Who Makes Home Depot Glacier Bay Toilets? (2022)

Who makes Home Depot glacier bay toilets? A home improvement chain in the United States, Home Depot sells a variety of bathroom goods from well-known brands like Glacier Bay. If you've noticed Glacier Bay products at Home Depot, you may be wondering who manufactures them.

who makes home depot glacier bay toilets

Home Depot Overview

Founded in 1978, Home Depot is the world's largest home improvement retailer. With more than 2,200 stores across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, we're proud to offer our customers the best selection of home improvement products and services at the guaranteed lowest prices. Our associates are passionate about providing outstanding customer service, ensuring that every customer has a positive shopping experience. From start to finish, we're here to help with all your home improvement needs.

In addition to our retail locations, Home Depot also offers online shopping for convenience and selection. Our website offers millions of products and services, making it easy to find everything you need for your next home improvement project. We also offer free shipping on orders over $45 and a price match guarantee to ensure that you're getting the best deal.

Who makes Home Depot glacier bay toilets?

Glacier Bay toilets are a private label brand made exclusively for Home Depot stores. While the store doesn't release information on who manufactures their Glacier Bay toilets, it's rumored that different companies in countries such as Israel, Taiwan, and China manufacture the toilets.

The toilets are made of vitreous china, which is a durable and low-cost material, and they have a flushing system that uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The toilets have a wide variety of designs and color options to choose from, and they're backed by a ten-year warranty.

who makes home depot glacier bay

Is Glacier Bay a Home Depot Brand?  

Glacier Bay is a home improvement brand owned by Home Depot. Like Husky, it is one of Home Depot's exclusively-owned brands. All Glacier Bay products, including toilets, are available exclusively at Home Depot stores and online.

Because of this ownership, Glacier Bay toilets cannot be purchased elsewhere. This allows Home Depot to offer a wide variety of toilets to meet the needs of its customers. From low-flow toilets to high-efficiency models, Home Depot has the perfect toilet for every home.

Whose factory produces Glacier Bay toilets for Home Depot?

Glacier Bay is a Home Depot company, and its products are manufactured by the conglomerate Foremost Group, located in North America. Foremost Group does not sell Glacier Bay toilets directly, instead, these are distributed through Home Depot. So if you require a replacement part for your Glacier Bay toilet, you can purchase spare parts from Home Depot.

Additionally, online shoppers have also reported that there are non-name brand parts that can be used to repair Glacier Bay toilets, depending on the items required. Note that Home Depot may not always have the specific part that you need in stock, but you can order it from Foremost Group's website. Although Foremost Group manufactures Glacier Bay toilets for Home Depot, it's important to remember that customer service for these products is handled by Home Depot.

Is Glacier Bay a Good Toilet Manufacturer?

Glacier Bay is a good toilet brand because its products are high quality and durable, as well as backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Shoppers have given toilets and similar products 4-star and 5-star ratings on the Home Depot website. This means that you can purchase a Glacier Bay toilet with confidence, knowing that it will be a long-lasting product.

If you do encounter any issues with your toilet, the lifetime warranty will cover the repair or replacement costs. Therefore, Glacier Bay is an excellent choice when shopping for a new toilet.

What else does Glacier Bay vend aside from toilets?

Although Glacier Bay is perhaps best known for their toilets, they actually offer a wide range of products for the home. Home Depot, for example, sells several Glacier Bay items including the McKenna Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet and the All-In-One Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Workstation. 

The faucet is priced at $89 and the sink starts at $239, making them both affordable options for homeowners looking to update their kitchen. In addition to being well-made and stylish, Glacier Bay products are also backed by a lifetime warranty, ensuring that customers can enjoy their purchase for years to come.

What Home Depot Has To Sell In The Way Of Glacier Bay Toilets?

Home Depot is one of the leading retailers for home improvement supplies and appliances. So, it's no surprise that they would sell Glacier Bay toilets. For those who don't know, Glacier Bay is a popular brand known for its affordable yet high-quality toilets. 

Some of the top-selling models include the High-Efficiency Dual Flush Complete Elongated Toilet and the High-Efficiency Dual Flush Elongated All-in-One Toilet, both of which are priced at $99 and $149 respectively. In addition to toilets, Home Depot also sells other Glacier Bay products such as bath faucets, shower heads, and kitchen faucets. So, if you're looking for a one-stop shop for all your Glacier Bay needs, then Home Depot is definitely the place to go.

What do Glacier Bay Toilets consist of?

Glacier Bay toilets are made with high-quality materials that align with Home Depot's values. The toilets are crafted from ceramic and vitreous china, and they come in a variety of finishes, including Sanagloss. The finish is stain resistant and easy to clean, achieving a smooth finish that customers love. Sanagloss is a smooth, glossy finish that is also easy to clean. It is a very popular finish for Glacier Bay toilets.

The red color of the Product Code: 732AA is very popular among customers. It is a beautiful shade of red that would look great in any bathroom. Glacier Bay toilets are known for their quality craftsmanship and beautiful finishes. The red Product Code: 732AA is one of the most popular colors among customers because it adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom. Thanks to the quality materials used in construction and the wide variety of finishes available, Glacier Bay toilets are sure to meet the needs of any customer.

Where is Glacier Bay Toilets Manufactured?

While Glacier Bay is an American brand owned by Home Depot, its toilets and similar products are made outside of the USA. According to reports, Glacier Bay products, including toilets, are made in countries such as China, Israel, and Taiwan. Home Depot has partnerships with international companies in order to produce its products, including the Glacier Bay toilets. This allows Home Depot to keep costs low for its customers, while still possessing ISO-9001 certification that ensures excellent quality products. By producing its products overseas, Home Depot is able to provide its customers with high-quality products at an affordable price.


While Home Depot is known primarily as a home improvement retailer, the company also manufactures its own brand of products, including toilets under the Glacier Bay brand. Glacier Bay toilets are popular among shoppers for their quality and durability and are available in a range of styles to suit any bathroom.

In addition, Home Depot offers lifetime warranties on all Glacier Bay products, ensuring that customers are always satisfied with their purchases. Spare parts are also available for sale, making it easy to replace an existing toilet if necessary. With a wide selection of high-quality products and a commitment to customer satisfaction, it's no wonder that Glacier Bay is a leading choice for toilets and related products.

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