shifts are offered.

A typical afternoon shift at a Starbucks store might begin at 11 am and last until 5 pm, with a break for lunch in between. This shift is typically busier than other shifts during the day, as customers come in to grab coffee and snacks during their lunch breaks or on their way home from work. At some locations, however, there might be another shift that falls later in the day - from 1 pm to 7 pm for example. This late afternoon shift can be especially popular among those who need an afternoon caffeine fix but don't have time to get coffee before heading into work in the morning.

Does Starbucks Offer Flexible Hours?

Yes, Starbucks offers flexible hours and is willing to work with their employees' schedules. They require advance notice for major schedule changes but are generally accommodating. If a store is understaffed, however, employees may have to work less desirable shifts. The person in charge of scheduling will typically try their best to make sure your work schedule fits around your other commitments like school or childcare. All in all, Starbucks' scheduling policy is designed to be fair and flexible for both employees and the company.

Does Starbucks Do 4-Hour Shifts?

Does Starbucks schedule four-hour shifts? The answer is yes, Starbucks does schedule four-hour shifts for some of its employees, though usually, these are part-time workers or new hires. The company typically conducts its workweek in eight-hour increments, so four-hour shifts allow for more flexibility in the scheduling of employees.

In addition, the shorter shift length makes it easier to cover breaks and lunch periods. However, the shortest shift that can be scheduled is three hours, and this is rare. Usually, the company prefers to have its employees work a minimum of four hours per shift. This allows for greater efficiency in the workplace and helps to prevent overstaffing during busy periods. Ultimately, scheduling four-hour shifts is just one way that Starbucks ensures its employees are able to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Common FAQ's

Questions from job seekers.

Does Starbucks offer half-hour lunch?

Yes. The Starbucks shift manager will provide a 30-minute lunch for every 7-hour shift worked.

Which is better, evening shifts or the morning shift?

The evening shift will be slower than the morning shift. The opening shift, is when the store opening procedures are conducted. And can be slower in terms of customer base, too.


Overall, working at Starbucks is a great way to get your foot in the door of the coffee industry. The company offers flexible hours, fair pay, and a variety of benefits. Plus, you'll gain valuable experience working with customers and handling cash register transactions. So if you're looking for a part-time job with potential for career growth, Starbucks is definitely worth considering.

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