3 Email Templates To Reschedule An Interview

reschedule interview email

Rescheduling an interview is a process that most of us will come across in our lives. You want to do this without wrecking the opportunity of being employed by the person you are asking to reschedule with. Totally common and understandable. In most instances, rescheduling an interview isn’t something that’s going to get you removed from the hiring process altogether. It is a normal process for hiring managers to have to accommodate multiple schedules. So don’t worry. Although, if you are feeling as though you need to withdraw the interview process, see our guide on doing that.

Here’s some simple ways to ensure that you come across with professionalism when you are looking to reschedule your interview:

The only way you’ll decrease your chances of being hired is if you make it more difficult for the hiring manager to reschedule your interview. That means, not being flexible with dates and times on your end. Additionally, any type of emotional responses as to why you need to reschedule should be avoided. You don’t need to be telling a hiring manager your life story, only that you need to reschedule. Keep your personal life personal.

When you aren’t sure to write for your email, we’re here to help. Below are three templates which you can use to reschedule your interview without appearing as though you aren’t professional. We want to come across organized, appreciative, and excited for the opportunity that has been given to us as the interviewer. Before you suggest certain dates and times to reschedule, read our guide on best and worst times to schedule an interview.

Email example #1

Hi [Hiring Manager]—

I apologize for having to do this but can we reschedule my interview on [Date] for another day? Here are a few days that work for me to help with scheduling:

[Date 1]
[Date 2]
[Date 3]

Again, I look forward to meeting with you and the rest of the team on these days. I’m very excited about this opportunity. Appreciate your flexibility.

[Your name]

Email example #2

Hi [Hiring Manager]—

Can we reschedule my interview on [Date] to another day? Something unexpected dropped onto my lap and unfortunately, it is in need of being taken care of in a timely fashion. I’d like to be able to focus on my conversation with you and the rest of the team. What days work best for you?

Thank you,
[Your name]

Email example #3

Hi [Hiring Manager]—

I’m unfortunately unable to make my upcoming interview date. Is it possible if we reschedule to another time? I’m very eager and excited to speak with you and the rest of the team. Please let me know what dates/times may work for you and I will accommodate.

Thank you so much,
[Your name]

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