How Do You Scan a Walmart Receipt? (2022 Guide)

How do you scan a Walmart receipt? To enhance client happiness, Walmart, one of the biggest retailers in the United States, is always developing methods. To assist customers to save more money, Walmart introduced the Savings Catcher tool, which helped people to match prices. However, with the program came a question: how do you read a Walmart receipt?

Why Walmart is Successful?

Walmart has been successful for several reasons. First, Walmart has been able to keep its costs low. This has allowed the company to offer low prices, which is a key driver of its success.

In addition, Walmart has been able to grow its sales by expanding into new markets. The company has also been very effective at using technology to improve its operations and customer experience. Finally, Walmart has built a strong brand that is trusted by consumers. This trust has helped the company weather economic downturns and other challenges.

In sum, Walmart has been successful due to its low prices, expansion into new markets, use of technology, and strong brand. These factors have helped the company become the largest retailer in the world.

how do you scan a walmart receipt

How do you scan a Walmart receipt?

Walmart has been using Savings Catcher since 2014, though they've updated the app a few times since then. The original version of the app allowed customers to scan their Walmart receipts and Walmart would compare the prices of the items on the receipt to competitor ads. If Walmart found a lower price, they would give the customer back the difference in the form of a Walmart gift card. In 2018, Walmart updated Savings Catcher to work with their new Walmart Pay feature.

Now, customers can scan their receipts with Walmart Pay and if there is a lower advertised price, they will receive the difference in an eGift card that can be used at Walmart or Sam's Club. However, you cannot scan your receipt when requesting a price match. When you're at the register and request a price match, the cashier will manually enter the competitor's price and compare it to what's on your receipt. If there is a difference, you'll get a lower price.

You can also ask for a price match after you've left the store. Just bring in your receipt within 7 days and as long as the item is still being sold at Walmart, they'll honor the price match.

Is it still possible to scan Walmart Receipts?

You can no longer scan Walmart receipts for a price match. However, this policy change comes after Walmart discontinued its Walmart Savings Catcher app. With the app, customers were able to scan their receipts, compare prices with stores and receive the price difference on a Walmart eGift card.

Before the discontinuation of the app, Walmart designed it to "catch" lower prices on competitors witnessed on a nationally advertised item. Consequently, with the program, Walmart aimed to have the lowest prices possible to help customers save money.

Although you cannot scan receipts for a price match at this time, it is beneficial to be aware of how Walmart's past policies in regard to pricing.

What's the best way to upload a receipt to the Walmart app?

To upload a receipt to the Walmart app, customers must first sign in to their account. They can then select the ‘Walmart Pay’ option and choose the ‘Receipts’ tab. From here, customers can take a photo of their receipt or select one from their camera roll.

Once the receipt has been uploaded, Walmart will scan it and price match any lower advertised prices from competitors. This process is convenient for customers who want to request a refund without having to keep track of their original paper receipts. Plus, it saves time and effort by eliminating the need to scan each receipt individually.

Overall, uploading receipts to the Walmart app is a quick and easy way to take advantage of Walmart’s price matching policy.

  • Go to the Walmart Pay scanner at the checkout area.
  • Open Walmart Pay on your phone and select a payment method (credit card, gift card, or debit card).
  • Use Walmart Pay to scan the QR code that pops at the register to generate an e-Receipt.
  • Click on “Submit Receipt” from the Walmart Pay confirmation page or the Savings Catcher dashboard available on the Walmart app.
  • Once the receipt is uploaded, Walmart compares prices with other prices on competitors’ advertisements and rewards a cash back in the form of eGift Cards.

How to use Walmart App to Scan Receipts?

The Walmart app has a feature called “Scan and Go” which allows customers to scan items while shopping and generate a receipt at the self-checkout. Previously, Walmart used the Saving Catcher app to scan customer receipts and give cash back rewards for any item with a higher price than what was found in other stores.

However, Walmart did away with its price matching policy and thus rendered the Saving Catcher app useless. The “Scan and Go” feature is available for customers with a Walmart+ account.

Once you subscribe to the Walmart+ membership, you can log into your account using the Walmart app and use the “Scan and Go” feature while you shop. This will generate your receipt at the self-checkout.

To sum things up, here's how to use the Scan & Go function on your Walmart+ account:

  • Using the app, you can scan barcodes of items you intend to purchase.
  • The Walmart app will run a list of all selected items and generate a sub-total.
  • Once your shopping’s complete, you have to stop by the self-checkout to scan the QR code on your screen, complete the payment, and generate your receipt.

Why does Walmart Scan my receipt when I leave?

There are a few reasons why Walmart may need to scan your receipt when leaving the store. One reason is to confirm proof of purchase if your bag beeps at the sensor. Another reason maybe if you are returning a previously purchased item to the store. However, it’s important to note that having your bag beep at the sensor does not mean that you stole anything.

Sometimes, you might have forgotten to scan an item at the self-checkout area, or the cashier forgot to scan the item. Nevertheless, Walmart will need to scan your receipt and confirm items in your bag to make sure everything has been accounted for. 

Scanning receipts when customers leave also allows Walmart to keep track of what items are being bought and returned in their stores. This data can help them improve their inventory, store layout, and customer service. All in all, scanning receipts is just one way that Walmart tries to run a tight ship and offer the best shopping experience possible for its customers.


In conclusion, Walmart's new policies are designed to save time and protect customers from coming in contact with people. However, these new policies also have some drawbacks. For example, you can no longer scan your Walmart receipt if you want a price match. This policy change may inconvenience some customers who are used to the old policy.

Overall, these new policies are a mixed bag. They may save time and protect customers from coming in contact with people, but they also have some drawbacks that customers should be aware of.

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