Walmart Senior Discount (2022 Facts)

What is the Walmart senior discount? Walmart is well-known for providing a wide range of goods and services at low costs across its 10,000+ locations. However, if you shop at Walmart on a regular basis and are over the age of 50, you may be asking whether or not the company offers any senior discounts.

What is the senior discount?

Discounts for seniors are becoming increasingly popular, as businesses attempt to appeal to the growing population of older consumers. A senior discount is typically a reduced price offered to customers who are aged 55 or over. However, some businesses may extend their senior discounts to customers who are aged 50 or over.

The types of businesses that commonly offer senior discounts include restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, and hotels. Many of these businesses offer discounts on a regular basis, while others only offer them on certain days or times. Some businesses require customers to show proof of age in order to receive the discount, while others do not.

Walmart senior discount

Walmart Senior Discount Policy

Walmart is a popular retail store for a reason—it offers low prices on a wide variety of items, making it a great place to shop for budget-conscious seniors. Although Walmart does not offer any senior discounts, there are still plenty of ways for seniors to save. For example, Walmart regularly offers rollbacks on select items, so it's worth checking the website or store shelves frequently to see what's been reduced in price.

In addition, clearance items can be found throughout the store, and these are often deeply discounted. Another way to save at Walmart is to take advantage of the store's price matching policy. If you find an item advertised for a lower price at another retailer, you can bring in the ad and have Walmart match the price. Finally, don't forget that Walmart accepts coupons, so be sure to check coupon websites and apps before heading to the store. By taking advantage of these savings opportunities, seniors can shop at Walmart without breaking the bank.

Walmart senior discount

Is it possible to get a senior discount at Walmart Canada?

Just like Walmart in the US, Walmart Canada, unfortunately, does not take senior discounts at any of its store locations or online. However, this does not mean that there are no senior discounts available to Walmart customers in Canada.

A number of other stores offer senior discounts that can be just as beneficial as those offered by Walmart. For example, customers can get senior discounts at Michael’s, Home Hardware, Safeway, Farm Fresh, Tim Hortons, and Jean Coutu to name a few. These discounts can range from a percentage of the total purchase price to a specific dollar amount of the total purchase price. In some cases, the senior discount may even be applied to sale items that are already being offered at a reduced price.

Does Walmart have special opening hours for seniors?

While many stores are still closed or have limited hours due to the pandemic, Walmart has been able to stay open and even offer special shopping times for seniors. On Tuesdays, from 6 am to 7 am, Walmart offers exclusive shopping hours for customers aged 60 years and over.

This allows seniors to shop in a less crowded environment and get the items they need without having to wait in line. In addition, Walmart is offering special discounts on Tuesday mornings for seniors. These discounts include 10% off all groceries, health and beauty products, and housewares.

What Stores Do Offer A Senior Discount?  

A variety of stores across the country provide special discounts for seniors, including grocery shops, clothing retailers, restaurants, and leisure activities.: 

  • Kroger, of which some locations now offer a dedicated discount card for their senior customers. 
  • Safeway, allows seniors to apply for a savings card to receive set discounts store-wide. 
  • Harris Teeter offers a 5% discount on purchases every Thursday.

What sort of discounts do businesses give to people aged 55 years old or younger?

  • IHOP, who have a dedicated 55-plus menu for their senior customers. 
  • Michaels offers a 10% discount off of most purchases for customers over 55, every day. 
  • Fred Meyer, offers over 55s deals for senior customers, on the first Tuesday of every month. 
  • Sprint and T-Mobile, are cell phone service providers who offer over 55s discounts for their senior customers. 

How do you access a Senior Discount? 

Accessing a senior discount is easy and efficient. Customers need only request a discount at checkout or apply for a dedicated seniors discount card at whichever retailers they choose. From here, the customer merely needs to provide proof of age, and if people around their age can qualify for the discount or a discount card, then it will be approved.

Applying for and using a seniors’ discount is an excellent way to help ease the financial burden that often comes with retirement or living on a fixed income. Many stores offer generous discounts on everything from groceries to clothing, and these savings can add up quickly. In addition, many seniors’ discounts can be used even if you are not retired or do not consider yourself “elderly”—so there is no reason not to take advantage of these deals.

At what age does a consumer qualify as "senior"?

Because Walmart does not currently have a dedicated senior discount, it is not easy to determine exactly what age a customer must be in order to qualify for any potential senior discounts at Walmart. However, what age qualifies a person for a senior discount can change from store to store and place to place; the ages tend to range from 50 to 65 years old.

This being said, though Walmart does not have an advertised senior discount policy, this does not mean that seniors cannot find savings at the store. For example, some stores may offer manager’s specials on certain items that are popular with seniors or those nearing retirement age.

Additionally, many locations allow people of all ages to sign up for a Walmart credit card, which offers its own set of discounts and benefits. Therefore, while there is no universal answer to the question of at what age a customer qualifies as ‘senior’ at Walmart, there are still ways for seniors to save money at the store.

Is there a Seniors Day in Canada?

Yes, there is a Seniors Day in Canada! It is held every year on October 1st. This special day was created to recognize the contributions of seniors in our society. On Seniors Day, businesses and organizations across the country offer special discounts and activities for seniors. This is a great opportunity for seniors to get out and enjoy all that Canada has to offer.


In conclusion, Walmart does not offer a senior discount or senior discount day at their stores. However, they do allow for a seniors shopping hour where only seniors are allowed in the store to shop. This allows the seniors to enjoy the shopping experience without having to worry about the crowds.

For other stores that do offer senior discounts, they are usually easily applied for and only require proof of age. Seniors should take advantage of these discounts when they are offered as they can help save money.

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